11 Best Earning App without Investment in 2023

This fast-moving world is making new offers and opportunities for us. Nowadays, people are very attracted to earning money through their smartphones sitting at home. There are indeed many opportunities available for earning money through smartphone applications. So today in this blog best earning app without investment. we will discuss these best earning app without investment. You must be clear from the name that you only need a smartphone to earn money. We will share apps with you which are best for you to earn money.

Best Earning App without Investment

All the apps that are mentioned below are available on both android and ios platforms.

Best earning app without investment

Best earning app without investment

1. Meesho

We know in India every person is enthusiastic about earning money online, especially Indian women. so we are going to share the best platform for women, who can earn money by sitting at home this platform’s name is Meesho this app is the most popular for reselling products. This app is available in different languages which makes it very flexible and hustle free it is very easy to use even a child can use it. You only need a smartphone and a good internet connection to do business on this. This is the best earning app without investment in reselling. It can be a good app to start with. it’s a user base of over 2 Crore.

This app is available on both IOS and Android platforms. when you download this app you just have to share the images of the product to the social media platforms through which you like to sell and add your margin price whenever the customer wants to buy an order he/she will get in touch with you and you will place an order for them and then after delivery, you will get your margin by the company to your bank account. It is a simple process. You can rely on a trustable company.

2. Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards are one of the best-earning app without investment that you can have you will get paid for surveying. You just have to give your opinions for a survey and you will get paid for it Google opinion rewards is one of the trustable brand service apps like this. This app is very simple to use it is a lightweight app it won’t occupy much space on your smartphone you can directly redeem the money that you earned into your Google Play account and this app is supported by Google officially so you can trust it blindly.

It has millions of installations and you can also make a custom profile. There are also some restrictions for this app like you have limited service to do some countries are restricted to using this app.

3. Swagbucks

This application is backed by the survey digital service provider called Proedge. You earn in dollars through this app you will get money in your PayPal account after doing some tasks and completing the challenges that are given in your app profile. When will when you will sign up for your account you will instantly get $10 in your account user can regularly redeem up to 10000 per day you can convert the amount that you are on into Amazon gift vouchers or Google play cards.

This app also has referred and on the system whenever you will invite your friend you will get 10% of the income of your friend and when you reach 750 SB points you can convert them into the dollar and redeem money via PayPal.

4. Loco

Loco is one of the best earning app without investment it is the first app on our list through which you can earn by gaming this app offers to the quiz at different times and if you win those quizzes you will get a reward it also has some offers of winning mega products like iPhone and many other electronics stuff.

5. Roz Dhan

This app is one of the easiest ways to make money through your smartphone you can earn money in this app by sharing news and task as you sign up for this app you get provided for up to 300 rupees registration it is free you can instantly redeem money into your Paytm account and you will be rewarded accordingly. you can do service you can also read news and this app also provide you the option of the walk and earning. This app has a very minimum payout.

6. Givvy

Here comes another one of the best earning app without investment (through gaming) this app’s name is given you can on this app by playing simple games and you can also invite your friends which will help you to get referral rewards. You can withdraw cash amount in less than 24 hours of getting money in your wallet from this app. This app also provides you with read giveaways regularly you can also participate in these giveaways all you need is to sign up and click on the participate button.

This app includes games like mathematics and memory games you can also survey multiple things you can withdraw your money through PayPal account there is not any restriction for withdrawing money. The only problem with this app is that you can’t on very high through this app.

7. Wonk

This app is one of the most popular apps in the student segment. If you are a good teacher and you have good qualifications in any subject then you can teach students here it can be your regular income source you can charge 250rs-2000rs per hour to a student your specialization and your qualification will have a great impact on your earnings. The more you teach more you earn. It has also started a small gaming theme that inspires students to learn through playing games. It can be a great platform for both students and teachers in the future.

8. A23 Rummy

A23 rummy is one of the most popular gaming apps in India. Here you can earn money without any investment. Because you will get a bonus on downloading this app and you can use that bonus for earning you can say that it is one of the best-earning apps without investment. It offers you a VIP bonus is VIP host profitable VIP tournaments and much more it gives you 75 rupees of sign up bonus you can also get 15000 rupees by referring to your friends the only problem with this app is that you have to have minimum rs 100 to withdraw.

9. Rummy circle

Here comes another Rummy gaming app through which you can earn money it is as simple and as easy as A23 Rummy. It provides you with fast gameplay secure transactions and good gaming standards along with international players. You can trust this app this app is very safe to play you don’t have to bother about your data this app offers you a 100% of welcome bonus when you download and sign up for this app you can also on through wafering to your friends you will get up to 500 rupees the only problem with this app is its withdrawal limit of hundred rupees.

10. Moo cash

This app is very dynamic it offers different ways of earning you can earn rewards in cash or Bitcoin or you can also on recharge voucher. Once you get 3000 coins in your account you can redeem them into cash or you can also buy lucky tickets so that you can get a chance to win mega prices like earphones FIFA editions and merchandise it also has some unique pictures as it offers you Amazon Google Flipkart iTunes and mobile9 gift cards it also gives you cash back for your activity. It also has VIP membership it supports PayPal and Payoneer.

11. Sharechat

Share chat is one of the emerging apps through which you can earn very easily you don’t have to invest anything. Best earning app without investment is here. If you want to earn money through share chat there are a lot of ways you can upload videos on that platform and whenever you are channel or base will be verified and monetized. You will start having regular income more you have followers the more income will be. you can also earn through a referral. share chat gives you 40 rupees for each referral. You can share your links to share your chat profile on any social media platform to expand your reach and earn easily.


Today we came across the best earning app without investment. We shared with you apps like meesho for reselling and wonk for teaching which are the best apps in their field. Survey apps like google opinion rewards and Roz Dhan are discussed through which you can walk and earn. We hope you liked our blog’s best earning apps without investment. If you get a little help from our blog then please share this best earning app without investment with your friends.

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