5 Best Business Board Game in 2022

Indoor games are still the favourites of plenty. We all look forward to the business board game when we have a group of friends come over to get together. Meeting people at home, having snacks and a few rounds of the business board game is an actual definition of fun which most of you will agree. So let us start with the best versions of a business board game that can cool you off your stress.

Best Business Board Game

What is a Business Board Game?

A game that contains business activities and can be used to learn about a company or test different business solutions. This type of business simulation game falls under the category of “active learning,” which encompasses all forms of learning in which the user is both behaviorally and cognitively active. They supplement theoretical education by offering a dynamic, reactive, risk-free learning environment for students to engage in, and they help to overcome the knowledge gap that occurs between graduating students’ knowledge and the practical abilities necessary in today’s workforce.

In our free time, some love to read books, whereas others want to play indoor or outdoor games and when you are in a group, board games might be an option to have fun. So what are the top business board game these days, let’s get to know in detail about them.

1. Monopoly

monopoly - business board game


Hardly there will be any person, who would not have heard of this game. Therefore, this classic game does not need much introduction. It has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon based on over 20,000 global ratings and reviews. For many generations, children and adults have been entertained by the game of Monopoly. The fundamentals of the popular game Monopoly make it ideal for business. Players compete for board control by upgrading their properties. The more valuable the property, the more money the players earn. Players are also urged to trade with their opponents to get a better offer.

Paper money is used in Monopoly, which players spend to buy and upgrade properties as well as pay other players. Handling paper money complicates the financial management part of Monopoly, such as deciding whether to spend and when to save making it feel more like real life. Due to the involvement of dice rolls, there is a significant degree of luck involved in Monopoly—and, of course, luck is a component in business as well. But it’s not all luck all the time. Monopoly, at least in some ways, is a strategic game.

Because your capital is limited, especially early on, you must make difficult judgments about which properties to buy and which to pass up. You must select when and where to construct residences and motels. You must arrange trades with other players as available properties grow scarce and your opponents strive to build their monopolies. This simulation business board game helps when you are caught up in real business. world.

2. Catan

Catan - best business game


Catan, widely regarded as one of the best board games of all time, is also a fantastic strategy game for both seasoned and aspiring business executives. Fighting parallels with Monopoly with nearly 20,000 ratings and reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, this resource collection and trade game’s global popularity is evident. Because different improvements demand different types and amounts of resources, managing your resources is an essential component of playing Catan.

Another feature that makes Catan one of the finest board games for business is the game’s trade aspect. Players bargain with one another to obtain the resources they require without giving opponents an advantage. To win Catan, you must increase your position on the board and manage your resources, much like you would in business. These resources in the game include bricks, lumber, grain, ore, and wool. Players compete for possession of these resources, and having control of one resource gives you an advantage in exchanges.

Catan is designed for three to four players aged 10 and up, with games lasting 45 to 90 minutes. Extension packs can be purchased to expand on the main game, allowing for up to six players to participate. You can also buy expansion packs for other themes, such as Traders & Barbarians.

3. Business Game

business game


The Business game is quite similar to Monopoly in that each game has its unique set of rules, laws, and circumstances. When the pandemic was declared, this game grew in popularity even more. However, this business board game has been in the Indian Houses since the late 90s. This was one of the games that kept everyone entertained while also strengthening their bonds with their family members.

We must devise a strategy to improve our chances of winning the game. To win a Business game, players must make a lot of solid decisions and have good decision-making abilities. Last but not least, the Luck factor is critical to winning the business game. The original guidelines can be followed or new techniques can be used based on one’s tastes, but they must be followed.

The game requires a minimum of three to four players, and each player will be granted some amount when the game begins. Players will take turns rolling the dice, and whoever gets 12 on the initial roll will be the first to move forward. Other players will have to wait in the starting spot until they, too, roll a 12 on the dice. To purchase property, players must proceed past the ‘GO’ starting point. They receive some money when they reach GO space. If the player rolls a double, they will be able to play again. The players move about the board, trying to make as much money as they can. Players who are losing will be losers.

4. I am the boss

I am the boss


This business board game is a simulation game of the negotiations involved in any business. This expert negotiator business board game is available on the board as well as a card game. Both types of games will test your negotiation skills and will try to enhance your acumen.

In business, you negotiate pricing with vendors for products and equipment. When hiring in-house staff and keeping outsourced services, you negotiate salaries and contract terms. Pressing your opponents too hard may result in a backlash that costs you, but being too cautious as a negotiator will prevent you from losing the negotiation game. Negotiation is an art more than a science. The strongest negotiators in the board game I’m the Boss!, as in real life, can evaluate the complexities of the economic transaction, as well as their fellow negotiators’ desires, anxieties, and hesitation.

5. The Market of Alturien

The Market of Alturien


If you are an era-specific game lover, then this business board game is you. It has a theme of medical times and is very much similar to the purpose of the monopoly game. This game will test your money-saving skills. This business board game revolves around the property building and pricing strategy which is again a simulation of a real-life scenario.

Alturien’s Market is a property building and money collection game for players that prefer a bit more strategy in their gaming. In practice, this mirrors the difficulties that firms confront when pricing and selling their goods and services. Although a higher price makes you more earnings per transaction, putting your fees too high may result in pricing an entire market segment out of your consumer pool.

Although a game of The Market of Alturien with two to six players takes 60 to 120 minutes, the gaming feels fast-paced because you don’t have to completely erase other players’ finances or end up in a deadlock trying to make a trade. The game is simple to learn and appropriate for children.


Business Board Game are popular games worldwide. With the rise in Covid-19 cases, and the countries going into complete lockdown, these games regain their popularity. These games are not only meant for having fun, but one can also learn some skills and use them at play when caught up in similar real-life situations.

Hope this blog spiked your interest in board games. Have fun with your friends and family at a social gathering.

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