Fascinating Top 10 Indoor Games for Entertainment

Indoor Games are the best way of entertaining yourself without getting into the hassle of getting ready for outdoor fun. People for ages have been involved in indoor fun & leisure activities to get rid of boredom. Playing games is one of them. LetsSayYes brings a list of 10 indoor games that can allay your mundanity.

Fascinating Indoor Games

A Brief on Indoor Games

10 indoor games

Indoor games are those games that can be played in the home setup without stepping outside. E.g. Chess, Carrom, Cards, etc. Most common for young kids, indoor games are a great savior for mothers when it’s raining or snowing and there’s no school. It also implies that there will be more time at home to kill. While some parents dread these days, others see them as a chance to spend quality time with their children.

History of Indoor Games

While board games can be found in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, indoor games incorporating manufactured toys did not become as popular among children until the nineteenth century. By the middle of the nineteenth century, evolving notions of childhood, as well as rising industrialization and urbanization, had resulted in the birth of the modern toy industry and the rise of leisure in Europe and the United States.

Even the India valley Civilisation record shows that the board games resembling chess and domino games were very popular as indoor games in that era.

Indoor games do not have to be limited to board or card games. They don’t have to be gloomy and uninteresting either! We’ve compiled a list of 10 indoor games and activities that are entertaining and engaging for kids of all ages.

Top 10 Indoor Games

1. Chess

Chess is another best among 10 indoor games that may be enjoyed by friends and family. This is a two-player board game. Chess, often known as the royal game, first appeared in India about the sixth century AD. It is played on a square board with 64 smaller squares on each side. The board depicts a battlefield in which two armies compete to capture the monarch of the opposing army. White goes first in the player’s alternate moves. It is the most traditional and widely played board game.

Chess enhances concentration and helps in increasing creativity and problem-solving skills in children. It teaches patience and willpower by working on both sides of the brain.

2. Card Game

Card Game

Uno, Cards, Monopoly, etc. are examples of games involving cards and board games. Among the 10 indoor games, A monopoly game is the ideal indoor game for boys to learn about business at a young age. The monopoly game is for everyone, and it is unquestionably the best game for grownups as well. A board game that simulates real-world real estate trading. These games may keep a child, a young mind, or an adult entertained for hours. The players must roll two dice and let the dice decide for them. A monopoly game is unquestionably about chance and strategy.

UNO is that card game that will keep you on hold and fall in love with the game. An irresistible game that can become an addiction for your group. The UNO card game dares to make everyone appreciate it and its techniques, whether they are children, teenagers, or elderly people. Certainly, UNO is the best indoor game for adults that, once installed, cannot be removed. Make wise decisions and transmit the load to the next player. UNO is more about strategy and smart moves than luck.

3. Ludo


Ludo is a fun indoor game that may be played with four people. Ludo is made out of a square board with four colored bases in each corner. Ludo is the most popular board game for both children and adults to play at home. This indoor game can be played by a maximum of four players and a minimum of two. It comes in four different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow.

Ludo can be played as stress-reduction therapy. It helps to improve your learning abilities. Improving verbal and communication abilities. Increase the bonding amongst family members.

4. Brainvita

Number 4 on the list of 10 indoor games is the brain vita. Peg Solitaire is another name for Brainvita. It is a great indoor game for adults and teenagers to explore their ideas and increase their participation. Age is not a bar for brain vita. It is popular and quite liked across all age groups. The goal of the Brainvita game is to remove the marbles from the Brainvita board. At the end of this game, the player wins having the fewest marbles on the board. It is a game in which every move matters, therefore a player must be determined and make a successful move.

5. Dominoes


Dominoes is another on the list of 10 indoor games that is a tile-based game for both boys and girls. This tile game requires these tiles to be kept in a specified order. Players must first arrange all of the dominoes tiles in a sequence before pushing the first or last tie to see the lovely domino full into the next one, creating a pleasurable and satisfying view.

Apart from Chess, Dominoes is another game good for learning patience and a bit of arithmetic while playing moves. A player gets to put his or her patience to the test while playing the domino game because one wrong move might cause all of your hard work to go down the drain.

6. Poker


A chip game for adults, poker is one of the best indoor games for stimulating your intellect and honing your strategy-making abilities. Poker is a creative game that needs patience, concentration, and skill. Poker is unquestionably one of the best indoor numbers games that necessitate quick number-crunching talents. Poker is an intellectual game that allows players to use their brains and think more efficiently.

Best among 10 indoor games for adults, poker was widely played at homes worldwide during the pandemic.

7. Scrabble


Two to four players compete on a square game board imprinted with a 15*15 grid of cells. Each of these holds a single letter tile. Official club and tournament games are played between two players or, on rare occasions, two teams, each of which collaborates on a single rack.

The game comes with 100 tiles in an English-language set, 98 of which are labelled with a letter and a point value ranging from 1 to 10. The quantity of points awarded for each lettered tile is determined by the frequency of the letter in standard English. Commonly used letters, such as vowels, are worth one point, while less common letters, such as Q and Z, are worth ten points each. There are also two blank tiles in the game that are unlabeled and have no point value.

8. Jenga


It has recently become popular among teenagers and children. Jenga is a family-friendly indoor game that may be played by up to four players at once. This game contains the following rules for you to follow:

1. While removing the block, you must use only one hand.
2. The first three blocks must not be touched.
3. You must be extremely cautious when removing the blocks or you will lose your life.

9. Carrom Board

Carrom Board

Last, among the 10 indoor games list, Carrom is a very popular game that is played in nearly every Indian family. This game was a staple of every child’s childhood. Since boards are one of the world’s most popular carrom board brands.

How Do You Play Carrom?

  • Dust the board lightly with carrom powder.
  • Deck the centre of the board with carrom coins and the queen.
  • Breaking shot to scatter the coins and queen.
  • To win the game, you must collect coins and a queen.

10. Pictionary

pictionary - 10 indoor games

Pictionary is a well-known and popular 10 indoor games that may be enjoyed with family and friends. This is a fun task that requires imagination and judgment. A minute timer, pencils, and paper are required to play Pictionary. You may also buy a Pictionary set from the market, which includes a board and Pictionary cards. Pictionary is played in groups of two or more people. Players take turns drawing a graphic representation of the clue given by the other team on a piece of paper. Within the time limit, the teammates attempt to predict what they are drawing.


10 Indoor games mentioned above are carefully created lists of games that are very popular as compared to the other games. Indoor games are not only suited to score off the weariness, but it helps in removing anxiety, and increase coordination & communication with the people. It helps as an icebreaker in a social gathering.

It supports creativity among kids and enhances brain coordination. In the heavy dose of digital gadgets, such indoor games help to cool off the pressure and screen time. Thus switching to these 10 indoor games is a good option to boost mental well-being.

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