10 Best App to Earn Ludo Game Paytm Cash in 2023

World wide Covid 19 outbreak had made a huge impact on our lives. For most of us, our little habits even unnoticed ones got evolved during this course of two years. With a ban on outdoor activities, indoor gaming options experienced a surge in their users’ database and made a lot of money on these apps. People play games and earn real-time cash on them. Ludo game Paytm Cash is a very popular option among all age groups.

Ludo Game Paytm Cash

Introduction to Ludo Game Paytm Cash

Earn Ludo Game Paytm Cash

Many families have returned to playing ludo during the quarantine. And there have been numerous new applications that allow you to win real money by playing ludo. However, the majority of them are a hoax. Ludo Sikandar is an online ludo game where you may earn money by playing. It is an updated version of Pachisi that offers the Ludo game Paytm Cash to your smartphone.

Roll the Ludo dice, click on the token, kill the opposing players, and become the Ludo King. The game may be played between 2-4 people using both real money and coupons. Play against genuine internet gamers for real money. The world’s best skill game.

To constantly win the Ludo game Paytm Cash, you must move all of your pawns evenly and try to spread them all around the board. Also, transfer a token that is far away from other users to avoid it being cut. When playing Ludo, your primary goal should be to kill opponent tokens as well as enter the house. This is an easy step to earn some online cash without investment.

Several apps offer options to win the Ludo game Paytm Cash. A few of them are mentioned below:

Steps to start playing and earn Ludo game Paytm Cash:

  • Download the app according to your choice from the play store and install it.
  • Get yourself registered by entering a valid email id and contact number.
  • For verification, you will get a verification code on either of your contact information. Fill in the code on the app and this way registration process goes completed.
  • Many apps offer promotional cash once you are successfully registered.
  • Start playing and enjoying yourself with your friends.

10 Best Apps to earn Ludo Game Paytm Cash

1. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is a wonderful ludo earning software that is comparable to Ludo Circle. You can also earn Paytm cash by playing the Ludo game with this app. Unlike Ludo Circle, I saw no issues during gaming or navigation in this one. Many people prefer Ludo Empire to other comparable applications. The reason for this is the Counter Mode. In counter mode, instead of the customary four tokens, you only need to take two. This implies that the game will conclude much faster, and will save time. A bonus entry of Rs. 10 is being awarded to everyone.

2. Ludo Circle

However, it is a new game but gaining popularity. Ludo Circle is a new app that is presently offering 30 rupees extra cash for utilizing a referral code. is the Ludo Circle referral code for 30 rupees registration incentive. This money may be used to enter contests and win Paytm cash.

3. Happy Ace Casino

Happy Ace Casino is one of the greatest applications for winning money by playing games like Ludo, Rummy, and others. It’s also the only app on our list that gives you 20 just for signing up. Simply download this Ludo earning app on your Android phone, register with your cell number, and use it to play ludo and make money.

Ludo fantasy is a new ludo earning app released in 2023. You may play 2 players and 4 players match on Ludo Fantasy. The minimum entrance cost to participate in a match is ten rupees (10 coins). If you enter the coupon given below while signing up, you will get 20+5.

What people truly loved about this software, similar to Ludo Empire, is This is the Quick Mode. Ludo Fantasy’s Quick Mode is comparable to Ludo Empire’s Counter Mode. The main distinction is that you have just two tokens. The first player to take both tokens home wins.

4. Gamezy

Gamezy is an app that allows you to win money by playing fantasy sports and games such as ludo, rummy, and others. When you sign up, you will receive a 100 sign-up bonus. KL Rahul has endorsed the Gamezy app.
Gamezy has been in operation since 2019 and has achieved significant success. Its referral and program may be among the poorest on the list, and the bonus is not entirely usable. However, if you intend to play with your own money, it is not a terrible option.

5. Ludo Club

Ludo Club is the greatest ludo money-making software to earn money due to its security features and the length of time it has been in operation. It is a reliable program with various games outside ludo, such as Teen Patti, Rummy, and others.

6. MPL

MPL stands for Ludo game Paytm cash. On MPL, you’ll discover hundreds of high-quality games where you can win real money. Unlike the previous two apps, you can play ludo versus up to three other people. In addition to Ludo, you can earn Paytm cash by playing over 100 more local games. That is what distinguishes MPL from the other applications on the list.

A vast number of games are available to you. So, if you become tired of Ludo, you have a lot of choices. MPL has been supported by Virat Kohli for several years, so there is no mistake about what this software provides. This app likewise has the smallest payment threshold of 1. MPL is a must-have gaming app if you want to earn money by playing games. 50 rupees is given away as a sign-up bonus.

An article by money mint has mentioned over 30 Paytm Cash earning games. A few of these games have been given space in that list.

7. Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Sikandar provides a platform for you to play real money ludo against genuine gamers. Remember that Ludo is not only reliant on your dice. It is one of those real money games that demands considerable strategy and preparation to win.

Earn money online by downloading Ludo Sikandar from ludosikandar.com and earning a lifetime 1% referral fee. Earning money online in India is legal, and you may use it to supplement your income. There are simple and risk-free ways to invest in ludo. Of course, there are unlawful techniques; be cautious of such approaches. Several online sites share some basic methods for earning Ludo game Paytm cash online in your leisure time. It doesn’t demand great certification or investment and that’s the finest part!

8. Rush by Hike

Hike has released a new real money gambling app called Rush. This program has quick ludo action, so you won’t be playing the game for long. You may play 2 or 4 player ludo, and the entry fee is Rs. 5.

You may withdraw your winnings from the app to your bank account via UPI. You may earn additional money by playing other games on the Rush app. you can earn Ludo game Paytm Cash of Rs. 50 as a sign-up bonus and 75 rupees per referral.

9. Ludo supreme

One of the finest ludo earning applications is Ludo Supreme Gold. In India, you may play ludo for real money and win more. And the app was created by the same firm that created Super Gold. Ludo Supreme Gold is not like the other apps on this list. More information may be found here.

Another fantastic feature of this ludo software is the ability to participate in free ludo contests and earn cash. The free contests, on the other hand, are held less frequently. As a result, you may have to weigh for an extended period of time. In the meanwhile, you may utilise the sign-up bonus to enter contests. Because the sign-up bonus is credited to your deposit wallet making a sum of 5 + 10 for signing up.

10. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is a great app for making money. Ludo Ninja is unique because its gameplay is different from the other apps mentioned in the list. This app takes less time than other ludo earning apps to earn rewards. You can either play against 1 on 1 or in a 4-player match. All players receive the same numbers, but the positions are different. You and your opponents will each get 24 pieces of paper and there is no need to roll the dice. You will be able to see the numbers that you will get and their order.

To make sure you come out on top in the end, make sure you use the numbers strategically. You can withdraw your winnings to a bank account or UPI. The minimum payout is one rupee.


Earning the Ludo game Paytm Cash online has been quite a catch for youngsters. It is always fun to play games online with friends and it’s much more fun if you get to have money along with it. One can choose any of these apps, make an account and start enjoying. In 2023, there are several options in the Ludo game Paytm Cash to earn in your wallet.

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