8 Best Government Jobs in India in 2022 – Complete Guide

Government sector positions have traditionally been praised for their rewarding profiles that allow you to participate in social development as well as their high pay. It offers the best government jobs in India for creating successful professions in Policy decisions, Marketing, Public Administration, Justice, Tax & Revenue, Engineering, Analytics, and Scientific domains when you consider the additional advantages, exemptions, and recognition.

Best Government Jobs in India

Rigorous tests, which may include two or more levels of testing, are the favoured technique of employment for most of India’s highest-paying government jobs. We’ll walk you through eight of the most important and best government jobs in India in this post.


IAS/IPS - Best Government Jobs in India

IAS and IPS play an essential role in the nation’s governance and growth. An IPS are appointed as the SP and an IAS is appointed as the collector cum DM (District Magistrate). Furthermore, for effective management, they both work in total synchronisation.

Significantly, despite the fact that the IAS and IPS are the two highest-ranking positions in a region, they do not compete for power; instead, they work together to ensure that the district is well administered.

An IPS’ compensation might range from Rs 56,100 to Rs 2,25,000 per month, according to the proposals of the Seventh Pay Commission. It differs according to rank. Likewise, the compensation of an IAS officer might range from Rs 56,100 to Rs 2,50,000 per month, dependent on rank, according to the Seventh Pay Commission. The remuneration of an IAS officer is slightly more than that of an IPS officer.

Defense Services and NDA

The Indian Army is the Government of India’s armed group. The Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force are its three military forces. To attain different posts in the Defense Services, the individual must pass various tests such as the NDA, CDS, and AFCAT. The Indian army conducts difficult jobs, yet they have excellent promotion opportunities.

The starting salary for a National Defense Academy and Naval Academy officer is INR 56,100. The NDA pay will be established during the first Cell of Level 10 after undergoing training. Each contender should acquire the previous year’s questions and practise them suitably for better planning.

With each advancement, the monthly income of the NDA would rise. The NDA officer will be entitled to use additional allowances such as Dearness Allowance, Equipment Care Allowances, Disability Allowance, and so on in addition to his or her wage. And this is one of the best government jobs in India.


Engineering professionals with a passion for research and development can apply for positions as scientists and researchers at ISRO and DRDO. People who work for these organisations are provided with excellent living quarters. Serving for these organisations also earns you a huge amount of respect in the community.

The Hiring and Assessment Centre (RAC) recruits scientists for the DRDO through a variety of methods, including direct entry through a scientist entry test, campus selection in educational research institutions, and registration of students with scholastic aptitude (ROSSA) for new PhD scholars.

Non-resident Indians are also provided jobs as scientists on an ad hoc basis, by a lateral entry plan, and through direct recruitment through advertisements for openings when they arise. as well as fellowships (see Table: Recruitment of scientists at DRDO). That’s why this is among the best government jobs in India.

RBI Grade B

If you want to work in the financial sector, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Grade B is an excellent place to start. One can advance to the position of Deputy Governor at the RBI. The RBI holds its own tests, and those who pass are given a three-bedroom apartment. They can also provide free education for the children.

The Grade B officer hiring test is the RBI’s only entry-level officer recruitment exam, and it’s a terrific way to join the respected organisation. Annually, thousands of people apply for these tests because this may be one of the best government jobs in India.

As a result, the RBI Grade B tests are one of the most difficult and competitive government employment admission exams in the country. As a result, passing the exam will necessitate a great deal of effort, persistence, and commitment on the part of the applicant.

Public Sector Companies (PSUs)

Public Sector Companies

Engineering aspirants take the GATE exam in order to secure a job in a PSU (Public Sector Undertaking). Different PSUs offer stable employment and a competitive wage package. Varying organisations, such as BHEL, IOCL, and ONGC, pay different salaries. Furthermore, they grant wage increases in accordance with the relocation of a position.

PSUs, unlike some other government employment at entry-level positions, do not have a set recruitment strategy. The number of applications accepted by a given PSU is purely determined by the number of openings available for that year. Due to a scarcity of empty posts, it is extremely likely that a PSU that is employing applicants this year will not hire any fresh graduates for the following 2 years.

Indian Forest Services

indian forest services

The Indian Forest Services is one of the ideal occupations for someone who like the environment and wants to get away from the urban. In principle, Indian forest officers labour in jungles to safeguard wildlife and the ecosystem. To be chosen for the Indian forest services, the applicant must take the civil service exam.

The Indian Forest Service is part of the top All India Services group and is one of India’s civil services. Since they have the commitment to helping both the State and the Central Governments, IFS services are positioned under various State cadres and combined cadres.

The major responsibility of the IFS service is to carry out the National Forest Policy, which strives to maintain ecological integrity and natural ecosystems. An IFS officer is generally self-contained from the local authority, with administrative, judicial, and monetary authorities in their own area. IFS officers hold all of the senior jobs in the state forest agency.

Professors in Government Colleges


Teaching is the ideal career since it allows us to enjoy and have more free time and holidays than other professions. In addition, an associate professor earns good pay based on his or her expertise. They also receive benefits such as lodging, medical care, and laptop computers. IITs and NITs are among the higher-paying universities.

To be a professor/lecturer in a state university, one must first get a master’s degree in any department with at least 55% marks and then clear the UGC’s NET exam in that discipline. After that, he will have to participate in any public service commission’s competitive tests for lectureships. This is one of the most secure and best government jobs in India.

Indian Foreign Services

For the appointment of civil officials throughout the country, the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) administers the civil services examination. The applicant is capable of representing his or her nation on a global scale. They work with a lot of countries’ external issues.

The IFS members serve the government on the international stage. The IFS differs from other civil service departments in that it is responsible for the country’s foreign relations, such as politics, trade, and cultural affinity. The IFS is in charge of formulating the country’s foreign policies and overseeing Indian missions around the world.

The pay and benefits are pretty appealing. IFS officials would get a Special Foreign Allowance in addition to their salaries. The amount varies depending on the posting region. When a novice officer is appointed to the Indian mission in the United States, for instance, he or she can earn up to $4000 per month. This stipend rises in proportion to the student’s grade.

Final Thoughts – Best Government Jobs in India in 2022

Although obtaining a government job is a difficult procedure nowadays, the proper focus, commitment, and work might help you to improve. If you are a true dream chaser, you will almost certainly land one of the best government jobs in India. The aforementioned seven government jobs can only be obtained through competitive tests. As a result, if you want to work for the government, start preparing as soon as possible.

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