Microsoft IndexNow WordPress Plugin Review 2022

A unique WordPress plugin from Microsoft Bing makes it simple to link your WordPress website and webpage with the IndexNow plugin. The extension was released just before the winter and can be accessed inside the WordPress plugin repository here.

indexnow plugin review

What is IndexNow?

This WordPress IndexNow plugin allows you to submit URLs from your WordPress site to several search engines automatically, without having to sign up and validate your website with them.

IndexNow Plugin

IndexNow is a service that allows website owners to immediately notify search engines about updates to their website and content. IndexNow is a straightforward ping technology that alerts search engines when a URL and its contents have been introduced, modified, or removed, enabling search engine results to refresh their query results fast.

Some of the features are:

  • Toggle the feature of automatic submission.
  • Submit a URL to IndexNow manually.
  • View a list of the plugin’s most recent URL submissions.
  • Any unsuccessful contributions from the recent entries list should be retried.
  • For investigation, download recent URL submissions.
  • Recent entries that were successful and those that were not

When contacting one search engine, site owners will also tell all search engines which have implemented IndexNow.

According to Microsoft, many significant companies (including eBay, LinkedIn, MSN, and GitHub) have already used the Bing Webmaster URL submission API and plan to switch to IndexNow.

Why is IndexNow Plugin Important?

Rapid indexing, as previously said, is an SEO’s goal when it comes to giving search engines the most up-to-date information on a site. The protocol is relatively basic, and adding it to your site involves very little developer effort.

Therefore it makes good sense to adopt it if the fast index is a concern. Additionally, if you utilise Cloudflare, you can toggle it on and off with a click.


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