Remarkable Social Media Impact on Human Behavior and Society in 2022

Today, one can notice social media impact on human behavior and society is abruptly on the rise. The Internet has introduced new modes of communication for us, which have had a significant influence on people’s daily lives. Social media has brought people with similar interests together and broadened the scope of ideas throughout the world. However, social media has had a significant influence on human behavior and society.

Social Media Impact on Human Behavior and Society

Human behavior changes more as we experiment with technology, particularly social media. People’s regular use of social media has grown to the point that it is gradually infusing an inflection into our conduct. According to a report by Smart Insights, about 58 % of the world’s population i.e. 4.62 billion people, are using social media with an average duration of two hours 27 minutes. With Facebook topping the charts of the social media platform, three of the four users worldwide are active users.

How Social Media Impact on Human behavior and Society positively?

Social Media Impact on Human Behavior and Society

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, we will cover social media impact on human behavior and society positively and negatively in this blog. Let us start with positive behavior first. On Lets Say Yes platform, we provide multiple blogs related to common queries on digital marketing or social media-related things. If somebody wishes to learn about the scope of digital marketing, click here.

Social media provided access to a wide range of perspectives and thoughts from people from many cultures and places. This has the potential to broaden people’s perspectives, foster mutual respect among people from various origins, and challenge conventional ideas on certain groups.
People’s knowledge is growing as a result of social media. Most social media content makers urge individuals to follow their passions, take care of themselves, gain new skills, and so on. This has a good influence on human behavior.

Until recently, traditional media including print media, television, etc. was the only way to contact people. Not everyone was able to share their ideas and knowledge with others. The majority of traditional media channels are controlled by large corporations. Social media has strengthened democracy and equality by allowing everyone to share their work with a broader audience.

Minorities and vulnerable groups have a voice thanks to social media. For example, as a result of cultural norms, an increasing number of women are expressing their thoughts on social media, although they were previously discouraged from doing so. Another example is that differently-abled people are sharing content to support others who are experiencing similar issues and are voicing their concerns to the government and society.
People are working together for the greater benefit. They tweet using hashtags. Hashtags are becoming a powerful tool these days even moving the government’s decisions.

These are the positive lists of social media impact on human behavior and society. Let us move on to the negative impact.

How does social media impact human behavior and society negatively?

social media impact human behavior and society negatively

Social media impact human behavior and society negatively too for major sections of people. They become highly addicted to their smartphones.

Many people become celebrities as a result of social media which inspires a lot of people to pursue a career as a celebrity. As a result, few people out of this lot are becoming self-obsessed and narcissistic.
Many people get. an urge to behave violently because of excessive use of social media. People could not readily harass others prior to the internet era. However, anyone may now simply harass and threaten others by concealing their identity. Threats, Cyberbullying, and trolling are common challenges faced by the majority of social media content creators. people who are habituated to harassing people online are more likely to engage in violent behavior. In this way social media impact human behavior and society adversely.

Cyberbullies, especially teenagers may develop stress and anxiety, and sadness. Some people are engaging in cyberbullying due to a lack of knowledge about netiquette. Some teenagers have poor self-esteem as a result of seeing so many individuals flaunt their abilities on social media. Social media can instil rage in certain individuals and communities. This rage is spilling over into real-life all caused by social media impact on human behavior and society.

There is a lot of cosmetics and beauty product content on social media. There are a plethora of cosmetics channels on YouTube. People are advertising things to improve their external look using high-quality videos and photographs. This is driving individuals, particularly girls, to place an undue emphasis on attractiveness.
With the widespread of fake news, People are becoming alarming day by day. As a result, hostility and confrontations between communities are on the rise.

Most Common Social Media Platforms Used in 2022

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are the social media platforms being widely used these days. While the news of Elon musk investing in Twitter has been a piece of big news in the past couple of days, a lot of people went on social media platforms to express their joy. One can realize the social media impact on human behavior and society in this way.

A survey on social media platforms predicted that in 2022, Facebook will earn a huge base of 2.1 billion monthly, followed up by Instagram bagging 1.28 billion users. in the case of visual social media platforms, TikTok, with 755 million monthly users, comes next standing ahead of Snap and Twitter. TikTok has grown rapidly in the last few years. Therefore, TikTok is becoming the third-largest social network worldwide, after Facebook and Instagram. Insider Intelligence – the agency formerly known as eMarketer — estimates that TikTok will reach 755.0 million monthly users in 2022, after growing by 59.8 percent in 2020 and 40.8 percent in 2021 in its first projection of TikTok’s worldwide install base.

Image Credit: Insider Intelligence

With Instagram launched Reels, People across the world are connecting through each other giving trend challenges to each other. There are even guides made available by Instagram for its users to engage the audience. This feature is exploited for businesses, promotions, and marketing activities. With people investing more time on social media platforms corporates are also spending hugely on their digital marketing platforms.

Even YouTube has launched a visual category named “Shorts”. It has the same features as Instagram Reels. Based on a similar line, Facebook has launched this feature too.

Surprisingly, India With 126 million Snapchat users as of January 2022, held the world’s largest user base. The United States came in second with a Snapchat audience of 107 million users. By 2024, the photo-sharing platform is expected to have roughly 400 million global users.

Japan tops the Twitter charts with the maximum number of users of 58.95 million, followed up by India with 23.6 million users. A microblogging platform with 280 characters allowed at a time, this social media impact human behavior and society tremendously.

Twitter users undoubtedly have a lot to say to their followers! The website has evolved into a location where individuals from all around the world can share daily updates and discuss shared interests. There are at least 500 million tweets made every day, so there are plenty of conversations to participate in. In 2020, Gen-Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) were tweeting a lot. According to Twitter, Gen-Z users accounted for 52% of all tweets made that year. The fact that younger generations are becoming interested in Twitter bodes well for its long-term viability.


With so much social media impact on human behavior and society, there is a significant growth in every aspect. Under or overexploitation of resources is at our disposal. We have created these technologies and so we should be wise enough to use them for our prosperity.

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