How To Set up Facebook Ads Manager

Once viewed simply as a social sharing platform that also happened to offer niche advertising.

Facebook has evolved over the years into a powerful local business marketing tool. Between them, Facebook and Google now account for 20% of global advertising spend. It has rapidly become the most efficient way to reach a specific audience.

Yet it can be daunting knowing just where to start, what options to choose and how so set up your campaign. Here’s our handy guide to everything you need to know to get the most out of Facebook Ads Manager.

Setting the scene

First things first, you need to ensure your Facebook page is set up as a Business Page.

It’s generally easiest to set up your Ads Manager details using the desktop version of Facebook – it has full functionality and gives you more room to see all the information easily.

Creating campaigns in Ads Manager

Click on Create Ad, the green button top right of screen. You’ll now be asked to choose your objective:

This is one of the most important steps of your campaign, as it sets the scene for which audiences you will target and how you’ll be charged.

  • If you are aiming for brand awareness, choose awareness or reach
  • If you are wanting to drive traffic to your website, then choose traffic, and you’ll be able to optimise to clicks, impressions or daily reach

Budgeting with Ads Manager

When it comes to spend, you can choose either a daily or lifetime budget. With both options it’s best to set an end date, at which point you can assess how your campaign performed. Ads require a ‘learning period’ to maximise the Ads Manager algorithm’s performance in optimising your campaign. So ideally you want your ads to run for at least a week or two.

To gain audience traction, we would recommend spending at least $50 a day.

You can then adjust the When You Get Charged setting to Link Clicks (CPC or Cost Per Click). Generally where possibly we would recommend choosing Link Clicks over impressions. This means you only get charged when someone interacts with your ad and clicks through to your page.

Ad Design

Next up in Ads Manager, you get to customise the design of you ad. You can choose various ad formats, from single image to carousel (several images scrolling landscape) or video. Whilst video is a highly effective ad medium on Facebook, it’s unlikely you own a video asset for your practice. In which case a static image is fine.

Facebook has a range of stock images you can choose from, or you can upload your own.

The final step is to choose the wording of your ad. The Ads Manager interface has a handy preview tool feature that allows you to see what your ad will look like as you type the headline and text.


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