8 Best 14 inch Laptop Bags in India in 2023

Best 14 inch Laptop Bags in India

Want to look for some laptop bags to fit your precious 14 inch laptop bags? We understand you! Finding a laptop bag with more space, yet compact and stylish to carry can be tough too. So we bring you options to find out the solution. Here we present to you some of the best 14 inch laptop bags in India so that you can choose one to suit your style!

Best 14 inch Laptop Bags in India

Best 14 inch laptop bags in India in 2023

Sacci Mucci 14 inch Laptop bag:

If you want to move in style, keeping your fashion fresh, and also need the best 14 inch laptop bad under budget? The solution is this amazing laptop bag! Sacci Mucci bring this bag to you, to maintain your comfort along with style in an amazing budget of under Rs. 650! Sounds incredible right? With its slim and light look, this can be a perfect go-to option for your work.  

Dimensions33 × 5.1 × 27.9 cm
Model NumberSM0SV14
Weight370 gm, slim and light in weight
Colors availableBlack, Mint Green, Blush, Brown, Mustard, Navy Blue
Special FeatureGood aesthetics, Beautiful shades, Light weight, PU Leather 
Number of Compartments2

Lenovo Slim Everyday Backpack

If you opt for a backpack to carry your 14 inch laptop along with some other things like books, well, this one is for you. Lenovo Slim backpack can take up to 15-inch of laptop, and has sufficient space to accommodate other everyday necessities too. And it really fits into a great budget! Its elegant look is perfect for college or job. So along with comfy straps, sufficient space, and compact design, you can definitely go for it!

Dimensions12.5 × 32 × 43.51 cm
Model NumberGX41B33568
Weight480 gm, comfortable to carry around
Colors availableCombination of Navy Blue and Black
Special FeatureSpacious, side pockets, padded straps
Number of Compartments2

Bennett™ Mystic Formal Business Briefcase Bag

This briefcase bag can be considered as one of the best 14 inch laptop bag under an amazing budget with all necessities. Being fully foamed yet lightweight, this bag is incredible for everyday use, along with its elegance to be considered. As it is comfortable to carry around, along with its decent look, it can be your buddy for business trips and will indeed add a touch of style along with comfort!

Dimensions43 × 34 × 6 cm
Model NameMystic- BEN-BC-BLUE
Weight470 gm, Comfortable to carry around
Colors availableBlack, Blue, Light Grey
Special FeatureSpacious, Soft Carry handle, Removable Shoulder Straps, High quality Nylon material, Full foam protection
Number of Compartments2

Storite PU Leather 14 Inch Laptop Bag

Coming on next in the list, we present to you this amazing Pu leather made 14 inch laptop bag by Storite. The bag gives a very elegant and a vintage look for the ones who loved to add a vintage look to their style. Being spacious enough it also incorporates the unique design and also is convenient enough to take it everywhere you want. In this budget and such a good quality this is definitely a perfect option for 14-inch laptop bags. 

Dimensions40 × 29 × 6 cm
Model NameLaptop Bag 002
Weight870 gm, Sturdy enough for laptop protection 
Colors availableCombination of Black and Brown
Special FeatureSpacious, High Quality PU leather, Detachable Shoulder Straps, 2 Way zipper
Number of Compartments3

WILDHORN 31L Laptop Backpack

For the ones who prefer backpacks rather than carrying briefcases this is one of the best options. Wild horn laptop backpack with around 14 inch to 15.6-inch laptops and is very spacious enough to accommodate other things too. Being padded it gives utmost comfort to carry around and can be used in your everyday life. Its water-resistant feature and elegance in look is a good option to be under the best 14-inch laptop bags.

Dimensions33 × 7 × 48 cm
Model NameB09QL66G55
Weight450 gm, Comfy and Light
Colors availableCombination of Black and Blue, Orange, Grey. Full Black and Blue.
Special FeatureSpacious, High Quality Polyester, Water Protection, Side pockets, Luggage Strap, Padded back, Bottom Stand.
Number of Compartments3

Case U 14 Inch Laptop Bag

Another laptop bag which adds on to the list of best 14 inch laptop bags is this particular briefcase whose elegance will surely attract you. The bag has a special feature called corner armor which means that the bag is protected 360 degree with a cushion. The briefcase is conveniently lightweight and can be used for a general purpose with a touch of fashion. Definitely it is worth giving it a try. 

Dimensions38× 5 × 29 cm
Model NameMA016
Weight490 gm, light weight to carry
Colors availableBlack, Blue, Grey, Maroon, Black Thick and Brown Thick.
Special FeatureSpacious, High Quality Polyester, Adjustable straps, Water-resistant, self-locking zip, 360° padded cushion 
Number of Compartments3

AirCase Office Canvas Sling Laptop Bag

This laptop bag has a quite innovative design which is built with waterproof canvas along with soft inner lining. The bag is comfortable and is made up of environmentally friendly materials. Along with the decent look this bag becomes the best option to carry around for business needs or for daily use. 

Dimensions38× 30 × 13 cm
Model NameC153-YEL
Weight250 gm, super comfy to travel
Colors availableBlack, Grey, Yellow
Special FeatureSoft padding, Adjustable, removable straps, waterproof 
Number of Compartments2

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Wesley Milestone 2.0 Laptop backpack

As one of the most demanded backpacks on Amazon, this definitely gets included in the list of best 14 inch laptop bags. At a cheaper price this backpack provides all the necessary features with amazing quality and spaciousness. The backpack can be suitable for your college casual use and also for work. You can carry your 14 inch your laptop easily along with other necessary things in this backpack.

Dimensions31.8 × 17.8 × 45.7 cm
Model NameMii-007
Weight480 gm, Easy to carry around 
Colors availableCharcoal Black, Blue and Black, Grey and Black
Special FeatureSoft padded straps and back, Waterproof, Comfortable, High Quality Polyester. 
Number of Compartments3


These were top 8 preferable 14 inch laptop bags in India for you to choose accordingly. We have concentrated more on quality, spaciousness, and comfort, depending on these factors, you can decide the ones which are suitable according to your fashion!

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