9 Best Solar Water Heater in 2023

9 Best Solar Water Heater

As winters are approaching, who doesn’t want hot showers but at the cost of a hefty electricity bill? Ruins the fun. But don’t worry, we bring you reviews of the top 9 best solar water heater.

Best Solar Water Heater

As the world is gripped by the climate and energy crisis, solar water heaters are a good option as a renewable and sustainable appliance. It uses solar energy to warm the water. A one time investment to save your pockets and the world.

But wait! Before you buy and install the solar water heater at your home, it’s important to figure out and compare the features and specs of the solar water heaters available to find the one which suits your needs the best. Things to look out for are storage capacity, material, warranty. However, we have already done that for you. We have reviewed the best solar water heaters and penned down their pros and cons. Read the article and find your best solar water heater.

Here, take a look.

1. Racold Alpha Pro Solar Water Heater

High grade material No major disadvantages
Corrosion resistant
Supports digital display
Auto water feed system with auto supply
Back up heating
Optimum absorption heating
Low maintenance
5 year warranty
Supports hard water upto 1000 PPM

Racold Alpha Pro is another top solar water heater in India with a tank capacity of 200 litre. It has some of the distinctive and finest features only available to it.

It uses top grade quality material and comes with the specially treated inner container. The high resistance against corrosion makes it durable. The inner coiling uses welding free technology with improved anti-chloride technology further ensuring its long lasting feature.

Additionally, it comes with a digital display feature. It displays water level, temperature, and electric backup. Further, it offers an auto water feed system and auto supply and is programmed into three customizable modes. It also allows users to manually control the water supply, and turn on backup heating. Finally, it ensures optimal energy absorption with higher efficiency.

2. Supreme Solar 200 LPD ss-004 Solar Water Heater

Scratch-resistant toughened glassNot fit for industry or big organization
Faster heatingMild Corrosion over a period of time
Durable product
5-year warranty plan

One of the finest and efficient solar water heater in India. It supports 250 litre thereby useful for a medium size family of 3-5 persons.

It has a scratch resistant toughened glass cover. The covering also improves solar absorption keeping the water hot for a longer period of time.

The multi-crystalline solar cells enable faster heating. It also has a great backup power of 2KW for the days when the weather isn’t sunny making it the best solar water heater in India. Finally, It comes with a 5-year warranty plan.

3. Solarizer Spring Solar Water Heater

Uniform heatingExpensive
Glass enamel tank
Tempered Glass
Laser welding technology

It provides premium quality and is one of the best solar water heater. Available in 200-liter storage capacity, it offers top notch performance and design. It is laced with advanced technology; laser wielding making it long lasting and durable. As the metals in solar water heater corrode over a period of time, it comes with a glass enamel tank. This makes it rust-free and hygienic. Furthermore, it offers efficient heating even in low light conditions.

4. Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Fast heatingOffline unavailable
Hot water for long period of timeSlight Expensive
Multi-crystalline cells
Can be used as photovoltaic and thermal heating
Scratch resistant
15 year warranty

It uses multi-crystalline cells which provide fast heating and prolong the availability of hot water. This makes it suitable for winter. It uses stainless steel. The tanks are well insulated and it comes with an in-built electric system as well. This makes it highly useful during nonsunny weather.

It also comes with an epoxy coating thereby adding to its durability.

5. Sun Zone 250 Liters Solar Water Heater

Eco friendlyInstallation can be a problem
Inner tube with high-grade insulation

Sun Zone provides good quality, budget friendly solar water heater. It is made of stainless steel hence making it durable. It is well insulated with PUF insulation keeping the water hot for a long and thus is especially good for winters. The device is eco-friendly and a good option in this range.

It is sturdy and can stand harsh weather conditions and thus have a long lifespan.

6. Solarizer Ultra

Eco-friendlyThe material used is low-carbon steel
Unique heat exchanger
Easy installation
Efficient heating performance
Prevents corrosion
Coating of glass enamel

Introduced by Emmvee, it offers advanced performance and caters to hard water problems. It also caters to rust prevention, blockage, and leakages. Additionally, it is laced with such technology to make it strong and durable.

7. Onyx Solar Water Heater

High-grade stainless-steel materialLow storage capacity
Power efficient
High-density PUF insulation
Anti-fogging capability
Faster heating of the water

One of the best options in a small capacity, it offers fine designs and smart features. It is resistant to hard water and hence disables any possibility of damage to the device, skin and objects. Another feature is that it easily allows heating to high temperatures.

The inner tank is made of stainless steel and is integrated with high density PUF insulation allowing water to be warm for a long.

It also has a non-corrosive polymer tank with leak proof feature making it hassle free.

A unique feature of the Onyx Solar Water Heater is that it has an anti fogging feature.

8. Suntek 100 liters Solar Water Heater

Easy to installLow capacity
Durable materialNo high insulation
Rustproof outer coveringNo hard water treatment
Sturdy standInner tank corrosion over a period of time

It is an apt solar water heater, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option with a small storage capacity. The inner tank is made of stainless steel. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is durable. It is also made up of eco-friendly material. The installation is easy.

9. TNEnergy SPC ETC Solar water heater

Epoxy coating availableComparatively lesser market value over the others.
3 Layered Coating with UV protection

Available in a capacity of 200 liters. It uses steel as a material of the tank coated with epoxy coating with UV protection. It also offers three-layered selective vacuum insulation providing warm water for a long. Finally, it offers 5-year performance warranty.

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Solar water heater doesn’t only provide comfort and reduces the electricity bill. It is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

There are multiple brands providing efficient power and fine-featured solar water heater. However, the best is that which fulfills your requirement.

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