Podcast Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2023

You’re probably looking for a good approach to cross advertise a podcast. To help you reach your followers and deliver solutions that make them turn to you to solve their problems as a new or pre-existing firm in the sector. This type of podcast marketing strategy can help you grow your community and reach your business goals.

Podcast Marketing Strategy for Beginners

Despite the fact that there are way fewer podcast marketers than video marketers, the problem of establishing a loyal and high-converting audience remains. So, in 2023, how do you promote a podcast to help expand your business? So let’s start from the top.

What is Podcast Marketing?

A podcast is a collection of audio-based content marketing. It focuses on a specific topic or theme. As a result, you may think of podcast marketing as a collection of audio files that can allow you to interact with your core demographic.

Podcasts are very effective and can help you expand your business. The use of voice allows for a stronger podcast listener connection. It’s a unique method to connect with new listeners, podcast guests, and accurately communicate information. As a result, when implemented correctly and economically, podcast ads can be a game-changer.

How to be effective in Podcast Marketing?

To secure your company’s success, your first goal should be to develop a results-generating podcast marketing strategy. You’ll successfully reach your audience and achieve desired results. Only if you use an effective method to advertise a podcast as part of your campaign.

1. Podcast SEO

Because it provides a rapid and efficient approach to reaching out to new subscribers, podcast marketing is a potent technique to incorporate into your marketing mix with word of mouth.

Social media isn’t the only way to profit from social proof and increase the success of your podcast. Reviews bring fresh readers to your material while also informing search engines about the most popular items. Google places a great emphasis on reviews. Especially when they come from reputable third-party sources.

Google is updating its algorithm to give more importance to podcast SEO. This shows that this is a content type that will keep rising in popularity. Podcasting has always been a terrific method to humanise your company. Highlighting expertise, and establishing relationships. But its potential as a content type is growing in 2023 with additional SEO features.

2. Make YouTube videos from podcast episodes.

We’ve already talked about SEO in the previous sections. But this step takes your search engine strategy to the next level. Google is actively working on ways to make podcasts more searchable. It’s crucial to note that when a user types in a keyword phrase, video is still preferred over audio content.

As a result, unless the user specifically searches for “podcast,” your podcast may not appear in the search results. One approach to take advantage of Google’s affinity for video is to convert your podcasts into YouTube videos.

3. Use keywords in your show.

The keywords you use for your titles should convey the material in general when you design your marketing audio show. In order to achieve an efficient outcome, they must also include the terms that their audience employs when browsing the internet for solutions. This makes a very good podcast marketing strategy.

Start by double-checking your main topic and episode plan to make sure that you’re only using the best terms that fit your material. After that, examine their search volumes to determine the keywords that are often used when potential customers seek material similar to yours on the internet.

Keywords inform Google that your episode is related to a user’s request. It’s more likely to show up in search results. This method, however, does not suggest that you should select a podcast keyword that only you believe is important to your podcast.

4. Promote your podcast links.
promote podcast

As a company, keep in mind that your podcast is more than just a show. It’s a strategy you’re employing to grow your fan base and meet your company’s marketing objectives. As a result, it necessitates extensive advertising in order to promote increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Your ultimate goal should be to reach out to a larger audience. Communicate the vital content quickly, and eventually persuade your prospects to take the action required to assist you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Use several ways to help your podcast become viral. Making it available on your website, is one way to promote it. While you’re focusing on distributing your content through various podcast sources, you might want to try putting it on your website as well. Using in-podcast advertising networks is one of the most effective ways to promote your podcasts. It’s when you use podcast channels to target listeners rather than external ones like Facebook.

5. Use the services of a podcast marketing agency

A podcast marketing agency can aid you in making sure that your company’s podcast initiatives are both effective and successful. An agency may be your best option if you’re seeking advice on how to handle the entire podcasting process for your company.

Because most agencies are specialists, they can ensure successful podcast marketing from all angles. That is optimum business performance and increased reach. Furthermore, you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business without having to worry about your podcast promotions.

You can also check out how long the agency has been in the industry to see if it is a good fit for your company. The longer they’ve been in the industry, the more experience they have in providing high-quality services. As a result, choose an agency that has been in existence for a long time.

6. Select a Good Podcast Hosting

When it comes to marketing your podcasts, you’ll need a strong podcast network. You’ll also want delivery and media hosting software. As well as for iTunes and Apple Podcasts, a podcasting domain, and statistics. Ensure you have a platform that will help you succeed as a producer.

You can distribute your podcast for free with a variety of podcast hosting services. However, if you want to expand your guest list, you’ll need a good podcast marketing strategy. Also, make sure you have adequate bandwidth to cope with the inevitable virality of an episode.

Podcast hosting differs from website hosting in that it includes tools designed to improve the subscriber experience. Choosing a dependable podcast hosting platform is critical for your podcast because it will help you expand your audience faster while also making managing your audio files easier. An example of podcast hosting is zencast.

7. Bring guests to your shows.
guest for podcast marketing

Getting a guest or an influencer on your podcast is, without a question, a winning tactic. Not only is it a fun way to change up your show’s style, but the information and views that guests contribute give your listeners even more value when they tune in. While there’s no denying the value of having guests on your podcast, the effort it takes to find, invite, and book these guests is often overlooked.

You might look for people that are interested in similar themes and niches. Or even people who are polar opposites to your show since this can lead to some intriguing conversation. You want to find guests who will benefit both your presentation and your audience. Combining influencer marketing along with podcast marketing might be a new but very good combination!

Your guest’s history in their industry, as well as their niche, should all be researched. This will provide you with a solid base on which to ask insightful questions and allow for a more in-depth discussion.

8. Recreate your podcasts into blog posts, images, and videos.

Repurpose your material once you’ve published your podcast episodes to promote them across many platforms. This not only allows you to reach out to your audience on other platforms they use, but it also provides you with extra great content for your marketing calendar.

  • Make videos and share them on Youtube. One way to achieve this is to record your podcast episode while videotaping yourself.
  • Social Media: Using phrases from the episode to create visuals for social media, turn your podcast into a video. If you have a guest on your show, you can build a quote graphic using a couple of their insightful comments.
  • Create a translated version. A translation makes your audio content more accessible and friendly. Those who are partially deaf or who aren’t in an area where they can listen to your podcast will surely appreciate a transcript.
  • Create an article. By selecting the primary themes mentioned in the show and putting them into a separate blog post, you may recreate your podcast episode into an article or brief blog post.

Whether your goal is to gain more listeners, enhance your brand, or grow your business, extending how you promote your podcast material to the public will help you achieve your goals.

9. Participate in other people’s podcasts.

It’s like creating a backlink for your website. To expand your audience and grow your following, try getting interviewed on other people’s podcasts. Try to get in on others’ podcasts. Make friends with them. Podcast presenters want to hear why you’re worth having on the show. Show them your blog, any major pieces you’ve done, and any video or audio interviews you’ve done previously so they can get a sense of how you talk and present.

You can recommend a bunch of ideas for your show. If the subject is similar to one of the host’s previous episodes, explain how yours will be special. Make it simple for them to contact you. Include a link to your calendar or ask for theirs so you can plan your studio session.

Additionally, Encourage new listeners to leave a review as your podcast evolves by mentioning it in each episode. Emphasize how posting a review will help your show be noticed by more people who are looking for help in your specialty, and consider offering a prize or unique giveaway to encourage reviews and ratings.

10. Use Email Marketing
email marketing

If you’ve already begun to establish an email list, make sure your subscribers are aware of your podcast by modifying your email templates to include a link to it. Even though you don’t send newsletters bringing in new podcast shows, you may still spread awareness with a dedicated button or area.

Using an email list to promote your show can provide tremendous benefits. Email marketing newsletters may keep your subscribers up to date on the newest developments, such as the publication of new podcast episodes.

They will be kept updated in this manner, resulting in a positive relationship and enhanced loyalty. With a dedicated audience, the rate of sharing new episodes will grow, resulting in more people seeing your material. As a result, your podcast marketing strategy will be successful.


This is the ultimate guide for you if you want to become one of the best podcasters in your field and generate more leads and sales. Take note, though, that your content comes first, so focus on producing high-quality shows. You may rest comfortably that after you’ve done so, your podcast marketing strategy’s return on investment will expand on its own.

It will be simple for you to expand your podcast program with each episode with concentrated marketing tactics like SEO organized podcast marketing strategy and social media strategies and a few relevant communities.

Keep in mind that podcast promotion is primarily a one-way street. As a result, try applying more than one of the above-mentioned marketing strategies and analyzing their effectiveness before bringing additional ones. Good Luck!

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