How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India 2023? Step-by-step Guide

Affiliate marketing is the name for this simple internet money-making opportunity. Nonetheless, before you consider how to start affiliate marketing in India. You must first grasp some fundamentals. Starting affiliate marketing isn’t a gimmick or a ruse. It’s a well-strategized marketing plan. It necessitates affiliate marketers’ understanding of how things should work. But where and how to start affiliate marketing in India?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a means for you to make income by referring contacts or followers to goods or services. It is not the same as hosting ad banners. Despite the fact that it is a kind of internet advertising. Unlike ad displays, you normally don’t get compensated unless a client “converts” to affiliate programs.

A sale is usually described as a prospect making a purchase. However, other traders have a different definition of “conversions.” It could be complicated. Just as a consumer not just purchasing a product. But also taking specified action afterward.

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what is affiliate marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are a variety of methods for tracking affiliates these days. But they all rely on someone visiting your unique tracking link. A cookie is the most frequent and basic sort of tracking.

When a person clicks on an affiliate link, a little file called a cookie is saved on their browser. Then they buy something, and the seller sees that you suggested them.

Finally, affiliate marketing is just as good as you make it. As well as how effectively you conduct it. It is not a get-rich technique. You will not start earning money overnight.

Let’s take a look at the normal path for a writer who wants to make affiliate marketing a significant source of revenue.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

start affiliate marketing in india

Could you assist them in making a wiser choice than they could make on their own?

That’s where you make a difference. You get compensated for being an influencer. Assisting people in making better choices. And utilise your website and the web to automate the process. Deliver helpful advice to thousands of individuals.

Step 1: Choose a niche you’re familiar with

Visit Amazon, Nykaa, or any other affiliate marketing program’s homepage. Pick a good category that you are familiar with. Scroll through the various sections. It is suggested that you focus on a single issue. It will be easier to write for a certain demographic. In addition, your endeavors will be more focused. It is the very first on how to start affiliate marketing in India.

First, after you’ve chosen a topic. Go to the commission rates page to see how much money you’ll make if products are being sold. Whatever technique you choose, plan to spend time and money on. Moreover, it’s needed to explore the finest items for your target market.

Use an Affiliate Network to Find Products: It’s okay if you don’t have any firsthand experience. with our subject matter expertise in your industry. Affiliate networks are a great place to start.

ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and the Amazon Associates programme are among the most prominent and dependable affiliate networks. Some programs may even appoint you a manager. To sum up, they help you get started!

Amazon items, especially, are an excellent place to begin. Many people start out as Amazon affiliates. Before moving on to other kinds of more lucrative affiliate offerings.

Step 2: Establish Yourself as an Affiliate

You must apply, be accepted, and supply certain details. In order to receive payment. Whether you operate directly with businesses or via a network.

For tax and reporting purposes, you may be required to submit contact information. The bank account to which earnings will be deposited.

As a result, the retailer must give you an affiliate link. You’ll utilize this trackable link anytime you talk about the item on social media. Your affiliate ID will be included in a label at the end of each link.

Step 3: Choose the product you’ll be promoting
Choose product for affiliate marketing

You must have chosen a product category like Electronics, Beauty & Apparel, and so on. You must now select a product. Simply search for the product title in the given search field if you already have shortlisted products.

If you haven’t already done so, you should get started selecting products. Head to the Amazon Bestsellers page if you’re looking for the best-selling products.

It is much simple to entice consumers to buy an item that already has a huge sales quantity when you market it. When you’re promoting a product that’s new to the industry or has a lower output, it’s different.

Step 4: Start a blog

The next step is to construct a blog. Many online guidelines will offer suggestions for promoting your affiliate connection. However, promoting an affiliate link on your webpage is by far the most trustworthy, practical, and convenient approach.

Your internet business is built on the foundation of your webpage. This blog does not demand any software, extensions, or functions. It might be a straightforward, user-friendly website with easy-to-read material.

So, consider a blog to be the hub of a bicycle. Your blog serves as the hub. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels are examples of spokes. Those are the routes through which readers to your blog can be attracted.

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Step 5: Create content

You want to develop content for your blog because it is the heart of your brand. The recommended strategy for attracting traffic to your blog is SEO. You should think about alternative strategies to expand your readership. Lead generation by organic search is still the most effective.

Before moving on to the next phase, I recommend writing at least 25 articles for this step. These should be long and in-depth writings. All about your topic, not small 200-word entries. Stick to your niche.

This is a mandatory step. Before you join affiliate programmes, you must have a fully functional website. If you don’t have any material on your site, you’ll not have any readership. Plus you’ll also have a hard time getting accepted by an affiliate manager.

As a result, map out the 25 articles you want to create before you begin. Make sure you write key posts that are simple to rank for. If you can afford it, it’s strongly advised to invest in a keyword research tool like Semrush. A keyword research tool is really useful.

Step 6: Create Your Audience

Organic search, also known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. It is the most prevalent strategy. There are many new platforms whose help you can take to build an audience.

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • Paid traffic
Social media

In an ideal world, you’d like to develop a loyal following of blog readers. According to statistics, it takes more than one time for a customer to convert. According to the data, it takes eight to twelve visits for a visitor to have enough to put trust in you.



These are the essentials. Mastering them will set you up for success in how to start affiliate marketing in India. Also don’t expect to make a fortune or be able to give up your 9–5 job immediately. Affiliate marketing is a time-consuming process.

First and foremost, concentrate on making your first affiliate revenue. Set objectives for your site as it expands. In addition, keep experimenting. This is how you construct a site that will eventually make you money.


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