Astra Theme Review 2022

Astra is a strongly recommended and attractive WordPress blog theme. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including blogging, e-commerce, presentations, and more. The theme is freemium and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our full astra theme review will help you understand more clearly.

If you’re a rookie, the free version offers a lot of useful tools, but if you want to take your blogging to the next degree, the premium version is the way to go. This Multi-Purpose theme is strongly advisable for all bloggers. Its speed is crucial for a nice and faster performance.

As a result, when it comes to page load speed, Astra is a true term for coding. The starter edition of this wonderful theme is being used on over 250,000 websites; this fantastic theme is primarily designed for speed and to provide outstanding support.

Although Astra is a free WordPress theme, not all free templates are the same. Many freebie themes are available, but they should not be utilised on a live website. You must exercise caution while selecting themes to employ. Otherwise, you risk having a website that appears to have been developed by a novice.

Why is the Astra theme so popular?

This astra theme review says-

  • This theme is still extensively configurable, unlike many other quick themes. Typically, if you want a quick site, you have to make it a little “basic” right? Astra is mild, but it has a similar feel to Avada or Divi.
  • Astra’s speed is appealing to agency owners. And I don’t mean the time it takes for a page to load; I’m referring to the speed with which a site may be created. Pre-fabricated or “Astra sites” from Astra allow you to create a bespoke webpage. That too in a matter of hours or less, with no difficulties.
  • It loads in under half a millisecond and stays that fast as your site grows.

The Astra Pro add-on can indeed be purchased to enhance Astra to its premium form. According to our astra theme review guide It’s a plugin that enables you to use premium features and will be highly beneficial for you.


Vast number of features and plugins

Astra, as previously stated, is very customisable without sacrificing speed. One of the main reasons it’s gotten so prominent is because of this. In principle, you must have heard this in various astra theme review that you could create a large site with customized designs, photos, typefaces, and content and yet have load times of less than one second.

The extended customizer choices in the Pro version encompass practically every component on your webpage. Almost every aspect of your site can be customised, including the background colour, unique font, site layout, and so on.


According to the product’s creators, the theme is less than 50KB in size. That makes it extremely quick. With page Builder data, they claim it downloads in just half a second.

Then there’s the matter of what constitutes a genuine Astra test location. Astra is under 50 KB out of the box, and it’s quite efficient. Most individuals, on the other hand, are like to utilise pre-built local and imported beginning sites. Many don’t use the naked Astra theme.

astra theme performance

Although one may anticipate the additional page size to make absolutely no difference because it is so small, or even to have a minor detrimental effect, the contrary is true. It is loaded more quickly, not by a tiny margin. Hundreds of seconds are at stake here.

Mobile-friendly options

What does our guide to astra theme review tells you on mobile friendly options?

On small or narrow displays, hiding the menu options under a settings option is a fantastic component. There are also several menu styles, such as dropdown, flyout, full-screen, and so on. You can also choose from a variety of toggle button styles, including minimal, contour, and filling. The Astra theme also allows you to select a separate logo for smartphones.


Astra theme pricing and Customer support

The Astra Pro creators deliver excellent assistance. If you do have any questions, you can send them an email. You can also submit a case in their help section. On their website, they also have a pretty comprehensive information base. You can use their large knowledge base in case of any problems. It’s rare but some face issues during the implementation or modification.

astra theme pricing

Astra Pro

This is a free WordPress website builder theme. It that can be found in the WordPress library. The special add-on for the template is Astra Pro. Expanded features and personalization possibilities are available in the pro version.

Astra Sites is a module that works in conjunction with the Pro mode. Astra websites offer a variety of ready-to-use websites that include functioning web pages and images. The Astra Pro add-on is downloaded independently. It adds additional features like straightforward headlines, unique designs. Plus that’s beside the theme settings!

Build new sidebars and show them depending on specified places on the webpage. You can embed customized text downloads in your Astra design and embed Typekit styles. New sidebars in your Astra template can be generated. Update Astra Meta options on several sections at once. Restore your template designer options from the designer UI. “Hook” your customized Content, various positions, and etc.

Astra pro

Is Astra recommended?

For a cause, this theme has quickly climbed to be amongst the top prominent WordPress themes. The thorough WordPress Customizer options and a large number of importable demo websites give it away for free, quick, and simple to respond to different use cases.

Astra theme already is lightning fast, with an actual demo site loading in under a millisecond. However, you may use it in conjunction with WP Rocket to improve loading times by some other 15-20%. Overall, Astra is a wonderful choice if you just want a versatile WordPress theme that is performance-optimized without sacrificing versatility. This astra theme review has covered all the important details you need to know right away. start yout astra journey with flying colours.

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