Myntra Affiliate Program Full Review 2022

Would you like to make more money online using Myntra? In 2022, creating a Myntra affiliate account, promoting products, and earning money online with the Myntra Affiliate Program is a fairly simple procedure.

Myntra Affiliate Program

One of the greatest affiliate initiatives for Indian fashion bloggers is the Myntra affiliate programme. In this piece, I’ll show you how to join the Myntra affiliate network quickly and easily.

To increase your online revenue, you can join the Myntra affiliate programme. Myntra pays out a sizable commission to its affiliate partners. Myntra affiliate program is one of the most prominent in India for trendy fashion bloggers and influencers.

What is Myntra Affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that many businesses do to promote their products and improve revenue. Myntra too has an affiliate network, which allows you to make money by recommending Myntra goods on your website or social networking sites.

You must create a Myntra affiliate program account and market their goods wherever you wish on your website, blog, Instagram, or Facebook. Whenever customers make a successful payment using your affiliate link, Myntra will pay you a modest percentage as an affiliate.

Myntra is among India’s most popular fashion e-tailers, offering a wide selection of the newest fashion garments and accessories for men, women, and children.

Myntra has a large consumer base, and the company exclusively sells top-brand products and focuses on fashion. So it’s time to promote Myntra’s items and earn money through the Myntra affiliate program.

Myntra does not have a direct affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart, and you cannot join it straight. There is no straightforward opportunity to register for the Myntra affiliate program. To be a Myntra affiliate, you must join an affiliate network such as Admitad, Cuelinks, Vcommission, EarnKaro, and others.

Before you engage with an affiliate network such as EarnKaro, Admitad or others, make sure to read their terms and conditions, policies, and other information because each affiliate network has its own privacy policies and withdrawal limit thresholds that you must adhere to.

How does Myntra pay you?

myntra affiliate program payment
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This really is the compensation structure for the Myntra affiliate programme in 2021, which means you’ll get paid a percentage of every sale made through your affiliate link.

As Myntra does not have a straightforward affiliate network, you must join the Myntra affiliate programme, which includes affiliate networks such as Cuelinks, Admitad, EarnKaro and others.

As a result, the compensation composition varies from one affiliate program to the next. Any affiliate network, such as Admitad, Cuelinks, EarnKaro, or others, can help you become a Myntra affiliate. Cuelinks and EarnKaro both make it simple to create an account and market deals to make money online.

How to Become a Myntra Affiliate?

  • Create and share your website or blog.
  • Because Myntra does not have a direct affiliate programme, you must join one of the affiliate networks like Earnkaro or Cuelinks to be a Myntra affiliate.
  • Join an affiliate programme such as Cuelinks, EarnKaro, Admitad, Vcommission, or Other.
  • Register to advertise Myntra products after proper permission from the affiliate partner program.
  • You will be allowed to advertise Myntra merchandise on your website/blog and generate income once Myntra approves your request.

You may join the Myntra affiliate programme with EarnKaro and Cuelinks and get fast approval. To register for Admitad, Cuelinks, you must have a well-trafficked website or a large social media following.

However, having a website, blog, or another online presence is not required with EarnKaro. You can sign up for EarnKaro in seconds and begin promoting Myntra products and making profits after each successful transaction. EarnKaro also allows you to join over 1500 affiliate networks.

Affiliate programs to join to be a Myntra affiliate

EarnKaro, Zingoy, and CueLinks, in my opinion, are the three greatest Myntra Affiliate options for newbies. Because these affiliate sites will give you quick clearance. However, on Vcommission, you must have a particular amount of monthly traffic on your site, which is difficult for newcomers to acquire.

EarnKaro Affiliate Program 

EarnKaro Affiliate Program 

Anybody can make money by signing up for an EarnKaro account and adding various affiliate links from that. You may earn money through Amazon, Flipkart, Mamaearth, Udemy, and other affiliate networks in combination with Myntra on EarnKaro.

You may make a lot of money here with Affiliate Marketing and referrals. EarnKaro allows you to withdraw for merely ten dollars. EarnKaro is a company with its own official app. You can keep track of your affiliate links, recommendations, and commissions from anywhere.

There’s no need to download the EarnKaro app; everything is available on the EarnKaro website. The best aspect about EarnKaro is that you don’t need permission to join any affiliate network. You can start earning money as soon as you establish an account by posting any form of quick approval affiliate link on social networking sites.

EarnKaro Affiliate Details
  • The cookie time for Myntra profit links is 30 minutes.
  • Profits will be confirmed during the next 90 days if they are tracked within 24 hours.
  • Profit earnings are not relevant if consumers pay with Myntra Credit.
  • Earnings will not be applied to transactions made through the myntra App.
  • They are not relevant if users exchanged or returned products.
  • Order additional charges and GST are not included in the profit earnings calculation.
  • CueLinks has a Rs 10 minimum withdrawal.
Cuelinks Affiliate Program

Cuelinks is also a wonderful place to start if you’re new to Myntra affiliate marketing. Simply register on the Cuelinks site, and you’ll be approved around 24-48 hours.

When your Cuelinks account has been authorized, you’ll be able to showcase Myntra’s campaign and earn money for every transaction made through your affiliate link. Cuelinks offers 7.50% for newbies and 3.7% for returning users that use your affiliate link to buy on Myntra.

To promote Myntra merchandise, log in to your Cuelinks account, go to Campaign Explorer, and look for Myntra. You may easily build an affiliate link to Myntra’s main website or goods page. When someone buy something through your link, you are paid as an affiliate.

Cuelinks’ minimum withdrawal criterion is Rs.500, which means you can transfer your profits from Cuelinks to your bank account once you have earned a minimum of Rs.500. On the Cuelinks affiliate network, you can advertise a variety of other stores, such as Flipkart and Amazon, to boost your income stream.

  • Commission for instant approval: 3.75% to 7.50%
  • Transactions are logged on both the mobile and desktop sites.
  • Transactions on the Myntra app are not monitored.
  • 7-day cookie period
  • Tracking sales in timely manner
  • Coupons and cashback are not permitted.
  • If the user pays with Myntra credit, there is no commission.
  • Simultaneous Conversions are permitted.
  • Cuelinks’ minimum withdrawal is 500INR.

Vcommission Affiliate Program

Vcommission Affiliate Program

Vcommission is among the most popular affiliate networks. EarnKaro, Zingoy, and CueLinks, in my opinion, are not comparable. You will have to wait for approval on this webpage. After that, you can create revenue links and publish them on social networking sites.

Vcommission will request that you submit your traffic information. It refers to the source of the majority of visitors to your YouTube channel or blog. They have a minimum requirement, and if your site doesn’t meet it, you won’t be able to join Vcommission.

For Myntra Affiliate, Vcommission will offer 4.50% for new users and 2% for current users. Vcommission API allows you to immediately incorporate promo codes, discounts and offers on your dedicated website.

Vcommission Affiliate Details
  • You must wait for clearance from the Vcommission. After that, you can publicise your profit link.
  • Vcommission has a cookie duration of 30 days.
  • Within 24 hours, you may track your Myntra affiliate links.
  • After 60 days, the profit is confirmed.
  • The least amount that can be withdrawn is $1,000.
Viglink Affiliate program

Vcommission and Admitad are affiliate networks that are comparable to Viglink. You must also request permission in this case. You can promote Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall, and a variety of other affiliate sites if they authorise you.

First and foremost, you must create Myntra profit linkages. When your following has made a purchase through your link, you will be able to track your links in under 24 hours. Viglink has a cookie duration of 30 days. After 45 days, you can collect your winnings. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 dollars.

Final Thoughts: Myntra Affiliate Program

Because Myntra does not have a dedicated affiliate programme, you can join their affiliate network through EarnKaro, Cuelinks, Vcommission, and others. On Myntra, you may earn up to 8% commission as an affiliate. Register for an EarnKaro account and install the EarnKaro app from the Google Play store to share bargains and generate income.

Thank you for reading this article to the conclusion; I hope it was useful in assisting you in quickly joining the Myntra affiliate programme; please share on social networking. Leave a remark about your experience with us in the box below.

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