Hostinger India Review 2023

It’s not easy to find a high-quality web hosting service. There are numerous possibilities available, and your decision will define where your business will reside digitally for years to follow. Read below the full Hostinger India Review 2023. This provider is a good choice for your website because it provides exceptional uptime and quality features at quasi pricing. Hostinger hosting includes all that a newbie needs to just get going, from plentiful resources to performance-enhancing tools. There are currently;

Hostinger India Review
  • 15k new sites installed on average (on Hostinger)
  • 10k new user signups every day on average
  • 29 million users worldwide use Hostinger products

According to our Hostinger India review guide, there are numerous advantages to using Hostinger as a web server, and sadly, some disadvantages too. After all, there are downsides to everything.

Low cost and affordable plans
hostinger low cost price
hostinger low and affordable cost price

Hostinger is one of the most popular and cost-effective shared web hosting services accessible today. Their standard hosting plan comes with a lot of useful features like free SSL, a name, and SSD storage, it has a monthly cost of only $1.39 and renews at $2.99/mo. So cheap!

False claims are made by numerous hosting providers about their rates. Hostinger India is guilty of the act, but unlike others hosting providers, they are more open and unapologetic about it.

If you’re looking for long term hosting provider, it’s a fantastic price. In comparison to most other hosts and servers, it can save you a lot of money. Basically a good deal for a low price!

Fast Load Time
hostinger high speed load time
hostinger high-speed load time

For every online user’s experience with a site, fast page loading speeds are critical. Have you ever tried to search for a web page and it takes too long to load? and eventually you exit the page because it feels like a lifetime?

We’ve all done it.
Furthermore, you didn’t seem to stay for very long. No one does. When a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, more than 30% of visitors quit it. Hostinger has its servers widespread all over the world, in The United States, Asia, and The UK. Each is said to be tethered to a 1000 Mbps connection, ensuring consistent response time.

Observed over the last 12 months, Hostinger’s average page loading time was found to be 356 milliseconds. You should expect loading times to be in the 300-400 ms range in general in either case. Again, considering the cost, it’s still a fantastic deal. Most eCommerce and industrial websites take around 900 milliseconds to load. Fortunately, Hostinger decreases the cost in half.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
hostinger 30 day money back gurantee
hostinger 30 day money back gurantee

There is n number of payment methods such as Bitcoin, Visa, Paypal and UPI, you don’t have to worry about a single dime and can rely on the Hostinger India for safety and security. A 30-day money-back assurance is also available. So you may give them a try and receive a refund if the performance or experience isn’t up to standard.

As Per Hostinger’s Refund Policy, not that all services are redeemable, and certain products have particular refund conditions. We’ll reserve the information for the paragraphs coming up with the disadvantages.

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is provided by Hostinger, this is one of the basic plans offered by a lot of web hosting companies. Shared web hosting means you’ll share servers with other websites, this is available in the packages of this tier. In a nutshell, the websites are sharing the expenditures of a central server. It also offers two-year and four-year subscriptions with discounted rates.

Hostinger shared hosting

Because shared hosting is not really robust and perfectly secure, it has an effect on the effectiveness of your blog because it must compete with other websites for the same limited server resources. if your material (or that of one of your partners) gets a lot of publicity and attention, your site may slow down or become unreachable.

Shared web hosting is suitable for the majority of businesses. If you have a high-traffic blog or an eCommerce business, however, dedicated hosting or VPS may be a better option.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system on earth. It is incredibly easy to configure however you see fit, thanks to its flexibility and powerful plug-in and design environments. That’s one of its main draws.

Hostinger offers a variety of WordPress hosting plans, including four in total. Singles, Starter, Enterprise, and Pro are the four options. The WordPress and Shared hosting packages from Hostinger have similar characteristics, but they have unique attributes. Has a simple onboarding process that will have your site up and operating in moments. Current sites can also be migrated individually or with the help of a Hostinger operator.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger’s plans provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is standard in the web hosting industry. DreamHost, on the other hand, offers a generous 97-day money-back promise, giving you plenty of time to review your alternatives.

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Multilingual Customer Support

Customer service is a very important aspect of any business or service, it decides whether you’re product will stay for a long time or not. If your blog or website is down for whatever reason and there’s weak customer support or you are not able to contact a customer service representative as soon as possible, you may lose a significant number of purchases.

Our hostinger india review guide says that Hostinger will only impress you. The company has a multilingual customer care team. As well as group chats and Intercom as their primary support mechanism. One of the drawbacks is that you can’t use live chat if you’re not an account holder. Even for small and basic queries, it’ll require you to create an account on the platform. We appreciate Hostinger’s live chat feature, however, it would be more useful if it were available to all customers.

Hostinger live chat
Hostinger live chat

It’s quite simple to use the live chat. A pop-up appears in the lower right corner of the page just as you log in. You can ask technical questions and receive educated responses from the customer care representative, along with links. Hostinger india also features a large resource library with brief and detailed articles. You may get guidance, data, and solutions to your concerns. They also give tutorials with gifs and photos about how to do things (anything from web design to SEO).

Account Setup

Whereas many providers are obnoxiously unclear about the finer points of their services, Hostinger lays it all out in a long and comprehensive comparison table. You’ll find out here that the basic Single Shared Hosting plan only enables one job and doesn’t provide SSH access.

Only one notable drawback is the monthly plan, which itself is frequently so costly that it’s not really worth exploring. For example, the yearly Single Shared Hosting plan would cost $35.88; the monthly plan would cost $9.49 plus a $4.99 installation fee, totalling $14.98, or $33.96 after about 3 months. Integration with Cloudflare can be done on all types of accounts.


People and small firms have done many assessments, by utilising to track responsiveness and outages on our test website from several locations across the world, reviewing those, Despite the fact that the test sites were hosted on Hostinger’s most basic shared hosting plan, it maintained a strong 100% uptime record over the course of 10 weeks of surveillance.

Over the last year, Hostinger’s average uptime was 99.75% and just a little over 22 hours of outage. To be frank, this was not what was had anticipated. They looked into what could have prompted this below-average uptime because Hostinger had previously shown consistent reliability figures.

However, load times speeds are important, so Dotcom Tools’ Website Speed Test is utilized to assess some test sites’ efficiency from almost 20 different locations spread over the U.S and Europe. The findings were significantly better, at 878 ms, ranking it in the top 25% of operators. Hostinger claims a server response time of 43 milliseconds on their website, which is excellent. To get those speeds, you’d likely need a top-tier plan with relatively few services.


What does our hostinger India review conclude?

The beginner accounts from Hostinger India do have some substantial limitations, but they’ll still work for some people starting off with blogging and such, and the company’s additional offerings provide plenty of functionality and excellent cPanel-like maintenance practices for a very reasonable price.

Hostinger offers lightning-fast service. Their availability has been a little bit uneven in the year 2020, but it has been usually strong and solid if we eliminate the three months wherein they fared not that good. Furthermore, the customer service offered is reliable, good, efficient and very patience in case of any issues that may occur during the experience.

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