Top 8 Best Business Magazines in India – Complete Guide

The government’s goal is a $5 trillion economy, there is activity everywhere. India is evolving and is becoming a hub for innovative ventures. Anybody eager to partake in this growing industry should have a list of the 8 best business magazines in India.

Best Business Magazines in India

Business is a broad field that encompasses a variety of industries, and people need to be aware of advancements in practically all of them. The present generation of leaders and business junkies has honed a competent technique of investigating and learning about current events and trends in the United States and throughout the world, contributing to the growth of business periodicals. So let’s dive into our list of the 8 best business magazines in India.

1. The Economist

The Economist - Best Business Magazines in India

The Economist is a London-based publication that is part of The Economist Group and has a worldwide circulation of 6 million people. The economist journal shows how political and corporate elements of the economy connect the two. For people interested in economics and finance, the economist magazine membership is among the finest magazine subscriptions.

In summary, the economist magazine membership is amongst the most popular business magazine memberships. A membership to the economist magazine gives an outline or assessment of the corporate and social industries.

The economist magazine specializes in plain English, which is terminology that the average person can understand. As a result, the articles are written in a conversational style, and it enables people to grasp. The Economist magazine’s contents are true and accurate. These publications in the economist magazine subscription are not registered since the content of the article is more significant than the author.

2. Outlook Money Magazine

Outlook Money Magazine is a personal finance specialist. It empowers the readers to make the best use of every rupee so that they can meet their financial goals through clear, comprehensive, credible and current information. It will help you invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly. No wonder it is one of the best business magazines in India.

It helps to keep track of all your financial transactions, addressing issues from the best company stocks to buy to the right insurance packages for you, from the most attractive savings tools to services that provide you with the best return on investment, from knowing clever tax breaks to planning for your retirement.

Their stock picks come out to be large winners over a duration of 6 months to a year or more, making their financial suggestions essential. All people who want to invest in the share market and invest wisely should read this book. Due to the obvious attractive incentives connected with a 3- or 5-year membership, it’s far better to opt for a prolonged membership.

3. Business Today

Business Today

Business Today magazine, which was founded in 1992 and has ruled the market for years, would be just another name on the list of best business magazines in India. India’s Business Today is the most widely circulated business weekly. Recognized for presenting the most up-to-date reports on India’s economic liberalization business sector. The publication is said to provide news about business, the environment, and culture.

It has created a major standard yet again in corporate reporting ever since starting in 1992. It was the first publication to devote considerable attention to management theory. On the other hand, it is the first to introduce a completely new type of business journalism—one that is more in-depth and sharp. Across all business periodicals in India, Business Today has the largest distribution and viewership.

4. Forbes


Whenever it comes to a discussion of the best business magazines in India or the globe, Forbes is always at the number one spot. The American business journal, issued twice a week, offers sections on economics, manufacturing, trading, and advertising. Jew Jersey, based in India, has made a substantial contribution to the industry’s viewpoints. Forbes India, which is part of the Forbes brand, covers a wide range of sectors, from start-ups to multinational behemoths.

Forbes’ aim has always been simple and consistent: to give knowledge and insights that help the world’s greatest people succeed. The ability to keep that commitment is what attracts today’s most powerful business executives to Forbes. These powerful decision-makers constitute a group of like-minded people who are united by a sincere conviction in the ethos of open capitalism.

Forbes India has taken the place of the theatre reviewer in the Indian business world, as befitting its heritage. Ever since its inception in 2009, the magazine has assisted readers in connecting the dots, forming patterns, and seeing further than the evident, providing them with a unique viewpoint.

5. Capital Market Magazine

Capital Market

The capital market publication is chock-full of great data and advice and is among the best business magazines in India. It’s jam-packed with information regarding the financial markets. It encompasses all aspects of speculation, banking, and trading. It embraces reveal trends and how expensive legal events are going to be handled. It provides top-to-bottom information about the capital market, as well as the firms that operate inside it and what they are marketing.

The financial market is covered in depth in Capital Market Magazine. It covers every facet of investing, finance, and investing. It is aware of the current patterns and how the financial prospects are setting themselves up. It provides in-depth knowledge about the financial system and the businesses that run within it, as well as what each company has to offer.

It also analyses how different firms and brands are doing financially and how they have been expanding. The professional wealth of information abounds in the capital market journals. It includes a number of in-depth discussions that can help people make better judgments and gain a better understanding of the market.

6. Fortune India

Fortune India

Fortune India is the only genuinely global business magazine devoted to the accomplishments of Indian corporate executives, providing practical advice to help them grow their companies.

It impresses with its reliable information, in-depth research, and compelling storytelling. Monthly, Fortune India keeps the global brand’s ethos in terms of innovative thinking and practice from around the world whilst introducing an Indian dimension.

7. The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine

TCM, or The CEO Magazine, is a title that has been associated with much more than 3000 CEOs in its latest incidents. Many people consider it to be the biggest emerging journal in India. It is an Indian regular monthly journal that provides services to business entrepreneurs and executives in a multitude of sectors. While providing in-houses in the fields of leisure, tourism, health, innovation, and work relationships to the audience.

The CEO Magazine is one of the best business magazines in India, produced in New Delhi. It is a wonderful platform for senior leaders to discuss their expertise, issues, and testimonials. That provides enormous advantages to the startup community and thriving businessmen by allowing them to evaluate IT developments, learn how to organise, and have a better grasp of how to achieve their business goals successfully.

8. Bloomberg Business Work

Bloomberg Business Work

Bloomberg is one of the tops and best business magazines in India and the world as well, also the most widely read. The journal is most intended for businessmen who are just starting out, as it contains information on the world’s greatest enterprises. It provides context for these well-known companies’ thinking and processes. This magazine is owned by Bloomberg LP in New York, but it is also available in India.

Bloomberg Businessweek was rated the best business magazine in the country by Adweek in 2011. Bloomberg Businessweek earned the National Magazine Awards’ general excellence award for general-interest publications in 2012. Josh Tyrangiel, the editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, was selected magazine editor of the year by Ad Age in 2012. Bloomberg Businessweek received a Best in Business award for magazines, and general excellence from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in 2014.

Final Verdict – Best Business Magazines in India

One should never be behind with crucial business news, especially when it comes from the leaders in the industry.  The business moguls and titans in India read and examine this list of the best business magazines in India. Get educated, and best of luck with your commercial venture!

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