5 Best Stock Market Movies in India

This article is going to throw some light on the top 5 stock market movies in India. OTT platforms have been taking up the stage for the past few years. People prefer to binge-watch the series or movies in the comfort of their homes and their relaxing surroundings. After having a tiring day, a good and grasping movie plot can be your saviour. 

Best Stock Market Movies in India

The stock market has pretty much been talked about in the Indian household. People bet their money on the stock market. So why not watch the movie on the same topic not only for entertainment but also for understanding. So let’s quickly move to the list of Top 5 Stock Market movies in India that have caught the attention of viewers.

 List of Top 5 Stock Market Movies in India

Scam 1992

Stock market movies in India

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The greatest hit till now, Scam 1992 is one of the best Stock market web series in India. It is based on the very infamous Harshad Mehta Case. The Scam 1992 movie highlights the financial fraud committed by Harshad Chopra and he managed to get away with it for a very long time. The Hansal Mehta-directed web series was released on Sony Liv’s OTT platform in 2020. This Stock market movie received an IMDb rating of 9.4/10. 

The web series talks about a middle-class young man who came to Bombay in early 1980 and became the stockbroker Richie who was responsible for taking the stock market to the sparkling world and at the same time dashing it out.

Harshad Mehta took note of the financial irregularities within the banks’ securities transactions. It was revealed during the second quarter of 1992 in unprecedented ways. The Volume of trade and the people involved in this scam were beyond the government’s imagination. Corporate Houses and banks were made a part of this scam. During the 1990s, Banks were not allowed to lend money directly to customers to divert it to the stock market. But Harshad Chopra found a loophole in the system and made good money out of it.

The web series protagonist Pratik Gandhi has done real justice to the character and other co-actors have worked wonders to make this web series blockbuster just in no time.

2. Bazaar

stock market movies in India

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Another good movie amongst the stock market movies in India, released in 2018 is another must-watch if you are looking forward to some stock market wealth, and control. Saif Ali Khan starrer, this movie talks about the power and of course money driven by the stock market. 

The Story revolves around the protagonist Rizwan Khan, played by Rohan Mehra, a small broker from Allahabad lands in Mumbai with dreamy eyes to work with his idol, Shakun Kothari. Shakun Kothari, an established Gujarati trader, a keen money maker has his eyes set to manipulate government’s decision to place its bid on a Telecomm

The company is to be owned by Rizwan khan. Rizwan Khan, as per Kothari’s instructions, asks his family members to buy shares of his telecom company. Once the government decides to select another telecom company, Rizwan Khan loses all his capital in the share market. 

It is a beautiful rendition of stock market truth, a life in Mumbai, directed by Gauravv K Chawla, has an IMDb rating of 6.5/10 with a box office collection of 24.77 crores in India. 

3. The Big Bull

Stock Market Movies In India

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Yet another stock market movie in India, The Big Bull, is based on a true story of the 1992 Stock market Scam involving the protagonist named Hemant Shah. Released in 2021, Abhishek Bacchan starrer, directed by Kookie Gulati, received a 6.7/10. 

The movie contains the journey of a small-level stockbroker who dreams of getting rich someday, begins playing with the loopholes of the Indian Banking system, and starts driving the stock market towards a bullish trend. Hence he is often called Big Bull in India as within one year Harshad Mehta influenced the stock market to gain the heights approx. 3 to 4 times. At the end of his shenanigans, he is found guilty and is arrested ultimately.

Because of Covid Pandemic, this stock market movie in India could not get released in theatres therefore it was launched on the OTT platform Disney Hotstar.

4. Corporate

Stock market movies in India

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Ranking fourth in this list of stock market movies in India is the movie Corporate. Launched in 2006, Corporate is yet another movie involving some stock market betting between the two companies. It rotates around a female entrepreneur juggling the financial world. This movie has a perfect concoction of corporate fights, politics, and shades of the stock market. 

Bipasha Basu and Kay Kay Menon’s starer movie stands at an IMDb rating of 6.6/10. The plot of the movie revolves around two corporate giants getting into a reckless hustle in order to register greater profits. With the companies involving foreign investment in their shareholdings, one of the companies takes up the other’s market share and affects its ultimate position in the share market.


Stock Market Movies in India

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It is the third stock market movie in India inspired by the real-time heinous act of the Harshad Chopra Scam. A movie like this released in the year 2006 was way ahead of its time and has an IMDb score of 7.4/10. Vinod Sharawat was in the lead role in this movie.

The story of this movie goes like this. A man named Subodh who wants to try his luck at the stock market ends up becoming a big player ultimately getting rambled up in a scam worth rupees 400 crores. Sameer Hanchate directed this movie and it was even selected for the 50th London Film Festival, 2006. 

This movie maintains the Genuity of Bullish trends caused in the stock market during the 90s and is fun to watch and learn.


The article contains a wholesome list of stock market movies in India with storylines and star casts. If you have an interest in the stock market or like to learn about the stock market & invest and want to watch a movie along similar lines, the above-mentioned list will certainly help you out. 

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