15 Best Books to Read in Hindi

This blog will tell you the 15 best books to read in Hindi and you should have it in your collection as well.

Best Books to Read in Hindi

When looking for the best books to read in Hindi, browse bestseller lists, click  Goodreads and Instagram, and ask your friends for recommendations.

However, the usual all-inclusive categories and genres can be a bit too broad, and selecting books based on your mood and interests often yields the best recommendations.

Top 15 Best Books to Read in Hindi

The Power Of Positive Thinking

There is a lot of negativity going on in the world today. Every day we get to hear bad news from the media.

Apart from that, we start thinking negatively when we see negative people at home and in the office. It makes out thinking also negative.

Because of such negative thoughts and feelings, we tend to increase our worries and the good people leave us. We won’t be able to succeed in life now that is bad!

Norman Vincent taught us the benefits and methods of his positive thinking in this book. By using these methods, you too can learn how to think positively about life.

This book is available in Hindi and it’s in the top 15 collections of the self-developing book.

Elon Musk

Do you know what is a good book for motivation? The book where we are knowing the other person’s struggle and the ups and downs in his life. Elon Musk, name itself is a big motivation and we all know about his inventions and idea towards a great future. But do we know the story behind it? So the Elon Musk Book World’s Richest Man is the biography of the world’s most successful man.

Who doesn’t want to know his story and the secret to becoming the next Elon Musk? This book is available in Hindi as well so don’t waste more time searching and grabbing one.

You Can Win

When I started reading Life Changing Books, the first thing I read was this book.

After reading this I felt how little you know about life.

This book tells what are the common mistakes you make in life, due to which you have to repent later.

One of the best books to read in Hindi

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This book tells the story of a man who is fed up with his job and his physical illness, sells his property, and sets off in search of the truth.

After that, he meets a sannyasi for a while, after which his life magically changes.
This book teaches you how to live each day happily.

This book is a motivational book and the author has got best selling book award also. You don’t want to miss the chance and read it in Hindi.


The book tells us that nature is always looking for a better way for us to help us reach our goals and also takes the form of stories about how travellers approach their journeys.

In a very interesting way, reading this book gets you to see your dreams come true. Whatever the problem is no matter big or small it gives you the power to confront it and also realise the meaning of your life. It gives a new way of thinking and tells you the possibilities of his life.

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

This is not one, but a group of three books, the first part is Melha’s Death, the second is The Mysteries of the Nagas, and the third is the Oath of the Sons of Vayu.

Amish Tripathi the author of this book, believe me, that he has structured it in such a way that anyone who has read a few pages will not let it go till he reaches the last page of the book.

In it, it was said what his life would be like if Lord Shiva was human. felt like a mystery unfolding with every next page.

These books describe the life of Shiva. It is a must-read, if you are also a devotee of Shiva also great news, is that this book is available in Hindi.

The secret

Mainly in this book, the author emphasizes two things. It’s the power of staying positive and then the power of gratitude that visualization gives us. The author explains in detail how the law works and how it can be applied.

This book teaches you to achieve your dreams and succeed by seizing every opportunity.

Inner Engineering

This book, Inner Engineering is a very engaging book based on Sadhguru’s own experience.

If you are willing to awaken your inner intelligence, your mind, and your supreme genius as a tool, there is inner strength and inner energy. It will help and show you cosmic knowledge.

Basically, there are revolutions, visions, mysteries and spiritual experiences that will completely change the way you see this world.

Think And Grow Rich

Successful people think differently than normal people think. This book taught me how one can become rich by changing the way one thinks.

In this book, were written the secrets of 500 rich men and their 20 years of study. In this book, the author has spent most of his life seeking that some people achieve great success, while others die in poverty.

Rich dad poor dad

With the help of this book, you will know how rich people become richer and poor people become poorer, the author has told us that we should not work for money but for money.

The author has called his father poor dad and his friend’s Father is called Rich Dad. His belief says that rich people teach their children about the ways to become rich. In this book, the author tells you about his mentality towards rich people.

This book is available in Hindi. So do grab the book and know about the rich people and the poor people’s way of living.

The power of habit

Your habits are very important for success because your habits only get to you on the staircase to success. These habits of yours identify successful and unsuccessful you are.

By changing small habits every day so you achieve your destination. In this book, we will learn how to adopt a habit and leave bad habits. The author says that the reason for success and failure can be habits.

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Deep work

If it’s difficult for you to focus on your studies or it’s difficult to focus on what you are thinking, then this book can prove to be a panacea for you, if something is not done with your mind, then it is difficult to be successful in this book.

You can be more productive by changing the way you work. The author states that the most difficult tasks should be done first.

The psychology of money

To become successful it is very important to understand money. To read the book on money this is one of the best books. skill can be learned to make money not the hard way but the easy way.

After reading this book, you’ll understand how money works. How to handle money and keep it going and what it means to understand money. How to use the money to make more money, all these skills are innate in successful people.

Brains rule

Your mind will increase by 34% once you read this book. By keeping your mind calm good decisions can be taken where you can achieve success. Exercise is a great way to tame your mind, you get more control and focus over your mind. Exercise gives power to your brain. It also sharpens your brain.

This book is available in Hindi so now get your hands on it that too in your own language.

Time management

To become a successful person, one should come to use the time properly. The author of this book has written on time management. The author also says that out of 100% of the work done by you, only 20% of the work gives 80% results. According to this book less time by managing time. In this, you can achieve more success and also you get to know what is passive income.

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