Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore to Upskill

One of India’s most magnificent cities is Bangalore. It is regarded as one of India’s most advanced cities, where reliance on technology is high. Bangalore is one of the spots where you can find people venturing out to attempt to help their families. It is the location of a huge international corporation where individuals can explore their skills and implement them in a proper platform. The residents of the city are extremely talented and competitive.

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore to Upskill

There are numerous employment openings, most of which are in the finance, human resources, and software industries. One of these is advanced digital marketing, which is at the level of its true capacity. As is common knowledge, marketing is a company’s most crucial department. To market and sell its goods, particularly in post-Covid situations, the company heavily relies on digital platforms and the internet. The audience responded fervently to the topic of businesses leveraging digital media. As a result, this sparked the growth of digital marketing and the need for qualified specialists in the field.

The Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore to upskill are offered by a variety of institutions, and I’ve included them below for your convenience.

1. Henry Harvin

One of the leading global digital learning companies in India is Henry Harvin. They provide a Digital Marketing Course there and have former students in over 97 other nations. In terms of technology and digitalization, the globe is developing quickly. Innovation is evolving and changing quickly. They provide both offline and online digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

The Henry Harvin team saw the necessity to raise a person’s competency level in accordance with the norms of the contemporary marketplace. As a result, they provide cutting-edge programs with thorough course curricula that have a wide range of potential applications in the future. Their mission statement is to increase students’ employment abilities.

Benefits of the course

  • well-crafted course materials
  • Mentors are authorities in their particular fields.
  • All questions and issues relating to topics in digital marketing will be addressed as soon as possible.
  • The cordial tone used in training sessions
  • Case studies, regular assignments
  • practical experience with active projects
  • assistance from professionals during internship programs
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Boot camp training
  • recordings of all batches’ sessions
  • Recognized Certificate of completion


The India Institute of Digital Marketing, or IIDE, is one of the major organizations that only offers courses in digital marketing. They provide digital marketing courses in Bangalore, and the course material covers topics like creating content for social media, crafting persuasive marketing messages, using SEO formulas and elements in content marketing strategies, and many more. They give a broad determination of advanced advertising courses. You will also have access to tools like practice tests, real-world case studies, and their Q&A platform, which lets you get all of your questions addressed.

3. Streamlyn Academy

The Streamlyn Academy Bangalore based skill development institution provides both on-site and off-site training. In Bangalore, they provide digitized promotional training. The importance of digital marketing, customer-focused advertising, and other digital marketing tactics are covered in the course materials, including SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Additionally, this digital marketing course will teach you about spectacular and innovative forms, beginning with a hook that will catch readers’ attention, how to produce an effective commercial, and many more hackathons to master.

4. Upgrade

You can learn more about the specific types of digital marketing that businesses prefer using to market and sell their products or services by attending Upgrade Academy. The goal of the digital marketing course in Bangalore is to produce knowledgeable and practical professionals. You can assist your career in digital marketing with the help of this course. You should move your career forward by taking the next logical step. You’ll learn more about how advertising works. You’ll be able to develop your creative skills and training with the aid of this course. Independent gatherings like this one are more advantageous for experts with requesting plans.

5. Intellipaat

Intellipaat offers a digital marketing course in Bangalore. It consistently ranks as one of India’s top institutions. You can start a career in digital marketing by building a solid foundation in center marketing and using cutting-edge digital marketing tools like Google Adwords, Facebook advertisements, and YouTube—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can get a digital marketing accreditation from one of India’s main ten business colleges. SEO, SEM, internet media advertising, sponsored links, content marketing, and that’s only the beginning of the techniques that are taught.

6. Digital academy 360

Digital Academy 360 offers a digital marketing course in Bangalore. You will learn about catchphrase research, Web optimization, SEM, email advertising, associate promoting, virtual entertainment showcasing, Google Investigation, and different parts of computerized promoting during the course. A job as a digital marketing expert can be attained by completing this certification program in the field.

7. IIM skills

One of the top institutions in Bangalore that provides a course in digital marketing is IIM Skills. . They give the board and IT courses that focus on building abilities for the working environment. Mentors are professionals with extensive knowledge of the course material who have experience working for prestigious MNC companies in Bangalore. Mentors will focus on each kid individually and answer all of their questions. The sessions will include the distribution of study materials and case studies.

8. Excelr

The finest digital marketing course is provided by Excelr in Bangalore. The most seasoned professionals in the field are the mentors. In Bangalore, they provide corporate, online, and classroom training. You can get more information about the courses by contacting the closest branch, which has several locations in Bangalore. They only provide cutting-edge IT training. Sessions are held during the week and on the weekends, and batches are assigned according to your desired time window. Additionally, after finishing the course, your mentors will give you their full support in pursuing job prospects.

9. Apponix

With numerous locations in Bangalore and other cities, Apponix offers a digital marketing course in Bangalore. The advantages include one-on-one interaction sessions with the most knowledgeable experts in the field. Hands-on learning of all digital marketing topics You may visit the student site, which has a ton of case studies, reading material, and interview preparation questions. Your mentor will provide you with their full assistance in pursuing work prospects.

10. Besant Technologies

One of Bangalore’s top institutions is Besant Technologies. They provide courses in both IT and non-IT fields, such as digital marketing in Bangalore. Mentors in this institute have handled the digital marking process for more than 7 years. The sessions will focus more on application than theory. You will be given access to E-learning, case studies, and study materials during the course session. The team will support you in finding a job to the fullest.

11. Udemy

Self-paced courses in technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and creative arts are available on the American online learning platform Udemy. They provide digital marketing courses in Bangalore, and the course material goes into great detail on digital marketing and how to comprehend the psyche of the audience. How to prepare tactics to beat the competition, among other things. On their site, there are likewise a lot of digitally promoted courses available. You can pick the course you want as long as it satisfies your requirements.


Organizations and people are becoming more inventive as progress in the field of digital marketing continues to advance. They are promoting their items on digital channels in innovative ways. It is essential to study digital marketing if you work in marketing, and using social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn is a terrific idea.

With the digital marketing course in Bangalore, you can learn all the methods and tools required to work with digital media. Additionally, companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and numerous other IT and e-commerce behemoths in Bangalore are looking for specialists in digital marketing. Additionally, there are several freelancing possibilities available for students, retired professionals, and stay-at-home moms who want to use their skills to earn a respectable living.


1. What does a digital marketing specialist make on average in Bangalore?

Ans. A digital marketing specialist typically earns between 3 and 5 lakhs per year, but they can earn up to 10 lakhs or more.

2. What type of digital marketing is the most effective in Bangalore?

Ans.  The best promoting systems are affiliate advertising, promotion through social media platforms, and content promoting.

3. Could I at any point track down work in Bangalore subsequent to following through with a task in a digital marketing course in Bangalore?

Ans. Indeed, there are awesome professional chances in Bangalore subsequent to following through with the tasks. If you’re considering a digital marketing course, enroll in a school that offers internship and placement options so you can put your abilities to use in a practical setting.

4. Is digital marketing a branch of IT?

Ans. Information technology includes digital marketing, which is the area of IT with a marketing focus. It is marketing done in a technical manner. The finest part about it is that it offers everyone involved in the job significant potential for progress.

5. Is there a digital marketing course in Bangalore that includes e-commerce?

Ans. Ecommerce and digital marketing are not the same. However, digital marketing courses will help you generate better leads for sales to improve revenue and performance in your eCommerce business. In an e-commerce platform, you can purchase the products.

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