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All computer courses name list 2022: Every person in our digital age needs to be able to keep up with the most recent technological developments and next-generation technology. Computer use is prevalent practically everywhere and has developed into one of the inseparable elements, whether it be in communication, transportation, entertainment, education, or the medical field.

All Computer Courses Name List

The names of all computer courses name list are listed below. You must choose the course that is best for you based on your skills, qualifications, prior education, salary, course demand, course fee, and other factors. We’ve done our best in this post to assist you in selecting the most appropriate and all computer courses name list for you by organizing them according to market demand, course cost, educational requirements, etc. looking over the entire article. The average computer graduate makes between $3-4 million and $12 million annually (Software Engineer freelancer Project Manager ). Below is a list of all computer course names.

What is a computer course?

The computer course involves using various computer software programs to develop computer skills for any given course. Students can learn everything from fundamental to advanced computer skills in these classes. The institutions offer a variety of short-term courses, such as certificate programs, diploma programs, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs, to help students become proficient with computers. These programs range in length from one year to four years. In order for pupils to become more comfortable and proficient with computers, they place a greater emphasis on practical skills than on theory.

Why choose Computer Course?

  • Very beneficial for finding a career; you don’t need to study as much as you would for other courses; you can find a job close by.
  • Less costly.
  • In daily life, computer classes are really helpful.
  • You can work for yourself by starting a cybercaf√©, a computer training facility, etc.
  • Admission to a nearby institute is very simple.
  • These courses are also career- and industry-focused.
  • After the eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades, we can enroll.

Career options in Government Jobs

Joining one of the following governmental agencies will open you to a wide range of employment opportunities.

  • Railways
  • ONGC
  • NTPC
  • HPCL
  • GAIL
  • SAIL
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Hydropower Plants
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • IT Industries
  • Banks

All Computer Courses Name List with a duration of Course

This list contains all computer courses name list offered after graduation, after grade 12, after grade 10, and short-term computer courses, among other options.

  • Master’s in Data Analytics (2 years )
  • M Phil advanced computer science (2 Years)
  • MBA IT (2 Years)
  • Ph. D. Computer Science
  • Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Cyber laws (2 Years )
  • M.Tech IT (2 years )
  • M.Tech Computer Science (2 Years)
  • Master’s in Nano Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (2.5 Years)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Software Technology (2 Years)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Information Technology (1 year)
  • Advance Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Information Technology (1 year)
  • B.Tech Computer Science (4 Years)
  • B.Tech IT (4 Years)
  • BCA (3 Years)
  • MCA (2 Years)
  • Bsc Computer Science (3 Years)
  • Bsc Animation & Multimedia (3 Years)
  • MSc Computer Science (2 Years)
  • Diploma in Computer Applications (1 year)
  • Advance Diploma in Multimedia & Animation (1 Year )
  • Diploma in Call center Management (1 year)
  • Advance diploma in Computerized Interior Design (1 Year)
  • e- Advanced Diploma in web & Information Technology (1year)
  • Advance Post graduate Diploma in Computer Application (1 Year)
  • Advanced Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking (1 Year)
  • Advanced diploma in laptop Maintenance and Wi-Fi Networking (1 Year)
  • Advanced Diploma in Mobile Phone Technology (8 Month)
  • Advanced Diploma in Audio Video Editing & Composing (8 Month)
  • Diploma in Web Page Designing & Web Development (7 Month)
  • Diploma in laptop Maintenance and Wi-Fi Networking (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Computer Application (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Software Technology (6 Month)
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Accounting (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Multimedia & Animation (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Chip Level Technology (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Computer Interior Design (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Computerized in Fashion Design (6 Month)
  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia & Authoring Technology (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking (6 Month)
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Networking Technology (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Secretarial Practice (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Office Automation (4 Month)
  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Software Testing (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Mobile Technology (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering Design (4 Month)
  • Diploma in Desktop Publishing (3 Month)
  • Certificate in Computer Application (3 Month)
  • Certificate Course in audio Video Editing (3 Month)

All Computer Courses Name List

  • TCIL-IT Certified Networking Expert Course (3 Month)
  • Programming in Net (3 Months)
  • programming in java (3 Month)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (3 Month)
  • C# (3 Month)
  • Certificate Course in MS Office (2 Month)
  • Desktop Publishing (2 Month)
  • Certificate in Data Entry Operations (2 Month)
  • Java (2 Months)
  • J2EE (2 Month)
  • VB. NET (2 Month)
  • ASP. NET (2 Month)
  • Certificate Course in Software Testing (2 Month)
  • Auto CAD (2 Month)
  • Financial Accounting with Tally/ DACEASY/ Peachtree (2 Months)
  • Oracle 9i (2 Month)
  • Web Page Design & Internet (2 Month)
  • 3 D Studio Max (2 Month)
  • Visual C++ (2 Month)
  • Visual FoxPro (2 Months)
  • C & C++ (2 Month)
  • Window NT (2 Months)
  • Computer Appreciation Course (CAC) (1 Month)
  • ASP. Net (1 Month)
  • Adobe Photoshop (1 Month)
  • Adobe Illustrator (1 Month)
  • Adobe in Design (1 Month)
  • Macromedia Flash (1 Month)
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver (1 Month)
  • Visual Basic (1 Month)
  • C Programming (1 Month)
  • Unix (1 Month)
  • OOPS with C++ (1 Month)
  • Linux (1 Month)
  • ASP (1 Month)
  • Certificate Course in Computer Repair & Maintenance (1 Month)
  • Certificate in Web Designing Level -II (18 Weeks)
  • Certificate Course in Computer Repair & Networking Technology (6 weeks)
  • Certificate Course Network Technology (6 Weeks)
  • Programming in Oracle (6 Weeks)
  • Programming in VB (6 Weeks)
  • Certificate in Web Designing Level-I (5 weeks)
  • Certificate Course in Internet (10 days)

Advantages of Computer Course

  • Boost Your Employability: Being computer literate increases your value.
  • Productivity gains: You can accomplish more with computers more quickly.
  • Career Development: Nobody desires to remain in their current employment permanently.

ConclusionAll Computer Courses Name List

Studying computer science or information technology courses gives you a platform to not only obtain an in-depth understanding of the topic but also to delve into research on how technology may be further enhanced for mass benefit. These fields have a wide range of job prospects. In addition to more traditional computer science courses, you can enroll in classes that teach the fundamentals of the subject. Hope this article on all computer courses name list helps you to find a suitable course for you. If you want to add anything to all computer courses name list then please feel free to use the comment box.

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