How to Monetize your WordPress Blog in 2022?

To all those who have a WordPress Blog, do you know how to monetize your WordPress blog? If not you’re in the right place! We will tell you all the tips and tricks on how to monetize your WordPress blog with examples too!

Monetize your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a powerful platform with a lot of resources to help users create, administer, and monetise their websites. Due to its increasing popularity, an increasing number of users are attempting to transform their own WordPress blog into a source of income.

Anybody can use WordPress, It’s is a free-of-cost open-source platform. WordPress is great for generating distinctive websites and millions of people use it. But there’s a lot more potential to it. You can also profit from it.

Don’t sweat it, you don’t need to be a programmer, designer, or even a WordPress expert to earn money in return. However, you must play to your abilities. Look for tactics that build on the talents you already have or that you want to develop. With WordPress being used by 34% of the web, the market is fierce, and you will need to stand out!

1. Use the e-commerce Strategy


Producing and selling things is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent ways to monetize WordPress blogs. WordPress plugins may easily transform your blog into a completely operational Webstore. Whether you wish to trade tangible things that you deliver to consumers or offer digital technology like premium plugins.

E-commerce is the most popular and obvious strategy. WooCommerce is the plugin we suggest the most. This is a robust and free-of-cost e-commerce plugin. It works with WordPress and provides you with complete creative control around your business. So from real and virtual things to consultations and solutions, you can sell everything.

Setting up an online store using WordPress is simple, but it isn’t a quick process. First and foremost, you must choose hosting, install WordPress, and set up the foundation of your website. After that, you must install an e-commerce plugin (like WooCommerce).

You can start developing your online store after you’ve downloaded and configured your e-commerce plugin. You get the concept. Add goods, create your shop, set up delivery, connect secure payment plans. Since this company focuses on flexible, personalised orders, WooCommerce works effectively for them.

2. Show advertisements on Your WordPress Site

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Ads are one of the simplest methods to make money on WordPress. Advertisements can be inserted into your website in a variety of ways. They can appear in the form of static content, pop-ups, or even native adverts on your website. To start making money from posting ads on websites, you’ll need to work with reputable advertising businesses.

Google AdSense is the finest platform to start with if you’re new to advertising deals. It’s the fastest, easiest and most adaptable advertisement channel available. AdSense is also well-optimized responsiveness for smartphones, in addition to presenting relevant adverts to your viewers.

Google AdSense team reviews your application initially. There are various points to keep in mind. But if your website is well-known and does not violate any copyright rules, you should be accepted.

Installing a plugin like Easy Google AdSense will make things even easier. Use machine learning, so that you can optimise advertisement placement. That makes WordPress way easier. So this way you can now control your advertising from your WordPress dashboard by just pasting your AdSense Publisher ID.

Advertisers compete in Google auctions to get their ads displayed on the platform. Therefore CPCs fluctuate significantly over time and by niche. When it’s all said and done, you’ll get a big chunk of the earnings.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Using your website to propose a good or service to your followers and receiving a fee on each transaction is a common way to generate money. People earn almost $150,000 per year by suggesting hosting services to web users.

One should promote good products that your readers will find useful in order to achieve the best outcomes. On Amazon, eBay, and other comparable affiliate networks, you can locate things to advertise. You can also conduct extensive research on the most effective affiliate programs in your area.

Presently, affiliate marketing is an enormous business. Over the last several years, even prominent sites have been trying to make passive income a significant component of their business model. What you need is traffic. Strong creative writing abilities come after that.

Take a while once you’ve got some reasonable traffic to truly get to know your customers. Also what kinds of offerings they’d be engaged in. Then look for affiliate programmes that they would actually benefit from and that will pay you a reasonable commission.

You are free to promote as many as you want. Once your website is up and running and getting visitors, this is a great strategy to use.

You can check out more about affiliate marketing here!

4. Make educational and informative courses

Instructional materials are extensively shared online and can be a lucrative source of revenue for your business. If you do have expertise that others might benefit from, turn it into a thorough video series to both teach and earn.

One can use the Video Lessons Manager plugin to merge clips from Vimeo right into your WordPress website. You can manage your online courses and lessons, as well as their availability. All from your website’s homepage once they’ve been submitted.

Arrange a purchase-per-video structure that lets users pick and subscribe for the exact courses they want. Or use the plugin to provide free classes that entice people into your website’s subscription model.

Plugins allow you to track the effectiveness of your videos and identify which ones are doing well and which ones need to be tweaked. Furthermore, they allow for commenting. It allows you to get meaningful criticism and engage in a discourse with your target audience.

5. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content posting is another profitable option for successful businesses and blogs to investigate. Brands pay bloggers to write content committed to spreading their goods. It is known as sponsored content or advertorials.

It’s feasible to utilize your popularity as a blogger and establish yourself as an influencer in your field if you’re an influencer and you start being noticed as a blogger. At this moment, monetization opportunities will stream in. Famous persons began as simple bloggers and developed into large corporations.

One doesn’t need to have many contacts to try to secure advertising offers if you put in the effort to establish a fantastic site and following. After a certain point, brands will approach you and pitch you on sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship deals shouldn’t have to be limited to your blog. Use your blog’s readership to grow other channels like YouTube, podcasts, newsletters, and more if it becomes famous. These platforms and strategies will open up even more possibilities for you, It’s a fantastic long-term approach for monetizing WordPress.

6. Create Premium Content

premium content
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Premium stuff, be it superb images, unique articles, journal articles, or even films and music, seems to be something your viewers are prepared to spend on.

You’ll want your customers to believe in your service or information for this to work. We advocate giving away some free online content so that customers know what’s coming from your paid content. They’ll be eager to fork you their hard-earned money in exchange for whatever you’re providing if you do it this way.

Use the system of subscriptions to access extra material, unique blogs, or even discount vouchers if you’re having an online e-commerce store as a different method to make revenue using your blog.

Alternatively, you may try to encourage people to sign up for your website. Subscriptions vary from memberships in that a subscriber has access to your website and all of its contents and features, whereas memberships provide them access to an additional level of unique material. Take note, there must be a benefit for individuals to subscribe and pay!

7. Offer Professional Services

professional service
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Selling solutions on a WordPress website is yet another quick and seamless approach to monetise it. One can turn their website into a resume-type webpage with no extra effort. WordPress has shown to be an excellent medium for self-promotion throughout time.

You only have to have a dedicated and good viewership. And particularly if you’re the sole face of your website, there’s a good probability that some of your visitors will want to engage with you.

You never know who may visit your website. Therefore if you provide professional advice, you should absolutely create a touchdown page to market them. Consulting and coaching can be great ways to supplement your income.

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at various answers to “How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog”. They’re all feasible, and hundreds of individuals are profiting handsomely from them currently. All you have to do now is choose whatever option is best for you.

Once you get to this point, you have a lot of monetization choices in WordPress. You may combine many, or even all seven, to generate a diversified and long-term revenue source.

We believe you’ve been encouraged to monetize your blog and are ready to make strides toward putting a bit more cash on hand. Surely come back and tell us about your journey!


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