Top 7 B2B Marketplaces in India in 2022

After 2020, B2B marketplaces in India flourished brightly. Every 3-4 months, the sector’s valuations doubled, drawing investment rounds totalling more than USD 100 million. What is its most distinguishing feature? It forged its own route rather than attempting to imitate a US/China glory tale.

B2B Marketplaces in India

Due to the Covid epidemic, B2B marketplaces in India are fast-growing. Quarantines and constrained motions have led some manufacturers and distributors to use technology for their businesses in the last year, which has proven to be somewhat profitable.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the best online B2B marketplaces in India.



Alibaba is the very first name that springs to mind when someone mentions a B2B marketplace. This Chinese corporation dominates the global B2B internet marketplace industry, enabling sellers and buyers to interact on a global scale. There is no limit on the number of items that can be purchased, thus customers can purchase as few as one item. Alibaba, despite being a worldwide behemoth, is not without rivals in India.



This B2B multi-seller platform, as the name implies, assists Indian producers and sellers in selling their products in India and abroad. ExportersIndia allows merchants and consumers to sign up for free and provides a new business channel for companies wishing to increase their reach. It has come a long way in assisting Indian businesses to gain from selling online since its inception in 1997.

These B2B marketplaces in India have not only provided a platform for Indian customers, merchants, producers, and retailers, but they have also aided in the acceleration of Indian e-commerce development.



Tradeindia is another Indian B2B multi-seller marketplace that caters to small enterprises in India and throughout the world. It provides them with a shared platform on which to market their goods and services. It has almost 5 million daily members and close to 4 million merchants and buyers and is still growing. Through its B2B multi-vendor platform, TradeIndia is known for providing the best services to both global and Indian enterprises.


amazon business

People trust you because of your name. After gaining FDI approval in 2015, this eCommerce behemoth joined the B2B market. Amazon Business, which began operations in India in Bangalore and Mangalore, has plans to progressively grow across the country, city by city. It is a members-only website open to anyone with a business licence.



Udaan puts together over 1,50,000 merchants, distributors, and retailers in India to make B2B e-commerce simpler for small and midsize enterprises. Udaan’s B2B multi-vendor platform unites buyers and producers directly, resulting in faster and more effective business operations. Purchasers and sellers can communicate directly with one another, and certain buyers may be eligible for credit.


indiamart b2b marketplaces in india

In terms of Indian B2B marketplaces, IndiaMART is the most popular one to date. The site has gained notoriety for maintaining an accurate database over time. Indians always go to IndiaMART first when looking for information on merchants online. Buyers can contact the vendor straight and close the sale using the contact information provided.



Power2SME was created with the goal of assisting SMEs in their growth by making raw material purchases easier and cheaper. Small businesses can also get a loan. Ultimately, this platform meets all of the needs of SMEs while also providing access to high-quality providers like LG, Essar, and Indian Oil, to mention a few.

Final Thoughts – Top B2B marketplaces in India

There are various additional B2B marketplaces in India that are successful in their own right. In addition, because the business is developing, more players are expected to enter the market. We’ll keep you up to date on recent developments in the B2B commerce business, so sign up for our subscription to stay informed.


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