Top 10 Lungi Brands in India in 2023

Lungi is a specific kind of sarong, they are the product of the Indian subcontinent. Lungi is a Mens skirt that is typically multicolored and fastened below the navel at the lower waist. As time passes the popularity of lungi continues to rise. The best lungi products in India provide a staggering variety. The top 10 lungi Brands in India are as follows

Top 10 Lungi Brands in India

Top 10 Lungi Brands in India

1. Mr. Lungi

In India, Mr. Lungi is the Leading Lungi Brand. You may count on Mr. Lungi for his enormous variety of appealing tones and concepts.

Customers may choose from the non-exclusive little check, chess, 1 Inch stripes, kasthuri madras checks, white and dark mix premium blue, little check, and irregular stripe patterns. The brand is more reasonably priced and you may get them from this shop online.

Several samples of the countless variation combinations are offered in the non-exclusive model of this brand, including maroon, brown, violet, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and dark. Rarely do cotton lungi companies provide these hues.

2. Kitex Lungis

Kitex lungis are constructed from pure cotton material and feature really lovely patterns from Kerala, when worn these lungis give classy vibes.

These are offered in three different color combinations that are pink, brown, and blue. Since these are not sewn you may customize them to meet your needs.

It is advised to wash the lungis by hand rather than with harsh detergents or chemicals. Even after washing these lungis many times the color of these high-quality lungi does not fade. It is advised to wash the lungi by hand rather than with harsh detergents or chemicals.

3. Dhrona Brand Lungi

One of India’s most well-known and reliable lungi brands is Dhrona. Due to their good reputation and reasonable rates, their lungis are quite well-liked. The brand’s lungis are created to fulfill every man’s needs while providing the highest level of comfort and style.

Choose this lungi brand without a second thought if you’re looking for something portable, inexpensive, and light. There are several alternatives available from Dhrona for men who enjoy wearing printed lungis.

Pure cotton and mixed variants are also available. It is renowned for its white cotton lungis and simple cotton lungis.

4. Cotton Crown

Cotton crowns are the sole option you can rely on if you’ve been looking for a lungi that’s kind to skin. A wide variety of high-quality Lungis made from fabric made of only the best cotton are available at Cotton Crown. Additionally, Cotton Crown’s lungi line is vibrant and fashionable.

This company offers a variety of checks, including multi-checks, sizable checks in complementary hues, and printed patterns.

5. Sangu Mark

Sangu Mark, a leader in the lungi industry since its establishment in 1927, is renowned for offering a wide selection of lungis at competitive prices. This business places a high premium on quality control, and more importantly, the original weavers deliver a huge selection of lungis for you.

A wide variety of lungis are available from Sangu Mark, including vibrant plains, multicolored lungis with checked patterns of various sizes, white and black mix lungis, huge striped, printed lungis, Kattari lungis, strips with multicolored, and many more.

6. Blue Leaf

Due to its established lungi industry, Blue Leaf is the market leader. Blue Leaf’s cotton lungis are made of pure fabric, which provides the highest level of wearable comfort.

Look simple and tidy with these Blue leaf lungis whether you want to go to the workplace or wear a lungi regularly.

They are available in sizes without stitches, but to improve the fabric’s quality, you must wash them according to the recommended procedures. Again, you have a wide range of options. You may select from white, simple colored, multicolored, and Katari lungi, and the price ranges are reasonable.

7. Niranj

Niranj provides for all of its clients’ demands. You may purchase printed lungis, Katari, mixed, and any other Niranj pattern or style. There are also possibilities for cotton and mixed fabrics.

Niranj provides the unstitched lungis you’re looking for, which you may customize to meet your unique requirements. This brand also sells lungis that are not sewn. There are also possibilities for cotton and mixed fabrics.

8. SBN lifestyle

Since there are several options available, you may select the one that best meets your needs from the extensive Lungis collection from SBN lifestyle. Choose an SBN lifestyle brand if you’re looking for something unique or unusual for your lungis collection.

The SBN lungis are the greatest since they provide the wearer with the most comfort and ease. You may choose from a wide range of prints and patterns to discover something special that differs from the standard lungi selections on the Indian market. Depending on your tastes, you may get Kattari lungis, black and white with other colors, or stitched lungis with tiny checks in a variety of colors. In their lungis range, they have a lot more options.

9. Nandu Brand Lungis

In the group of Elite Lungis, Nandu is in the drivers seat. More than conventional lungis, the brand is known for its luxury options.

You may choose from a wide variety with the Nandu brand, including Full Circle, Madras Checks, Madras Bold, Blacks, Urban Style, Random Stripes, Plain, Vintage, White Macho, and Print Lungis. It features a substantial selection for both boys and men. You may choose between premium and Elite lungis according to your convenience.

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10. Papaya

Similar to its rivals, it offers lungis for sale on Amazon and sells them throughout India.

This brand sells a range of lungis at reasonable costs in simple tones, Kattari, checks, stripes, and other designs.

The company will provide cotton-sewn lungis with the idea that the sizes will be compatible.

Hope you like this top 10 lungi brands in India list. If you have any questions regarding these top 10 lungi brands in India feel free to ask in the comments section.

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