21 Best Small Business Ideas In India in 2023

Every one of us loves to start our own dream business, it is always on top of our wishlist. But who said it would always be a dream? In the fastest-growing economy and with tremendous technological growth, you can start your business from where you are sitting. You can start your business with very less to no investment by enhancing the right skills required to make money. I know it is not as easy as it sounds, but with little effort and research, you can achieve your dream. In this article, we have given 21 small business ideas in India.

Best Small Business Ideas In India

Do not hesitate or fear to take risks. There are ample opportunities and wide scope for all business areas in India. The startups have grown exceptionally in the last six years in India. With India being a diverse market there is potential for all the niches. In a recent survey conducted India stands as the third largest startup ecosystem in the World.

Things to do before starting the business

  • List down the ideas, and what you are passionate about, and self-analyze your talents and achievements.
  • Once you are done with the list. Choose your niche. And research the demand for that niche. Does it make you enough money to run your business?
  • Learn from the experts and gain knowledge on how to run your business successfully
  • Finalize your funds for starting the business.
  • Decide the location of your business

But why Start a small business? What are the benefits?

  • Nothing feels good than being your own boss
  • Obviously, it requires a low investment
  • And Low risk
  • There are so many schemes offered by Government for Startups
  • And most of all you get to do what you love

21 Small Business ideas in India

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing and high-in-demand businesses. It is nothing but marketing the products or brands through digital communication or say any electronic devices. Though it requires very less investment, you need to stay updated and in trend to run your Digital Marketing Agency. However, you can start as a freelancer still you are required to have a thorough knowledge and be creative. There are lots of training programs on Digital Marketing and they guide you on how to start your career as a Digital Marketer.

2. Content Writer/ Blogger

To be a Content Writer you don’t need to be a master or a Grammatical expert. The one basic skill required is writing skills. If you think you are good at it or if you are a person who loves to do research on a topic and pass that information to a large audience through your writing. Then you can be a Content writer. You get paid for every word you write for your client and the best part is you need not invest a single penny to be a content writer or blogger.

3. Home Baker

If baking is your passion then this is the right business for you to start. You can start this business from your home. During the lockdown, lots of new bakers emerged it was an opportunity for everyone to do what they loved the most. If you have been appreciated for preparing yummy treats in the past, then you should consider this as your career path.

Tip: Even if you are a newbie baker and have yet to learn the techniques, many crash courses make you a decent baker in a short time.

4. Tutoring

When you are good at something and have in-depth knowledge of a subject, then you can start your career as a tutor. This doesn’t necessarily be with any institutes but you can start your online training programme or online academy. After the pandemic, there is an increased rate of people enrolling in online courses and classes.  This is one of the best small business ideas to consider.

Tip: All you need to start teaching is a webcam or a smartphone. Many online training portals let you upload your videos.

5. Handicrafts/ Gift items

If you think you are creative enough to manufacture or DIY a product, then you can start your own business. The online platforms will help you to sell your products and market them. This requires less investment compared to opening a large fancy showroom. Start small from your home, people love to buy handicrafts products. The only thing you have is to be unique and creative and also give quality products to your customers.

6. Cloud Kitchen

This is also one of the trending businesses today. If you are a person who prepares tasty food then all you need is a kitchen space and very less investment. Thanks to the delivery services available. So you need not worry about your food reaching the consumer. Make sure you prepare quality food, soon you will be starting your restaurant.

7. Personalized Gift items

Gifting has always been a culture in our country, not just at festivals but on every occasion and celebration. Lately, people are looking to gift something creative and personalized. So if you are into making personalized items then this is your game. You have to be creative and able to promote your products. This is gaining more popularity on social media and you can sell your products from home through social media platforms.

8. Organic farming

Farming has become a hobby and passion for everyone. If you fit into that then you can consider Organic farming as your business. People love to know where and how their vegetables are grown. So it’s time to turn your hobby into a business.

Tip: Some people have started organic farming businesses only by terrace gardening.

9. Organic Products

Organic products have so much scope, people are against cruelty and chemical products. So a large group of people is moving to cruelty-free vegan products. You can use this awareness and find success by providing quality products.

Tip: You can create your makeup products with our native ingredients. When the ingredients used are familiar, that suit Indian skin, then it’s a win-win.

10. Party planner

It’s 2023 and after COVID people want to party for anything and everything! For those who enjoy planning and managing events. This one is for you! People want to outsource all the work and be relaxed. So why not consider being their savior by starting your own business?

Tip: Many stores rent the party supplies, with effective organizing skills you become a party planner easily.

11. Fashion Designing

When you are at a party or a gathering and people appreciate you for your fashion sense and if you are good with fabrics, you may start your own fashion design store. All you need to be is a trendsetter and good with the choice of colors and fabrics. This doesn’t require a huge investment though. And there is also a growing need for fashion designers.

Tip: Be the trendsetter, design your own clothes and promote it effectively to attract customers.

12. Photography

As I said there is a growing opportunity for every business and you can consider your hobby and turn that into a small-scale business. You can choose what type of photography you are passionate about and try to succeed in that.

Tip: If you have the right skills, you don’t even have to own a camera, there are a lot of stores that rent cameras.

13. App Developer

If you are a techie and love to develop apps and are good at coding, you can start your business as a freelance App Developer. As every one of them has a mobile phone there will always be a demand for app developers.

14. Vlogger

This is again one of the most trending businesses. Though you need to invest a little yet if you think you have digital awareness, social media presence, and effective communication skills to connect with your audience. Then you can consider Vlogging as one of your business ideas.

Tip: Choose your area of interest, It may be travel, food, fashion, technology anything which has your interest. With simple steps, you can start your channel on Youtube and post your 1st vlog.

15. Trading

For those who are into stock markets and trading. Why not consider being a full-time trader? There are so many online courses available on trading you can educate yourself enough to reduce the risk involved. It may not be your only source of income but a side gid, as the market runs only for a few hours and you can invest small.

Tip: Start with a small amount, practice with virtual money, and learn a lot about trading, anyone who is interested can learn and enhance their knowledge of share trading.

16. Yoga Instructor

Recently people are keener toward health and fitness. People are considering the importance and awareness of yoga. If you are a yoga practitioner you can become a trainer by completing the instructor training course. You don’t need to have a studio you can also start as an Online instructor. Tip: If you are practicing yoga for a long time why don’t you become a trainer with a simple training program on becoming a yoga instructor online or offline?

17. Dropshipping

This is gaining popularity day by day. You just need to have an online store where you take orders, to complete the order you get the product from the wholesaler and he sends the product to the customer directly. You don’t have to handle the product or the store. It is one of the emerging small-scale businesses in recent times.

Tip: Find your dropshipping supplier, open your online store and sell the products globally.

18. Social Media Influencers

If you are a creative thinker and have the ability to influence people then you can become a social media influencer. All you have to do is smartly engage with the followers and increase your followers organically, soon you will be doing collaboration and promoting products for other small businesses or brands.

Tip: You can choose the niche in which you are good at influencing people. It may be anything like fashion, food, or travel.

19. T-shirt business

There are many online stores that are selling only T-shirts, you can customize the shirt with wordings, logos, or pics. As T-shirts are gender-neutral and required by all age groups, this may be one of the best small-scale businesses.

Tip: You can get plain T-shirts from the manufacturers in bulk and customize them with your own wording.

20. Candle Making 

There has been an increase in demand for scented candles in India and of course globally. Candle making is an easy-to-make mix of 4 ingredient products. You can start your small-scale business by making and selling candles online.

Tip: People love to try unique fragrances, so be creative and make innovative scented candles by combining different fragrances.

21. Salon Services

If you love to groom yourself and love to groom others, like hair styling, make-up, and other salon services. Then you can easily start this business with minimal investment. You can offer at-home salon services as nowadays people love to have everything at their doorstep.

Tip: You don’t need to be an expert at all the salon services, even if you are good at one thing like head massage or hair spa you can offer that service.


The above are just the most popular and in-trend small business ideas in India, but the list goes on. In the fastest growing economy and to have a secure and luxurious lifestyle, everyone wants to have a second income. You cannot depend only on one source of income, be wise and move out of your comfort zone, be ready to take low risks, and you may be successful one day.

The above-all 21 small business ideas in India may not suit you, do your research and choose the one which suits your skillsets and interests. Many platforms help you to set up your startups.

Read and learn as much as you can about small business ideas in India, the pros and cons and seek every help you may be required to start your business.

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