Best 15 IT Companies In Pune in 2023

IT companies in Pune: Pune has undoubtedly developed into one of India’s major technological hubs as a result of the proliferation of software and IT companies there in recent years. The finest software firms and IT companies in Pune, where both new graduates and seasoned professionals can succeed, are listed here. These are undoubtedly some of the businesses and IT companies in Pune that many people dream of working for. A comprehensive list of IT companies in Pune is provided below. We provide a list of software and IT companies in Pune organized by area to assist you in finding an IT firm.

Best IT Companies In Pune

IT companies in Pune

ZENSAR Technologies LTD.

The RPG group bought Zensar Technologies, then known as ICIL, in 1989. It is a multinational software and service provider with operations in eighteen nations. From IT development to Business Process Outsourcing, from consultation to implementation, Zensar offers end-to-end services. This is a top-tier provider of infrastructure and software services and one of the top IT firms in Pune. They want to make a difference with their innovations, trends, and concepts. They work in fields including retail and consumer insurance, financial services, high-tech manufacturing, and banking that transform the world and impact people’s lives every day. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.


Business service providers include Synechron Technologies Private Limited. Target state architecture, technology analysis, design thinking, and data management consulting services are provided by the business. The worldwide clientele is served by Synechron Technologies. The financial services sector, comprising digital, insurance, banking, and capital markets, is the focus of much of its attention. It provides services to countries such as India, the UK, and the US. They have a highly competent management team and happy workers.


The headquarters of Comsoft Infotech Private Limited is in India. Computer programming services are one of the company’s core competencies. This business engages in consulting, providing, and publishing software, which includes the provision of non-customized software, computer games, operating systems, and other applications software for all platforms. Competence and consistency in specialist platforms characterize this business. They are dedicated and eager to deliver the greatest outcomes as quickly as possible. They serve clients in a variety of industries, including banking, hospitality, aviation, electronics, and high-tech.

Sasken Technologies Limited

Providing concept-to-market, chip-to-cognition R&D services to worldwide leaders in the semiconductor, automotive, industrials, consumer electronics, enterprise devices, satellite communications, and transportation industries, Sasken is an expert in product engineering and digital transformation. Sasken has revolutionized the operations of over 100 Fortune 500 firms over the course of more than 30 years and holds numerous patents. Sasken’s services and intellectual property power over a billion devices. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.

The leader in the field of digital product engineering services is Cybage. We have over 27 years of experience providing the most thorough and responsible digital product engineering services to technology-driven organizations all over the world. They put a lot of effort into developing institutional skills with their clients that will help them better understand the industry, uncover user insights, provide consumers with a wonderful experience, and introduce them to the market. This company is renowned for its outstanding learning opportunities, work culture, and enviable work-life balance.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a symbol of the networked world, providing cutting-edge and customer-focused information technology experiences that help businesses, associates, and society as a whole grow. One of the brands with the quickest growth is Tech Mahindra, which is among the top 15 IT service companies worldwide. This organization was founded in 1986 in Pune, has expanded to a value of about $5 billion, and now has operations in more than 90 nations. This company values your professional development and working environment. For a new employee in their first year of employment in Pune’s IT industry, it is the ideal situation. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.

VIRTUSA Consulting Services PVT.LTD.

In order to redefine your best, Virtusa works with clients to innovate, disrupt, and unleash new values that are far beyond their wildest expectations. Virtusa Corporation is a leading global provider of IT outsourcing, digital engineering, and digital business transformation services that hasten our clients’ transition to the digital future. They provide a wide range of services, including product development, business consulting, legacy asset management, IT consulting, and legacy asset management. A wonderful location with lots of prospects for long-term growth.


A multinational provider of professional services, Genpact brings business change to life. They are motivated by the goal of persistently pursuing a more favorable world for people. They support our clients’ intelligent operations and digitally empowered innovation. Genpact spearheads massive real-world transformation, guided by its expertise in innovating and managing thousands of processes for diverse Fortune 500 firms throughout the world.


PubMatic is an independent technology firm that offers the future supply chain for digital advertising in order to maximize consumer value. The sell-side platform from PubMatic enables advertisers to maximize return on investment and target addressable audiences across a variety of ad formats and devices, giving the top digital content producers in the world more control over who can access their inventory and boost monetization.

They provide lots of enjoyable benefits, a huge IT office in Pune, and fantastic activities for their staff. It has a wonderful workplace culture. The organization values its employees and talent, so a variety of events are held for their enjoyment. And one of Pune’s most recent IT businesses. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.

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BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.

BMC provides open, scalable, and modular solutions to difficult IT problems, assisting clients in running and reinventing their organizations. To shape its future, BMC collaborates with 86% of the Forbes Global 50 as well as clients and partners globally. They have a productive workplace that prioritizes a dedication to growth and learning, an employee-centric culture, and flexible hours. This indicates that the company consistently receives excellent marks for employee happiness and pleasure. Definitely a good place to start if you want to achieve in this field. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.

Cisco Systems Pvt ltd

Computer programming services are provided by Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd. In addition to routers, switches, wireless, security building systems, network management, data center switches, and application network services, the company also provides a wide range of other goods and services. All throughout the world, Cisco Systems India offers its services. Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, and the Internet of Things are Cisco’s five main IT product and service areas. one of the world’s greatest IT software firms, if not the best in Pune.


Innovative product developer Talentica Software works with startups to create their own products. By working with technology firms on their journey from fully funded startups to successful acquisitions, they assist them in turning their ideas into marketable products. For more than 100 customers, they have so far created core intellectual property with success. The likelihood of successful outcomes, user acquisition, and a profitable route for their clients are all increased by Talentica’s love for technology and attention to detail. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.


Businesses and entrepreneurs like you can benefit from the experienced technological teams and solutions offered by Mindbowser. By helping you to shorten deadlines, improve the foundations of revolutionary platforms, and modify the course of critical-path initiatives, they hope to 10X your business and bring about changes that have a significant impact. This is one of the best IT companies in Pune.

Their web designers, mobile engineers, software developers, graphic designers, software testers, and business analysts combine their expertise with that of other professionals with a track record of success to provide their clients with cost-effective, highly effective solutions.

Cyient Ltd.

A leading global provider of technology solutions, Cyient was founded in 1991.  They give their customers the tools they need to creatively use technology throughout their value chain to address pressing issues. They are dedicated to collaborating with their stakeholders to build the future and to becoming an organization that values diversity, social responsibility, and the environment. The highest safety, reliability, and performance standards are met by Cyient’s next-generation solutions because of their engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology capabilities. The workplace climate ensures that you advance in your industry and are always on your toes.

Techila Global Services

The future of work is represented by Techila Worldwide Services, which brings together a passion for client pleasure, technological innovation, business process knowledge, and a global, collaborative workforce. One of the top companies in the globe for Salesforce consulting, technology, outsourcing services, and local professional services is Techila Global Services.

Techila Services, which has offices in more than three countries and employs close to 200 people, assists its clients in transforming in order to improve their performance and competitive posture. According to their customer’s demands and specifications, they are renowned for tailoring their salesforce CRM development services. You can keep connected to and abreast of the most recent technology developments that advance business development with Techila.


Pune is only a few hours from Mumbai and is a trip unto itself. The best IT companies in Pune are located in Hinjewadi, one of the most renowned and distinguished neighbourhoods in Pune. Do not fear if you are a qualified IT expert seeking a job change and wanting to start over in Pune. Here we cover most of the IT companies in Pune if miss any IT companies in Pune please comment below we defiantly add these IT companies in Pune to our list.

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