How to build an online store in less than 1 hour in 2022

Online money-earning techniques and platforms are getting more popular day by day. Building or opening online stories is one of the best ways to make money. The cost of building online stores is very low compared to offline stores. The best part of opening an online store is that you don’t have to have full-time for it. It can be your part-time or maybe full-time. You can also start it as a side project with your official work.

build an online store in less than 1 hour

Building an online store is a great wait to learn and earn money. To take advantage of this opportunity we will tell you how to build an online store in less than 1 hour. It will enhance your experiences gradually. We all know that covid 19 had a disastrous effect on businesses of people. The effects of covid19 brought up a boom in E-Commerce. Recent studies data have stated that about 15% to 20% of the population have seen online transmission. Seeing this great boom we should grab this opportunity. so in this blog on how to build an online store in less than 1 hour, we will discuss every step in detail.

In this post, we will discuss

  • what is e-commerce?
  • What is an online store?
  • How to build an online store?
  • what next after building your online store?

What is e-commerce?

build an online store in less than 1 hour

From the name, we can easily understand that eCommerce is about selling products online. Everything we buy on the internet comes under E-Commerce, whether it is any cloth on Amazon or any smart product on Flipkart. We call it e-commerce.

What is an online store?

In typical words, the definition of an online store is a website through which customers place orders for goods or services this could be small or any kind of product. As we can buy products on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many other eCommerce sites.

You can also build an online store very easily. You just have to have your website, shopping cart software, and payment options.
Here comes the point of this article. Now we will discuss how to build an online store in less than 1 hour.

How to build an online store in less than 1 hour.

build an online store

We know that there is a lot of information about building a store online. But all the information is in a scattered manner we know that you need information in a very detailed and elaborative manner. Especially in an aligned way so that you can understand things easily. We are here to help to guide you step by step on how to start building or opening an e-commerce store from scratch.

1. Know Your Niche.

Before doing anything for building your online store you just have to know your niche in a segment or a sector. In which you like to work. Having a specific niche has a lot of benefits. If you will have a niche you can target your audience very easily you can market them, again and again, and you can sell your products constantly.

Know your dream customer

Here some questions are listed below by solving them you can get help in selecting your niche.

  • what type of products do you want to buy online or offline?
  • Who will you sell to?
  • Which market is most suitable for you?

2. E-Commerce model

In every business, there are different types of aspects to do so in this E-Commerce business we also have different types of models for working.

  • Drop shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Private labeling and manufacture
  • White labeling
  • Subscription.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

a). Dropshipping

Dropping is one of the best ways to do E-Commerce. In this method of E-Commerce. You don’t have to have any inventory or stock of products of any kind. When any of your customers orders any product then you further order that product from the supplier and ask him to deliver it to that customer’s address. In this process, you don’t get involved anywhere directly but you are just getting a commission.

But it is not as simple as it looks there are some difficulties in this business.

Suppose if suppliers are shipping your products at a low rate and their not delivering quality products it will directly hit your reputation of the Store.

To prevention of your business from this problem, you can do it in an alternative way. You can sell print-on-demand products like t-shirts and mugs. whenever you will get orders from your store you have to contact suppliers to print and then deliver you don’t have to bother about inventory or stock of products prior.

b) warehousing

Warehousing is a traditional form of doing business. The e-commerce method of warehousing is slightly expensive as compared to other methods of doing eCommerce in this method you have to get stock and inventory at your godowns. You need to manage customer orders and track down all the orders that are shipped.

How to build an online store in less than 1 hour

c)Private labeling

The private labeling method is one of my favorite methods to do business online. If you have an idea to sell a product online. But you don’t have the desire or cash to build a product on your own or to set up build factory. Then you can do business indirectly in which you have to collaborate with other service companies. who will build products for you under your branding? This is one of the greatest ways to expand your business it will not affect your time management. For sure you have to be serious about the product quality. It cost you very less and if you have long-term plans this will be the best platform for your business.

d) White labeling

White label is also a sort of private labeling but there is a hugely important difference between both of them in white labeling your seller or product manufacturer will have multiple resellers like yourself. But you will be able to rebend this product on your own and you will not be liable for any problem. This is the fastest way to grow in the market but the problem will be that your product will not be unique.

e) Subscription method

Subscription method in e-commerce sites have been very prevalent in recent 5 to 10 years we have seen many E-Commerce sites like Amazon Flipkart or Myntra which offers subscription methods in this method you will customer will be bound to buy your product regularly. This method will increase your sales but initially, you have to do some cash on for attracting customers. Its results are very fruitful customers will be with you for a lifetime.

3. Select an eCommerce platform

eCommerce platform

After choosing your niche and selecting a business model. Now you have to choose a platform for doing your business online.
There there are a lot of different e-commerce platforms to do business but we are going to provide you with one of the most prominent and popular platforms on which you can rely easily. These platforms sir best for new people in the e-commerce business. A person who is not much technical with these platforms will be best.

In the initial stage, many people are confused about choosing an e-commerce platform we will simply recommend you to use Shopify as your platform for E-Commerce because it is very simple and you will also have 14 days of free trial to experiment.


Benefits of choosing Shopify

  • different variety of themes
  • Takes no time to launch a store
  • Simplest for dropshipping
  • Good customer support
  • No tension in traffic management

Disadvantages of Shopify

  • Difficult for blogging
  • Hard to customize orders
  • Not much control of the site

After discussing Shopify we will recommend you to especially have a look for WordPress commerce.


Advantages of WordPress commerce

  • Good developers
  • Simple plugins and themes(you can use Astra theme for setting your woo-commerce)
  • A huge community of WordPress

Disadvantages of WordPress commerce

  • Initially difficult for technically challenged people.
  • No customer support
  • How to set up an online store
  • Fill the store with products

How to build an online store in less than 1 hour

After doing all of the above steps you just have to fill or put products on your store site. Filling products in your store will be different for each method of business for example if you have chosen drop shipping list all the products that you want to ship to your customers and link with your suppliers. Sometimes you have to list all the products manually and images description prices of the products for it is very easy but it will be cumbersome on WordPress commerce. There are also third-party tools on which you can upload the bulk of data via spreadsheet.

4. what next after building your store online

online store

After doing all the steps like choosing a niche and getting products listed on your side your next step should be to get traffic on your side you can get traffic on your side through various ways like search engine optimization social media marketing online advertisement and many other ways you can also check out our blog social-media-marketing which will help you to expand your business.


In this blog on how to build an online store in less than 1 hour, we shared the process of making a store online. It is easily explained in a detailed way. we hope your all doubts are cleared by this blog on how to build an online store in less than 1 hour. If you love our content then please share it with your friends and comment on your views.

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