Top 11 Best Army Jungle Shoes in 2023

Best Army Jungle Shoes

Army jungle shoes are a type of combat boot design to use in jungle warfare. These types of shoes are made to face hot, wet and humid environments. A normal leather combat boot will be uncomfortable to wear so Jungle boots come into the role. They also have vent holes for ventilation and drainage of moisture. In the wide options available on the internet we have chosen the top 11 Jungle boots for the army. So know about the Army jungle shoes price, with the Army jungle boots review we have given here!

Best Army Jungle Shoes

Best army jungle shoes in India

Liberty Warrior Jungle shoes:

Liberty Warrior Jungle boot is one of the best brands for army Jungle shoes online because of its amazing features and comfort it provides. It gives superior support for stability and protection of your feet.  The ventilation will protect your feet from getting sweaty.  So with their cushioning and breathability, these boots guarantee food protection and comfort at the same time.

Model Name/ Number88-46HSTG
PriceRs. 2057
Dimensions‎29 x 14 x 9 cm
Weight1.27 kg
Shoe widthMedium 
ClosureLace Up
SoleSingle Density Pu Sole Direct Injection Process
ColourOlive green and Black
Special FeaturesFeather lite, abrasion resistance, anti-skid, anti-static,  cushioning effect, high flexing, no odour, sweat absorption, toe reinforced, foot massage at every step, durable Canvas body

Unistar ankle Jungle boot:

Unistar Jungle shoes for army are the Perfect Combination of durability and support. It has a water-resistant outsole and a leather upper.  The toe cap is made up of thick rubber material.  Better cushioning is done for providing long-lasting comfort, the arc support reduces the fatigue in your legs. 

Model Name/ NumberISI_8100_9
PriceRs. 1199
Dimensions‎20 x 15 x 5 cm
Weight427 gms
Shoe widthMedium 
ClosureLace Up
ColourOlive green 
FeaturesWater-resistant, oil and stain-resistant upper, anti-slip and durable sole, leather upper, toe cap with thick rubber, superior cushioning, waterproof sock construction, Cheaper cost.

Para Wing Army jungle boot:

Para wing Army jungle shoes give a trendy and unique look along with super quality.  The shoes are made up of high-quality material which is breathable and allows the air to circulate freely. It is lightweight enough to carry during high-stress working conditions. Features such as no odour, anti skid, make this one of the best army Jungle Boots.

Model Name/ NumberPWAB–6
PriceRs. 929
Dimensions35.2 x 24.9 x 12.9 cm
Weight1.36 kg
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
ColourBlack and Green
FeaturesAcid resistance, breathable, lightweight, toe Reinforced, Abrasion resistance, slip resistance toe, Extra cushioning, lightweight, Anti-skid, no odour.

Para Trooper Jungle Army shoes: 

Para Trooper jungle army shoes are one of the best army Jungle Boot shoes having the best quality and are lightweight too. You can also make an exquisite style statement by wearing a pair of boots to give a fashion-forward feel. Made with high-quality products, this definitely stands out by giving you the best product altogether. 

Model Name/ Number7002Black–6
PriceRs. 1533
Dimensions34.7 x 25.3 x 12.6 cm
Weight1.27 kg
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
ColourBlack and Green
FeaturesMade of high-quality breakable material, extra cushioning for extra comfort, designed for versatile styling, acid-resistant, abrasion resistance, anti-skid and no odour. 

OMEE gold full leather boot shoes:

OMEE gold full leather military jungle shoes give a classy look because of their leather material and are sturdy enough to use for hiking tracks, and it is combat ready. It is ideal for advanced warfare, and combat action and thus suitable for the army. 

Model Name/ NumberOMEE GOLD Men’s Black Full Leather Tactical Combat NCC/Army/Military Boot Shoes
PriceRs. 999
Dimensions30 x 32 x 8 cm
Weight1.1 kg
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
SoleDouble Density PU Sole
FeaturesHigh ankle boot with side zip, full grain leather upper, oil, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, anti-skid sole design, sturdy, strong and protects your feet.

Unistar high ankle Jungle boots:

Unistar high ankle boots look stylish and have been designed accordingly with the latest trends in footwear. The shoes give a high-top style suitable for outings and day trips. At this budget, this will give you all the facilities you need. 

Model Name/ Number7100_Olivegreen_7
Dimensions30 x 16 x 10 cm
Weight500 gms
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
SolePU Sole
ColourOlive Green and Black 
FeaturesOil-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, durable sole and anti-slip, stylish enough to pair with jeans and casuals, useful for hiking and travelling, combat-ready

Generic Jungle boots for army:

Generic Jungle boots are very suitable for men in the army due to their high comfort and sturdiness, the shoes have features such as anti fatigue comfort, great grip and amazing style to match with casuals too. This is definitely one of the best options under budget. 

Model Name/ NumberJungle Boot
Dimensions38 x 12 x 10 cm
Weight1.2 kg
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
SoleAir Max
ColourGreen and Black 
FeaturesDurability, anti skid, great grip on the ground, anti-fatigue comfort, special technology which ensures no odour, suitable material for the army. 

Housonic mens tactical combat army boots:

Housonic practical combat army jungle shoes add a perfect style to your collection and along with comforts and sturdiness. The boot is made up of full leather and is best for the army. It is water resistant and has a comfortable fit. So if you are looking for some rugged military boots indeed this is the best value for money. 

Model Name/ NumberHE_202_BLACK_8
Dimensions33 x 19 x 11 cm
Weight600 Grams
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
SolePolyvinyl Chloride
FeaturesMade up of full leather, comfortable to use, in the sole has a soft lining, water-resistant, sturdy, lightweight, high quality material, suitable for hiking travelling and warfare, and can be also used for daily wear. 

Curbs Jungle boot:

Curbs leather army military boot shoes are the best product with the quality letter available in black colour. It has a steel toe and the boot is incredibly rugged and durable. It ensures a long-lasting life. The inside is comfortable and steady. Due to their elevated durability, high quality and utmost comfort, these safety shoes have become a high demand and are the best army jungle shoes. 

Model Name/ NumberPCN001
Dimensions35 x 12 x 10 cm
Weight300 Grams
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
FeaturesMade with genuine leather, water resistant, heel height 1 inch, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly, lightweight, excellent shock absorber, anti Sleep, anti oxidation, anti bending, flexible and easy to wear, elevated durability. 

Franzo army commando black boots:

Franzo army commando black boots have a very fashionable look which is also durable enough to be used as army jungle shoes. The shoes are lightweight and suitable for outdoor activities. The material is a mixture of leather and foam. The shoes are made up of high quality material and give the utmost comfort at this price. So you can use these shoes for casual wear and also for combat. 

Model Name/ NumberFRANZO Army Commando Black Long Boots for Men
Dimensions30 x 16 x 10 cm
Weight700 gms
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
SolePU Sole
FeaturesHigh comfort, durability, strong grip, water resistant, sturdy for outgoing activities, combat ready, stylish to match up with a casual dress, made up of high quality leather.

Inlazer genuine leather army boot shoes:

Inlazer leather boot shoes are quite comfortable and stylish. You can also use it for casual wear too. It has a soft lining and cushiony memory foam insole for comfort and support and has a leather upper. The sole offers great comfort all day long. Indeed, it has a touch of fashion to itself along with being more comfortable. 

Model Name/ Number700
Dimensions25.4 x 12.7 x 25.4 cm
Weight450 gms
Shoe widthMedium
ClosureLace Up
ColourOlive Green and Black mix
FeaturesSturdiness and comfort, water resistance, ventilation, cushiony memory foam inside for comfort and support, easy fit, soft lining, high quality leather upper.


These were the top 11 army jungle shoes that give high-quality products at the best price. We have chosen these products based on the sturdiness, comfort and long-lasting materials used. So we have made your work easier by deciding the best products, and you can decide among them according to your necessities. 

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