Powerful Social Media Influencers Impact on Youth in 2023

The influence of celebrities on kids has been widely debated lately. People now value social media way more than they used to do a few years back. Social Media influencers impact on youth both positively as well as negatively.

Social Media Influencers Impact on Youth

Online superstars have become more famous than conventional celebrities. Social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter allowed ordinary individuals to gain celebrity, resulting in the growth of social media influencers. Many individuals, particularly teenagers, are influenced by social media influencers. Influencers are even cooperating with movie stars to promote their flicks.

Social Media Influencers Impact on Youth

Social Media Influencers Impact on Youth

People trust social media influencers more than conventional celebrities because they resemble the girl/boy next door. Because influencers communicate with their followers regularly, followers, particularly young people, feel closer to them. As a result, many young people pay attention to social media influencers and are influenced by what they say and promote. Because teenagers spend more time on social media than people of other ages, social media influencers impact on youth.

Brands also choose to work with social media influencers over conventional celebrities because of their effect on young people and their business angle. They want to exploit these social media stars for their good because sponsored material can easily be included in the influencers’ regular output. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular. It is influencing the purchase habits of children. Furthermore, young people are more inclined to investigate a product before purchasing it. They’ll also look at the reviews of the influencers they follow.

Influencer Marketing has become a new racecourse to showcase your talent and win the battle. The prize money is really amazing to participate in. Therefore, turbulence can be noticed in digital space these days. A new age battle has begun wherein social media influencers Impact on youth is carefully examined through algorithms.

Influencers are the new participants, and social media is the new playground where businesses may demonstrate their products and services. Brands must be present where their clients are: on social media platforms! They need to work with the influencers who their consumers follow. The game, as well as the participants and the regulations, have evolved.

Some influencers make no indication of whether or not the content they provide is paid. They market things for profit and deceive children. A few influencers are also compensated to create material for political parties. Because followers are unaware that the information is bought, they are more likely to trust it and be persuaded. The influences that young people follow shape their eating habits as well. This is one way in which social media influencers impact on youth negatively.

As influencers create attention-getting material, a number of young people are squandering their time by watching it. Some influencers pretend to have ideal bodies and lives. As a result, some young people compare themselves to such influences and feel uneasy. Low self-esteem, mental health concerns, cosmetic surgery, and consumerism are the outcome. This affects one’s identity. 

Famous Social Media Influencers in 2023

Social Media Influencers

In 2023, the following names have created social media influencers impact on youth in a drastic way. However, one can find a more conclusive list of Indian Social media influencers by clicking here. Following are a few names that you might have heard of and can easily relate to:

1) Bhuvan Bam

Who wouldn’t have heard of this YouTuber? Starting from scratch, posting funny videos, he rose to shine in no time. The youth started relating to his character simulating college friends having their normal school-life conversations. Bhuvan Bam is known for his iconic characters and each one of the characters has gained popularity. Today he has his own apparel merchandise YOUTHIAPA and a huge fan following of 50.2 million. It is reported that Bhuvan Bam earns approximately 3 crores yearly from his YouTube videos.

2) Kusha Kapila

Another funny video creator, a female YouTube has been followed hugely coin Instagram these days. With her fame rising to 2.3 million followers, this social media influencer has never shied away from provocating her voice for the situations women face in their daily life. Such videos have received praise from a lot of young women. In this way, she has created a social media influencers impact on youth especially a group of women. She is into fashion now and has been seen encountering certain celebrities for an Interview. Kusha Kapila’s net worth is estimated to be 20 crores.

3) Nikhil Sharma

These social media influencers impact on youth via automobiles. In 2013, Nikhil Sharma started creating content on automobiles for a group of Casual Viewers and his vlogs made him quite famous. Today he has close to 3.88 million subscribers on YouTube and his Instagram followers stand at 1.38 million. He is supposed to be the first Indian YouTube who made automobile videos popular in the Indian market. He owns “Label MN” which is an apparel brand. Even his worth as shown all over the net has been reported at 20 crores.

4) Madhura Bachal

This social media influencers impact on youth through their love for food. Madhura Bachal is a digital owner of a cooking channel in the Marathi language. A food blogger started in 2009 and has accumulated around 6.05 million subscribers on YouTube. Now that she has established herself completely in the business, she has her own line of spices brand in her name. According to a report by Socialblade, Madhura Bachal’s earnings from the YouTube videos stands at approx. 1.5 crores.

5) Debashree Banerjee

Launched her make-up brand in her own name, Debashree Banerjee is an MBA gold medallist. Started her channel in 2012, she gave up her job to step into content creation. She has a fan base of 264K subscribers onYouTube and 307K followers on Instagram. Her videos are very famous among Gen Z young women for seasonal looks & hacks. According to the site networthspot.com, Debashree Banerjee is reported to have 100 thousand dollars of total earnings from YouTube.

Thus, Social media influencers impact on youth heavily. They follow their stars and aspire to be like them. Nonetheless, addiction to social media is one of the negative impacts. But as long as it is constructive and inspiring, social media can be used for benefits.

Why is Influencer Marketing is getting so much limelight?

Influencers marketing

It has been established that social media influencers impact on youth profoundly which is also put to use by brands to widen their horizon of social media marketing. Here are some statistics to prove this.

  1. According to marketing and brand experts, 81% of campaigns are successful if run on social media platforms with the help of Influencers. Since these influencers have managed to gather millions of followers and fans, it is easier for brands to reach out to a greater part of the audience if they promote their products via influencers.
  2. The consumers of the products purchase something based on trust and faith either in a brand or a celebrity figure with who they can connect. Either they like the product they have used for ages or they put their faith in a person they can follow blindly. Statistics reveal that 50% of marketers believe that Influencer marketing has either helped them revive. their brand recalls or strengthen their brand management strategy.
  3. Youtube videos, reviews, and small contents like Instagram Reels show various products used in a few seconds which becomes Catchy for users and they strive to buy them. Buying behaviour has also goto influenced by such campaigns. Old-age Tv Advertising is becoming obsolete these days.
  4. 70% of the users or consumers are getting channelised to the company’s website through Social media. Either they like the costumes of social media influencers or they like make-up or other products that they sponsor. In this competitive world, brands face competition from several other medium-scale brands, and all of them are pitching to their consumers with the help of social media influencers. Their reviews are being watched by millions of users across India and it certainly impacts that company’s revenue.


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