9 Top Free WordPress Youtube Plugins in 2023

The first step is to create a YouTube video. It’s an opportunity to reveal what you’ve created after a long period of hard work by posting it on social media, email newsletters, and, of course, your website. In the past, embedding YouTube videos on WordPress required some imagination or additional WordPress Youtube plugin.

Free WordPress Youtube Plugins

That has been updated since the introduction of WordPress. In truth, you don’t need much more than the WordPress Youtube Plugin in WordPress. Create galleries, embed your full YouTube website, or curate a collection of videos from other producers if you want to get more creative with your integrations.

Why add Youtube Plugins?

YouTube has now become an indisputable component of the internet. You might be surprised to learn that YouTube controls 73% of the streaming video market in the United States.

This is partly due to the system’s focus on content producers and its ease of use. Children have created massive channels, so I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s so simple a child could get it.

In contrast to pages without video, people spend 2.6 times more time on pages with video.
Similarly, 4 times as many customers would rather watch a product video than read about it. Furthermore, when a company does not have a video, one out of every four consumers loses interest in it.

When compared to a website without a video, the average internet user spends 88 percent more time on the latter. Users liked to view video material from a brand or company they trust 50% of the time.

As you can see, these statistics back up the advantages of having video content on your website. They may interest your visitors like nothing else when used correctly. So there’s no reason to restrict yourself in this day and age by not putting video material on your blog.

It’s particularly simple for WordPress sites because there are so many useful plugins to select from. We’ll go through eight of the finest WordPress YouTube plugins in this article.

Top WordPress Youtube Plugin

wordpress youtube plugin
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Youtube by Embed Plus

The YouTube plugin is the list’s BEST. With over 200,000 active instals, it’s also the most successful plugin.

This plugin simplifies the ever-increasing complexity of YouTube embedding. It includes all of the basic and sophisticated capabilities of the YouTube embedded player, and after downloading it, you’ll be able to start publishing videos in minutes.

Embed Plus

Of course, it did not become popular for no reason. It comes with a slew of functions that you’ll undoubtedly find useful. This plugin will suit you well if you’re seeking a jack of all crafts.

Compatibility with both the Gutenberg and Classic WordPress editors, the ability to make YouTube galleries, upload a full YouTube channel, Livestream support, audio system, uninterrupted play, and many other capabilities are just a few of the highlights.

This Video Gallery tool is for folks who want to make a nice gallery of their YouTube films but don’t have any creative skills. This plugin is unique in that it supports videos from sites such as Vimeo and Wistia.

You may create an unlimited number of galleries using a mixture of these services. Not only that, but all of the videos you add to your collections are mobile-friendly.

With galleries, the search features are also extremely excellent, requiring visitors to search and browse for certain videos and engaging them with simple navigation on where to discover them. Numerous themes are included with the plugins, and you’ll have lots of modification tools to play with once you’ve installed one.

If you upgrade to the premium version, most of the functionalities are around changing the gallery’s appearance. You may also want to change the icon colours, borders, or font styles, for instance. The premium plugin includes all of these options.

WP YouTube Lyte
WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte is an excellent WordPress YouTube plugin that allows you to simply embed YouTube videos into your website. Whereas the videos appear to be regular, this plugin allows you to LazyLoad them in a sense.

When you tap on it, it will only open the hefty YouTube player. As a result, even though there are numerous videos on the same page, video rendering is substantially faster. WP YouTube Lyte also has a lot of customization options for the player’s appearance and functionality.

You can change the size of the video player, force HD, and specify where the thumbnails are cached. The embeds will be incredibly responsive with WP YouTube Lyte, and metadata will be supported as well.

You may also include a link to a whole YouTube playlist. Furthermore, this plugin is multilingual and can be used in a variety of languages. It’s also been thoroughly tested for any browser compatibility.

Feed Them Social Plugin

When it comes to YouTube embedding, the Feed Them Social plugin takes a unique approach. You can choose which social video streams you want to display on posts, pages, or anywhere else on your website after installing the WordPress Youtube plugin.

It’s an excellent option for a business that wants to emphasise particular celebrity pages or lessons related to a blog or product. The free plugin allows you to read and show your Facebook page’s feeds, as well as song titles and photographs.

You can include as many feeds as you like, but you’ll have to purchase the premium version if you want to restrict the number of things that come in from each source.

This starts at $50 for a single site, but based on what you want, the developers have other options that could eventually wind up charging you more. WordPress Youtube Plugin for Facebook reviews, combined streams, and carousels, for example, are available.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE is an excellent addition to any website that features a lot of videos. Whereas this WordPress Youtube plugin isn’t specifically designed for YouTube videos, it does completely support them.

Since it uses schema.org data directly, this plugin is SEO friendly. This makes it easy for search engines like Google to process the information. This alone sets it apart from the majority of WordPress video plugins.

Of course, it has a number of capabilities, including an auto-start on compatible browsers, automatic responsiveness, and compatibility for any video type that uses the iframe border, among others.


The YotuWP plugin does the work if you’re searching for a quick and easy solution to get your YouTube videos on your WordPress site. It’s small, simple to use, yet powerful enough just to accommodate unique usernames’ galleries, playlists, channels, and videos.

It’s even possible to submit a single video from a particular source. There are connectors for YouTube, Vimeo, as well as grid, list, and mixed gallery layouts.

The premium edition, which starts at $14 per year and incorporates elements like carousel and masonry layouts, 12 hover icons, replacements for titles and explanations, and customized text for icons, starts at $14 per year.

In brief, the premium upgrade of this WordPress Youtube Plugin removes practically all of the branding from YouTube videos, making them more suited for your own website. Many people, on the other hand, do not even care or don’t need to spend money on this.

Youtube Widget Responsive

You don’t need to search any further than YouTube Widget Responsive if you want to add YouTube videos to your side. With such a plugin, you’ll have a custom YouTube widget that you can use to easily embed videos.

There are also shortcodes that make it simple to incorporate videos into your posts and pages. To make things even better, videos embedded with this plugin will feature videoObject fields. As a result, your SEO performance will dramatically increase.

YouTube Widget Responsive is also a surprisingly versatile WordPress Youtube plugin and packed with features. You can customise the control bar’s style, progress bar colour, and appearance of the YouTube logo, among other things.

You may even choose when the clip is played, whether something starts on silent, and whether or not it shows Suggested Videos at the conclusion. You may also use this plugin to enable tracking on your videos for analytics purposes.

Youtube Showcase
Youtube Showcase

Youtube Showcase is one of the greatest free plugins out there for showing gorgeous video galleries. You will be able to create gorgeous and responsive galleries in minutes with this fantastic plugin.

After installation, the plugin will create a video gallery page for you. It’s been created to be extremely user-friendly, even for those with no technical knowledge. It does, however, have a lot of detailed documentation if you get stuck on any step.

Although Youtube Showcase WordPress Youtube Plugin is easy to use, it nevertheless contains a lot of fascinating features. You have the option of displaying the movies in a gallery or in a grid. Both choices are intended to be visually appealing as well as responsive. 

You can customise the video resolution, autoplay, and a personalised video extract. It also enables you to label and categorise your videos so that your viewers can simply find what they’re looking for.

WpDevArt YouTube Embed Plugin

For beginners, the WpDevArt YouTube Embed plugin offers a straightforward installation and easy embedding process. The entire purpose of this plugin is to provide a simple technique for embedding without having to know any programming.

Although no technical experience is required to embed a video in WordPress, this plugin offers some unique features such as the ability to include videos in widgets, vary the size of your films, and change the colours.

You’ll discover features for making YouTube playlists, showing your videos in popups, and using button shortcodes in posts and pages in the Pro edition. You can also select specific parameters for each video, giving you a wide range of video features. Related videos are also shown, as well as thumbnails of various sizes.

The Personal Edition of the plugin costs $12 and includes premium customer assistance, which may be useful. A Business or Developer licence, which starts at $24, is required if you wish to use the plugin on numerous sites.

Final Verdict – Best WordPress Youtube Plugin

When trying to figure out how to embed YouTube in WordPress, you’ll notice that a lot of these extensions are very comparable. We’ve divided down each plugin into its best aspects, but it’s still a little complicated.

Based on your specific circumstances, we’ve provided our best choices below. You can then choose two or three of them to test on your own website. Videos plugins, I’ve discovered, necessitate testing because some individuals prefer certain layouts over others.

One can either use a free plugin or pay for a premium one, based on your demands. In either case, there are a plethora of wonderful options to pick from. To use a well-made plugin to embed fast and responsive videos into a website has never been easier, and it will save you a lot of time and effort.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments area below. Do check out some of our related articles!

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