The list of Future Business in India is thriving like a sea of opportunities. With a population range of over one billion having the world’s largest young crowd, several global companies want to dive into this sea. Many international companies have come to the Indian market to try their luck and have made a fortune in the process. So, why not the indigenous business takes a toll on taking the chances of rooting a successful business. Let’s take a look at what can be a top future business in India by the year 2025.


As a developing country, India’s business landscape is prepared to thrive in a variety of industries. The next few years are going to be full of new and varied opportunities due to a multitude of factors that include International trade, growth & innovation fueled by technology, government incentives, and the young population taking on leadership responsibilities. Business is a highly dynamic activity, and as the world expands and people’s requirements evolve, these nine forthcoming business ideas in India can help to enter the list of future business in India. Following are the few thriving businesses for the year 2025 based on the degree of Investment. The top magazines in India also praise them in their fortune list.

Future Business in India requiring Higher Investment

Analytical Professionals & Big Data

Big Data implies a wholesome package of mathematical aspects of statistical methodologies, reasoning & logical thinking using numerous tools to evaluate the available data in any business. Data science employs artificial learning as well as machine learning to read the relevant data and forecast future patterns and behaviours. According to the work report published by World Economic Forum 2020, Data Scientist is the most in-demand and fastest-growing occupation by 2025.

A lot of companies across the world now use analytics tools on a humongous dataset for assessment including data mining, business analytics, and predictive modeling. The use of critical analytics gives their business a competitive advantage to survive and flourish. Big data analytics came as an innovative analytic tool and over the 2020- 2025 timeframe, it is expected to increase at a 32% CAGR for apps. It can be concluded through the reports that Big Data is an essential future business in India by merely looking at the growth chart.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Future holds limitless expansion for The Internet of Things (IoT) business. IoT is a network of several networked computing devices that use software, sensors, and other technologies that can exchange data and even connect other devices and systems through the Internet network without any intervention. Technological advancements and people’s affinity for the interconnectivity of gadgets such as smartphones with household appliances have made the future of IoT infinite. If You are in the office and want to access your household appliances, you can do that very easily with just a click on your smartphone. In the coming future, people will be tempted to use such technology that can make life smart.

According to a report by Indian IoT Market, India has promising scope in this business. The market is expected to rise by 21.9% CAGR. With the pandemic hit, most enterprises are challenged to move to automated systems and IoT can give them such a platform. By 2025 Indian market has the potential to grow by $9.28 billion. Current companies that are ruling in the market are Ennovasy, HCL technologies, Ecoxys, others, etc.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

AI can add value to any business in the future. It is one of the top future business in India. It can contribute 15% of the current gross income to the economy by 2035. The Indian AI software market will have a revenue of USD 7.8 billion.

Until a few years ago, AI was not taken much into consideration as mainstream business as it is today. But now people are intimidated to use AI in almost every aspect of their lives. They have understood the impact AI can bring on our lives. Simple life experiences get enhanced with the touch of AI in the device. Today, company groups are inclined to include virtual transformation and undertake revolutionary technologies, consisting of AI, ML, cloud, and analytics. Thanks to Covid, it has taught us to rely more on technology which is the need of the hour.

Future Business in India Requiring Medium Investment

Direct Selling Sector

If it wasn’t for Covid, the Indian Direct selling sector would have hit 10% growth in the year 2021. Catering to a huge segment of people, Direct selling products can only have a win-win in comparison to other sectors. An article published in Business Standard approves that this sector can emerge with market revenue of Rs. 64,500 crores in 2025. Not only does this sector have the potential to fetch a positive return, but it also holds the power to generate employment for 18 million people.

By the end of this decade, India will have the largest working population and direct selling can opt as an Alternative Career. With government schemes such as Skill India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, etc. youth can reap the benefits of this sector. It ignores the middlemen and can reduce the initial investment cost. Customized products, personal
selling in any genre that can offer some appeal to the customers can bring business with huge profits.

Pharmaceuticals - Future Business in India

The Pharma sector is a flourishing future business in India. With low-cost production, we are in huge demand in the International market. The recent supply of Malaria drugs, hydroxychloroquine, during covid 2020 has been the best example to understand this. Pharmaceuticals have multiple lines of options such as pharma manufacturing, OTC
marketing, brand marketing, Pharma Franchise, Distribution, etc. Each of the lines gives away to the success route if harnessed properly. The Indian pharma industry strives to grow threefold in the next decade. By 2024 it is expected to touch a bar of USD 65 billion. This figure will rise to USD 130 billion in the fiscal year 2030.

India’s biotechnology enterprise incorporates biopharmaceuticals, bio-agriculture, bioenterprise, bio-services, and bioinformatics. This enterprise turned into worth US$ 64 billion in 2019 and is predicted to attain US$ one hundred fifty billion via several means by 2025. With the stepping of AI and Robotics, these two industries are planning to go hand in hand and start flooding in with profits.

Outsourcing Businesses

India has been a favorite destination for business outsourcing among international clients. With quality work, an excellently educated workforce, and overall low cost, India poses itself as a bigger market for Outsourcing business. The IT BPO itself is set to set a benchmark by touching approx. USD 8860 billion business by 2025.

The Indian Government’s friendly outsourcing policies make it even easier to open such a firm and work on a contract basis with a multitude of clientele. With the advent and growing cloud technology and services, IT outsourcing has grown to be extra than an easy value discount technique. Such ease of setting up such firms can definitely make it one of the favourable future business in India.

Future Business in India requiring Low to Minimal Investment

Affiliate marketing is an advertising version wherein an organization compensates third-party to generate visitors or influence the consumers for the organization’s merchandise and services. A common example of such a type of business is Amazon Affiliate. The third-party influencers are called affiliates, and the fee price incentivizes them to discover approaches to sell the organization.

This business is slowly growing but has tremendous scope in the future. For a low investment profile, this can be very easy to start off. The very step begins with profiling a niche business followed by an evaluation of market demand and competitors. One can choose one or two affiliate programs and create content accordingly. With the number
of online shoppers increasing surpassingly in India, Affiliate marketing is going to rise in business with USD 835 million by 2025. Gaining popularity over several digital platforms will gain more traffic which can be used by the company database to increase profits ultimately.

Web Designer and Web Developer
Web Designer

With small-scale Companies coming on board with a digital presence, their primary requirement is to find a good web developer for the company. This profile is one among the future business in India. Web Developers and designers are the ones who make the digital face of the company. A properly structured website can decide the life of the company. With mobile access in every hand, any user can peep into the website from anywhere. So it becomes essential that the website is very engaging. Online Edtech companies confirm that the web development business is a thriving business with four times more students in India enrolling for such Courses. Salary packages for such profiles are increasing by 4.1% every year. An experienced web developer can easily get a salary package of 1 lac per month. With the moderate investment in building a skillset, this profile can emerge as a better ROI for future business in India.

Food Catering Business

An unbelievably huge market worth Rs. 30,938 reported in 2020, the food industry is an evergreen future business in India. It is forecasted to grow even more at the rate of 12% by 2026. India is anticipated to be one of the three biggest customers marketplaces by 2030 so as to be a primary increase for basic customer economy, the growing boom of online meals transport with greater virtual adoption, penetration in smaller cities, the boom of the branded meals offerings surroundings, and aggregation of standalone eating places through the web platforms, amongst others.


One can definitely choose any one of the above-mentioned future business in India from any category. One needs to carefully select a business model, the budget, target market and then start building stepping stones to their business. Slow and steady wins the race and these business ideas will surely make you a winner one day

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