Best WordPress Website Builder : Elementor Review 2022

Elementor is completely free to use and set up. A WordPress website builder that is very easy to use. Simply download it from the WordPress website and you’ll be able to use all of its intriguing features for free. It’s a perfect fit for a newbie website to go pro-line. It’s only the most suitable plugin option, you would not want to acquire a headache merely utilizing those difficult HTML codes.

It has a better level of accessibility than the premium version. The simple drag-and-drop interface can assist you in many ways. It helps in designing your pages and providing the most detailed visuals while working with current layouts. Surprisingly, you may design a multi-column layout for your web pages, despite the fact that this option is sometimes overlooked in default WordPress website builder versions.

Is Elementor easy to use?

When opposed to other page builders, Elementor has one of the more user-friendly interfaces. However, regardless of which page builder plugin you use, there will always be a learning curve, before you can start building genuinely stunning pages.

Elementor is a graphic WordPress website builder plugin that works with drag-and-drop. Basically, it allows you to drag and drop sophisticated pages. All while working on a live visible display of your site. This method has a number of advantages:

  • You don’t need any technical background to create gorgeous pages.
  • You don’t have to switch between a backend editor and a live view. Your visitors will be able to see the same view you’re able to see.
  • The WordPress block editor isn’t your only option.
  • When you wish to change the text on your page, simply click and type on the live preview.

Two important structural features are sections and columns. You can see it on the logo too!

Styling elements, columns, or sections: You can modify and style cells too. It can be done using the Elementor Panel’s choices. Placed on the left or by clicking the Column handle and selecting from the contextual view menu. To add your preferred elements to a theme in Elementor, drag and drop them into a container box called Section. It is separated into one or more rows.

You can simply transfer a new content component (known as a widget) from the side toolbar onto the button click of your layout. Drag-and-drop can also be used to move items around on your layout. You can also edit text by just clicking on the graphical display and inputting can be used to edit text.

Some of the important features are listed below.

1. Mobile previews and responsive design controls

In responsive mode, you may change that exact area because it is not concealed. If a component is visible on mobile but concealed on workstations and tablets, you would be able to alter it in the mobile preview mode. Elementor allows you to instantly start a demo session. Closing the UI is not required if you ever want to see how your style looks on a separate device.

elementor responsive mode
elementor responsive mode

Some of the important points to note are listed below.

  1. You can’t remove a component while reviewing it in one modality. It shouldn’t be anticipated to be removed exclusively from that virtual machine. When you delete an element, it will be removed from all of your devices.

2. You can’t change components around in one modality while reviewing. It will not just be moved in that preview mode but in all modes. In any preview mode, moving components around will move them throughout all devices.

3. If a widget does not even have a Viewport Icon beside it, modifying it in one design view can affect all platforms.

4. Elementor also goes a step even more by allowing you to show/hide specific elements on specific devices.

2. Inline text editing

elementor inline text editing
elementor inline text editing

In-line editing is now available in the newest version of Elementor. It’s included in both the free and pro versions. This addition was eagerly awaited. That is because it significantly improves the way you write information in the website-builder UI. When you combine this with the functionality-rich widgets, you’ve got yourself a deadly weapon.

Inline textual editing is a quick and easy way to change the content on your website. Instead of using a dialog window like some other website builder, Elementor allows you to just tap on the webpage and begin typing. Its drag and drop feature is just a cherry on top!

3. Plethora of content elements to choose from

elementor elements
elementor elements

There are beyond the style choices, notably with Elementor Pro. You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to the relevant content components you can employ. You’ll have access to 50+ components with Elementor Pro! Including social media icons, cost tables, signup applications, other forms, slideshows, grids, and more.

The Forms widget is among the most adaptable UI elements of the WordPress website builder. It may totally replace a signup form plugin. It allows you to create custom forms with any amount of fields you want. Its implementations, though, are that really shines.

4. Pre-Made Templates

elementor pre made template
elementor pre made template

Most WordPress website builders have dynamic drag-and-drop layouts, but they aren’t all as easy to use as Elementor. You may not always want to design and create from the ground up. Elementor comes with thousands of precompiled themes to make the process faster.

Some of the really good free themes are:

  • Sydney: Sydney is a very prominent business template. It allows businesses or freelancers to quickly build an impressive digital presence. The template is also highly compatible with Elementor.
  • Elecomm: At no cost, you can get a premium complete theme. EleComm is an SEO-ready E-Commerce theme with bespoke WooCommerce elements. There are a variety of shop designs and headline designs to choose from.
  • Layers: This is a free multipurpose responsive wordpress theme. The design comes with a unique panel too! It includes simple tools for fast customizing areas such as your site’s header section, website, and more.

Elementor Theme is particularly intended to function with Elementor Pro. So it’s easy for customers who don’t have a Pro. They may get to choose a template with a more constructed structure and design possibilities.

5. Clean code without any hassle.

elementor performance

If you ever have to disable Elementor, you can be assured that it won’t be leaving a tangle of shortcodes behind like WPBakery Page Builder or the Divi Builder. Elementor, on the other hand, leaves behind clean and pristine code (though you will, of course, lose all the styling).

6. Build popups

You may create all kinds of popups and show them wherever on your webpage using the same Elementor interface. The cool part about this is that you can utilise any Elementor component in your pop-up messages.

You can also place your popups in various locations to create popups that appear on a “regular” basis. Bars of notification and screen fillers can be added. When you create your popup, you’ll have the capability to reach it to particular content or people, as well as regulate how popups are triggered.

What’s different in Elementor Pro?

Obviously, the pro version of the WordPress website builder can do all that the free version does. As a result, you’ll be able to use the drag-and-drop builder. Nevertheless, you’re no longer limited to just using tools only in your blog’s topic areas. The template builder feature of Elementor Pro allows you to customise anything. Practically any aspect of your site using the plugin’s tool. And you’ll also have access to a larger set of widgets and such!

You’ll be enabled to include complex features like forms, sliders, and pricing tables in your material. This dramatically widens the sort of tabs you can make. The need to install dozens of new additional add-ons will be eliminated.

Do we recommend using this WordPress website builder?

If you’re just starting off, Elementor Free version will do it for you. But later on, you can upgrade and it’s totally hassle-free! Elementor is an excellent solution for people who need their website up and operating immediately. Also good for those who require quicker service than shared domains provide. You can build your blog and sales funnels with Elementor without ever having to bother about coding. Save time by reusing content across several pages. It allows you to interact with skilled application developers by discussing projects easily.

Elementor isn’t the best choice if you’re using a shared server. While the UI may appear to be slick, it may cause concerns to management because of the issue with Elementor’s script. It is compiled many times each page demand, thereby slowing down your site’s loading time for users. But good luck with your experience!

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