WPForms Plugin Review 2023

WPForms plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows even complete beginners to construct attractive drag-and-drop forms. WPForms can let you develop contact forms, opt-in forms, payment forms, and registration forms in minutes. It’s not flawless, but it’s the most popular WordPress form builder, with over 2 million users. We’ll cover some topics in this review.

WPForms Plugin Review

Forms are a must-have tool for any website owner trying to make the most of their online presence. Online forms are essential whether you’re a small business owner wanting to grow your email list or a freelancer aiming to attract more users. Creating WordPress forms used to be a nightmare. Thanks to difficult-to-use and clumsy plugins.

WPForms made creating WordPress forms a breeze, and I can honestly state that it’s a pleasure to use. WPForms features a free (WPForms Lite) and a paid (WPForms Pro) version (WPForms Pro). We’ll go over the features of each version in detail to help you decide which one to purchase.

Why should you use the WPForms Plugin?

We’ve discovered a slew of fantastic methods to make WPForms work for you, so we think WPForms Pro is the best form builder money can buy. Some of our all-time favorite features are also listed below. Along with examples of how you might use them to build your company.

1. Offers 90+ amazing templates
wpforms plugin feature

WPForms Pro comes with over 100 templates to select from. With so many pre-built templates, people with all forms of ability can use WPForms to construct forms. This is due to the fact that you’ll never have to develop a form from scratch, which makes it incredibly simple to generate all of the forms you’ll need for a successful professional website.

WPForms Lite comes with four ready-to-use form templates:

  • Blank form
  • Simple contact form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Suggestion form

WPForms Pro comes with a variety of form templates that can be used in almost any niche or sector, including a newsletter registration form, suggestion form, billing/order form, and get quotation form.

You can, for example, utilise the Testimonials form template to collect positive feedback on your product. Add a file upload feature to collect video testimonials from customers.

2. Easy to use with a drag-and-drop form builder
wpforms drag and drop

WPForms has a very user-friendly visual builder that allows you to easily drag and drop fields into your forms. It’s a renowned plugin for a variety of reasons, one of which is how simple it can be to use. WPForms simplifies the process of creating forms for beginners, allowing them to create them on their own sites without having to pay somebody else to do it.

WPForms offers a drag-and-drop dynamic builder that is simple to use. This is what makes creating your own website forms so straightforward for people of all ability levels. Simply drag and drop a field from the left onto the right-hand form to use it. When you click on a field, you can access further customization options on the lefthand panel.

This provides you with complete control over what each part of your form can do, allowing you to create absolutely fantastic WordPress contact forms.

3. Payment and order forms

The order and payment forms you may create are among the most important features we’ve covered in our WPForms review. WPForms has a range of payment connectors to help you get started processing payments digitally.

Adding order forms to your website is yet another technique to increase your revenue. WPForms allows you to accept Stripe or PayPal payments directly on the forms, as well as Authorize.Net for Elite accounts. You can truly start to increase your website income and make money online once you can accept payment transactions.

4. Polls and surveys

Use surveys provided by your online forms provider (if it’s WPForms) to save a good amount of money on external survey software. WPForms’ paid edition contains a superb online survey tool that allows you to perform some very clever things. Then, directly in your WordPress dashboard, you can see your data in attractive, simple analytics.

The following are some of the features of WPForms Survey and Polls:

  • Scale Surveys
  • Gorgeous Reporting Dashboard
  • Survey Templates
  • NPS Surveys
  • Polls
  • Star Ratings

It’s a terrific alternative to costly and complicated survey software, and you can incorporate it directly into your forms.
Plus, you can quickly obtain the information you require by exporting all of the user survey data and information to show each other how your small enterprise is doing.

5. Form landing pages

Landing forms are quite effective, and your form builder should absolutely allow you to create them quickly. With the WPForms Form Pages extension, you can quickly convert a form into a landing page.

Forms on landing pages are fantastic for increasing conversion rates. They assist in creating a distraction-free atmosphere for your user while filling out the form, allowing them to focus on what they’re doing and complete the form.

With the Form Pages addition, you may utilise WPForms as a landing page plugin. You can convert your forms into distraction-free landing pages with a single click. It has the potential to elevate your techniques to a whole different level.

Hence, this can help you increase your conversion rates while also ensuring that visitors aren’t sidetracked by anything at all on your site.

6. Form notifications

Do you want to put your forms to work for you and automate processes? Form alerts are a fantastic and practical method to accomplish this. WPForms offers a fantastic feature that allows you to personalise and set up WordPress form alerts.

You can, for example, choose to be notified anytime someone fills out the form. So, you can also have it inform the individual who filled it out, allowing you to send a follow-up email immediately.

Since, in many firms, knowing when someone filled out your form is crucial. You might wish to contact someone immediately away to follow up.

Furthermore, you have the option of making these forms alerts conditional. That is, depending on what the user fills out on the form, you can notify users to different addresses!

7. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing costs thousands of dollars to implement on a site. WPForms has made it simple and economical to convert any form into a conversational format.

These forms display one question at a time, which makes your customer experience feel more connected. It’s a fantastic approach to make a client or lead feel more involved and motivated to act. So, this aspect alone makes WPForms worthwhile, as these conversational forms have a very high conversion rate.

Install the Conversational Forms Addon from WPForms > Addons to activate Conditional Forms. So now you can start working on your own conversational form. You can build a new form or convert any existing form into a conversational form.

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8. Superb customer support

WPForms’ support team is well-known for being excellent at what they do. Which is why we’ve included them in this WPForms review. The estimated duration for a reply is 1 hour.

Their customer service team has received a lot of great feedback. On WordPress.org, they have over 8,000 5-star reviews. WPForms also gives a wealth of useful and easy-to-understand documentation on how to use every part of their plugin.

And if you still can’t figure it out, they’ll gladly step in and point you on the correct path. If you have a technical query, start by looking through their documentation to see if you can find an answer there. Similarly, you can always submit a ticket if you still require assistance.

9. Pricing
wpforms plugin pricing

You might be shocked at how affordable WPForms is, given all of the sophisticated features it provides for small business websites. WPForms Pro is the greatest solution for the majority of individuals.

Currently, there’s a great offer that reduces the price to $199.50 annually. WPForms Pro gives you access to everything stated in this WPForms review, as well as a lot more. You don’t have enough money for a premium plugin?

WPForms Lite is available for download on WordPress.org and can be used to evaluate the forms designer with minimal input fields.

10. Mobile Responsive

WPForms forms are responsive and look amazing on any mobile device. The typefaces are legible, and the fields are properly spaced. It allows you to create stunning forms that are fully responsive. Their mobile-friendly design is pleasing to the eye on any device.

For a small business website to be considered seriously, this is critical. When mobile devices account for almost 53% of all web traffic, the last thing you want to do is appear professionally because you didn’t notice your forms weren’t mobile-friendly.

Final conclusion: Do we recommend the WPForms Plugin?

Although there are a few small drawbacks, WPForms is an excellent WordPress form builder plugin that allows you to create any type of form in a matter of minutes. There is no need for coding or complicated configurations. It also comes with constant updates and assistance.

You can pick between the Lite and Pro editions, each with its own set of features, depending on your requirements and resources. You might wish to explore their pro edition if you need the conversational forms functionality or their form designs but take into consideration that your license will renew at full price. That makes the Pro version a “nice to have” rather than a “must have” for us.

Get going with the premium edition of WPForms now and watch your form conversion rate skyrocket. They have a 14-day cash-back policy, so you can test it out and make absolutely sure it’s right for you.

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