5 Best Cricket Games for Smart Phones in 2022

In this digital age, all of us are obsessed with our Smartphones. Whether it is work or leisure, we can always be spotted with a smartphone in our hand. Playing several games, especially cricket has become one of the obsessions amongst male users. Therefore, we present a complete blog that entails the best cricket games that you can enjoy playing easily on your smartphones.

Best Cricket Games for Smart Phones

These days people are so entangled in playing IPL or cricket games on smartphones or games on PC. Playing in groups or meeting in groups has become a significant culture in urban gatherings. So, let us get started with the top 5 cricket games that can be easily played on smartphones.

List of Best Cricket games in 2022

As we all are already aware of the fact that Indian youth is obsessed with cricket. It is the most-watched sport in India. World Cup-winning is often celebrated as a festival. in such a scenario, the best cricket games for smartphones are a wonderful solution to sensitize cricket fever.

1. World Cricket Championship

World Cricket Championship - Best Cricket Games for Smart Phones

World Cricket Championship 2 has the highest downloads and ratings of any mobile cricket game on the Google Play store (WCC2). One of the best cricket games, with a file size of close to 500MB, this game provides a realistic cricket experience. One will also be able to play renowned cricket strokes such as the dil-scoop, the helicopter shot, and the upper-cut in this mobile cricket game.

World Cricket Championship 2 also has enthralling animations, additional cricketing grounds, new controls, and new camera angles, making it the greatest cricket game for android phones. You may also customize your player in this game is a very advanced fashion, and you can cheer on your team by using customized banners.

Features of this best cricket game:

  • Multiplayer online and offline via online competitors and local rivals
  • Test competition matches based on AI opponents.
  • There are 150 batting animations and 28 bowling movements.
  • Take advantage of the free blitz tournament.
  • Realistic ball physics that reacts to pitch (dead, dusty, green).
  • Player qualities — players learn new talents to improve their overall performance.
  • There are 18 international teams, 10 domestic teams, and 42 stadiums.
  • Test cricket, heated events, and 11 competitions, including the World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament, and ODI Series.

2. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 - Best Cricket Games for Smart Phones

Real Cricket 20 is the next name on this list of the best cricket games for Android Smartphones. If you enjoy listening to cricket commentary, you will enjoy this game because it includes both male and female commentary. In this game, you will be able to hear the commentary in English and Hindi in the voice of Sanjay Manjrekar, providing you with a realistic experience.

Features of this game

The salient features of this game include the various modes of competition, Female commentary as well as a variety of additional commentary packs. A Premier League of Real Cricket (RCPL) just on the pattern of real IPL, the options of playing the game in 1P versus 1P (Participate in classic 1 against 1 Multiplayer with your Ranked and Unranked teams), 2P vs 2P – Form a group and play with your pals.

One of the best cricket games that are unique and can be played with a friend on the AI and can allow you to observe your friend play the game in multiplayer mode. Authentic stadiums with all-new professional cameras make this game one of the best cricket games to play. Various competitions, auctions of players, and individualized player faces and jerseys are the essence of cricket and are given equal priority in this game.

3. World Cricket Battle 2

World Cricket Battle 2

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is popular not only in India but also around the world. This is due to the league’s short schedule, and the outcome of the match is available in a few hours. Therefore, people have begun to love cricket more as a result of this fast-paced format and it is also loved by the players. Because World Cricket Battle 2 is another best cricket games as far as IPL is concerned.

Features of this game

The differing features of the best cricket games are the most genuine multiple My Career Pathways, distinct and progressive playing style, Weather changes in real life, Sledging, and Several cut scenes. Wonderful graphics on rainfall and the Duckworth-Lewis approach makes the game appear real and worth playing.

A good view of players’ changing rooms and actions such as during the game, swapping out your bat, or during gaming, the hat/cap changes. A break for drinks to Increase Batting Power, commentators sitting inside the
Net practice, Cheerleaders, and a lineup comprised entirely of famous players, etc . are the additional game features. Ten distinct bowling actions and 60+ batting attempts make the game more interesting.

4. Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket is the upcoming best cricket game that gives a real 3D World Cup Championship experience for Android. This game is best suited for 3D game lovers with actual high-quality graphics, ultra-high-quality player faces, and game images.

This cricket game has the best world cricket championship competitions such as the Cricket Champions Cup, Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, ODI Cricket World Cup, World Test Championship (WTC), and many more.

Features of this game

A High-speed game mode facility with umpire calls’ sound effects, imitation of real-life players’ reactions, and modern batting and bowling techniques (reverse sweep, helicopter shot to bowling styles like googly & doosra).
Players with true talents, such as cricket superstars, have the actual appearance of a real cricket player in terms of height.

With all international formats such as ODI (One Day International cricket game), T20 (an easy cricket format with 20 overs play), and Test Match, the game provides a comprehensive package for cricket lovers all over the world the best cricket games format in the world.

5. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League, the best cricket games in the T20 format, is the next name on this list of the best cricket games for Android. You may construct your own squad and control your game career in this game. You can personalize your player by choosing from a variety of hairstyles and accessories. You can also include significant players on your team, for which you must enter into seasonal contracts with the world’s biggest players, making the game more realistic. You can create your avatar. This is the best feature that this game has to offer.

Features of this game

The game features the best graphics of cities from all over the world participating. Add some true & real cricket star firepower to your side. You can even observe negotiation with seasonal contracts with the world’s finest cricket players. Choose your team of 11 players, win the toss, and decide which of your players bats and bowls. The player will have complete authority on captaincy decisions. Career and season statistics will demonstrate your growth. Earn the awards and honours.


This conclusive and curated list of the best cricket games will help you choose good ones to entertain yourselves in your leisure time. As these games offer concrete and apt graphics, and the best visual and audio effects, the downloaded file will take up a bit more space than the simpler games available on google play. Besides that, it is relaxing and a great stress buster. So download your favourite game and start playing!!!

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