5 Best Business Ideas for Housewives

Women make up 49.58 % of the World’s population which is almost 50% of the society. Not only in the numbers, but women can also leave behind men in almost every task they are assigned if treated equally and at par with men. The majority of women in various parts of the world are still uneducated and forced to stay at home taking care of household chores with least to no income. Women now want to have financial security on their own without having to be dependent on somebody. Therefore, LetsSayYes dedicates a special article on the top 5 business ideas for housewives to strengthen their financial position.

Best Business Ideas for Housewives

What are the different business ideas for Housewives?

In a competitive era like this, women are fed up with doing what women are supposed to have been doing for ages. These are the following ways that women can choose to make a difference in their life to attain financial security.

1) E-Commerce Reselling

Business Ideas for Housewives

Reselling is a business technique in which a person buys products or services only to sell them further rather than consume them. Because they resell items to end-users, retailers are called resellers. In the seller chain, wholesalers are considered resellers because they resell items to retailers. E-commerce reselling is becoming one of the business ideas for housewives.

A reseller usually wears a retailer’s shoes. In most cases, a reseller is a legally recognized corporate entity or an individual that buys and sells products and services to profit from each transaction. Alternatively, you may purchase items and resell them at a lower price on numerous e-commerce websites or even through your social media accounts. The total sales generate a profit for you.

Though social commerce is new to India, it is rapidly growing as more companies in the industry seek financing. GlowRoad, Shop101, Meesho, Wooplr, and EZMall, according to some analysts, are the next wave of e-commerce in India. Mesh is the latest example of business ideas for housewives. So many women have become a reseller for Meesho and have made the brand popular.

2) Blogging


Written blogs and video blogs are revving up these days. With the increase and quick internet access on one’s hand, posting content online has become very easy. Social media platforms have made it at the tip o your fingers to start blogging whenever and wherever you want. Blogging for commercialization is also easy. Women can start their own blogs or may write blogs for others and earn money. However, it takes some time for beginners to start blogging and become expert at it.

Every day, 3.5 billion individuals look for anything on Google, according to Chitika, a famous ad network. Almost 90% of those users go to websites that appear on the first page of search results. Consider how much traffic your blog receives on a daily basis. This traffic also stays longer and does action such as clicking your affiliate links, purchasing your items, or joining your email list/WhatsApp group. Increased traffic implies increased ad income and sales of your services or products. It also offers financial independence from the comfort of your own home.

3) Online Survey

Online Survey - Business Ideas for Housewives

corporates conduct surveys to collect data on product reviews and to read about consumer behaviour. Generally, lack of time and no incentive while filling up the survey forms lead people to not fill the form. Housewives can take out time at home to fill up such forms and can add valuable feedback as they are the ones using the product. With extra income at hand and lesser stress, online surveys are becoming great business ideas for housewives.

The procedure is quite straightforward. You must visit many websites that provide simple chores such as completing online surveys, viewing interesting videos, or signing up for newsletters. The remuneration for these individual jobs is so low since they are so simple and require so little time. You may simply do them while sitting on your couch. You can access these websites every hour to finish these surveys.

The most reputable websites that provide employment for housewives sitting at home, such as online surveys, that assist housewives to make money from home are Swagbucks, Prizerebel, and sense. There are a lot more sites for online surveys.

4) Start a Bakery

Start a Bakery

With a minimal investment, housewives can take out time in planning on opening a bakery to sell sweet delicacies online. The bakery has in itself multiple lines of careers like a baker, cake decorator, party supplier, etc.

A perfectly planned and good business ideas for housewives requiring less than Rs. 10,000 as an initial investment may give an unexpected Return on Investment. One of the companies that have witnessed a boost during the epidemic is the bakery industry. Cakes are the ideal method to show love and celebrate, and they have always been the most important part of each memorable occasion. One may quickly learn bakery skills and begin receiving orders for bakery items with a small expenditure. This company requires little capital and may be run from home.

Also, teaching baking lessons may be a profitable home-based business for women. One can even specialize in something like cake decoration or delicious delicacies. Starting with close relatives, family, and friends, one may quickly build a business using quality items, word-of-mouth exposure, and social media marketing.

5) Selling Handmade crafts

Selling Handmade crafts

People have started adding aesthetic value to their homes or offices by placing craft items or by using handmade products. Housewives who are extremely talented at making craft items ranging from painted pottery, jewellery making, decor items, etc. can shine bright in this field. The most common mistake creative individuals make is imagining a business based on what they want to produce rather than what buyers want to purchase. Making and selling handcrafted items sounds good as business ideas for housewives.

So, the first and most significant step is to determine which handcrafted things are in high demand. It’s pointless to spend your time creating exquisite handcrafted items that no one wants to buy. If you don’t invest the time researching handcrafted products and producing a list of in-demand handmade things, you’ll wind up with a costly hobby rather than a viable craft business. Beaded jewellery pieces, handmade greeting cards, Candles, painted or unpainted pottery, soaps, etc. are the sought products by consumers, and the chances of bearing losses might be low in these business ideas.

The majority of handcraft enterprises may be started and operated from home. These enterprises can be run both online and offline. However, with the arrival of the digital world, an increasing number of craftsmen and crafters are emerging as active sellers each year. There are several outlets available online, including Craftsvilla.com, Etsy, Amazon India, and others. This is an excellent chance for ladies, students, housewives, and stay-at-home parents.


Women sitting at home all across the world are searching for business ideas for housewives and are planning to take that extra mile in their lives to make a difference. Using the best resources at hand and utilizing them in the best possible way is what ladies need to believe in and start implementing these ideas in reality.

Choosing the best among thousands of business ideas for housewives thus plays an inevitable role. Your eagerness to set up a business and a honed skill set will set your career in place. Apart from all that, you may need to boost your confidence once you have decided to launch your brand.

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